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Which Type of Myths Is Running in The Market for Floor Sanding Process?

What do you know about the Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne services? If you are new in the market and want to learn new things in the sanding process, then you take help from the online platform without visiting any professional company like Prestige Floors. As there so many sanding literature is available, and all have a different opinion for the sanding process.

But you don’t know which is myths and which is facts. So, you need to have a clear vision which helps you to differentiate all myths as well as facts properly and you can achieve your target in the learning process.

To help you, here we provide you with current myths which are prevalent in the market about the sanding process.

Myth – 1: Sanding process is easy.

Fact – If you are thinking that timber sanding process is easy in performing, then it is easy in just your mind. In the floor sanding process, so many stages are included like painting, tiling, fitting and finishing. If you think painting is easy, then you have to check one the painting work where sander gives their time and take care of there, so it does appropriately.

Just like painting work, other stages also need complete attention and sufficient time to deliver the best result in the entire process. The sanding process needs skill and 100% dedication for standard quality work.

Myth – 2: Sanding is dusty.

Fact – If you thing floor sanding is a very dusty process and it ruins the cleanness of your home then you should check the entire process once. The sanding process would not be messy if we compared it with decoration and painting work. It is right that floor sanding creates so much amount of duct, but you can clean with a simple cleaning process like vacuuming. If you take care while sanding process, then you can control dust spreading.

Myth – 3: Dust ruins the paintwork.

Fact: As a painting, work come first from the fitting or installation work so that in the fitting sanding create dust which ruins the paintwork. But this is one thought who never see the entire Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne process from the expert. Yes, it is right to dust will spread on the whole floor, but that doesn’t mean it ruin the painting work completely you get a sparkling floor with the easy cleaning process.

Myth – 4: You help with an open window and a closed door.

Fact – Sometimes homeowner open the window to give proper hot ventilation so the sanding process works perfectly and floor fitted very well. But this doesn’t seem right, actually closed window and the closed-door are better for sander because it doesn’t allow the duct to spread the entire home and you can collect with easy process. And also, hot air can be bad for the newly fitted floor.

Myth – 5: the Filled gap between two joints by using any product, solve your problem.

Fact – If you think by using glue or papier mache or any string, you can fill the gap between two joints which spread day-by-day then you have to rethink on your idea. In the summer season, you face such a problem, and you need a temporary solution to that problem but don’t use such type of products just take professional help for a permeant solution.

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Know How Right Timber Floor Satisfy All Your Floor Sanding And Polishing Requirements?

The beauty of timber is timeless… thus it is one of the famous and best ways to make your home
flooring stylish and allow to build modern in look. On the other hand timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne come with benefits along with it as well, it suits the need and budget of the people that make this type of flooring which could be more attractive too.

Make the use of standard method – while doing marked sanding removal

Make the first step on the platform to run at the conventional method of sanding a timber floor.
Thus this standard process is to go over the floor with two or three cuts.

  • On this platform, most professionals will try to buff out the chatter marks and any sanding
    marks that remain, which are well known by the name of railway lines.
  • But same as coin also have another side, the problem with this standard method is that you are
    continually doing the equal sanding to the floor, on the same area, with the same machine and
    the same cutting action.

Timely it is a necessary thing, at the platform of buying timber is to check that the product has an FSC certificate; this proves that the timber is correctly forested without harming the environment; most reputable companies are also involved with a re-plantation system to ensure the upcoming time in future.

On the other side, it is important to understand that timber will continually take up and give off
moisture, keeping in balance with its surrounding. Even at the wet atmosphere, comes around the
boards will expand and squeaking will reduce.

Enjoy unbeatable performance- service for timber flooring

Considering timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne at any of the stages in the up-coming time, this will usually 90%, and to 100% of any squeaks, you have in your timber floor. Due to this unbeatable performance, their increasingly popular, bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly flooring option that is extra durable and easy to install and clean.

  • It’s considered a highly renewable option for modern homes and can be found in many texture
    and colours.
  • These floors are remarkably easy to cut and damage, and bamboo colouration is sensitive to
    sunlight and may fade over time. Either method is required for it.
  • They all require preparation. Practical cleaning, notice to force and final finish can completely
    transform the look of your floor, and it will appear shinning.

Thus to increase the value of the home floor sanding is a great way to increase the level of living home. Just need to look for a company that satisfies your entire requirement.

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What Is The Advantage Of Polishing Timber Floor In The House?

Depending on the type of timber, may encounter some damage to boards from borers or termites. After removing the old floor coverings, it may be revealed that at some previous stage, the configuration of the room has been changed by the removal of a wall. Timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne is noticeable as a darker moisture mark in the shape of a wall or a cabinet stained into the timber boards.

Get most stylish and classy of all floor coverings

  • On the other hand, timber floor is also natural to keep clean, any spilt food or dirk is easily swept or mopped up without too much fuss.
  • Timber floors, in my opinion, are the most stylish and classy of all floor coverings; they have that appearance and sense of temperature and are pretty soft and releasing on the feet.
  • Also, timber floors start displaying signs of wear after a while with injuries and dents, which are more visible on the highly polished floors.

Even solid timber floors are more expensive to purchase and install than most other floor covering as generally, the timber had to be sanded and then coated with urethane after installation. The signs of timber floors after the damage of scratches and scratches which are more noticeable on the extremely polished floors. The storey is polished, and sanding work is done then well buffed and prepared sealing or to stain.

What service a professional floor polisher or sander will provide?

The excellence floor polishing and sanding company will offer a number of services and also they are able to help you will different methods on the best looks that you will need. The professional timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne, the business can repair any injuries and can repair or restore all sorts of messes that are past repair, and they will make sure they meet them to the floor.

  1. Have colour matched to the flooring board

In many cases, the amount of damage will not be revealed until the floor is initially sanded. If the damage is relatively minor and has not affected the structural integrity of a particular board, it is possible to fill them with suitable filler that is closely colour matched to the specific board.

The professionals will use high-end vacuums that suck up most of the dust that is surfaced from sanding the wood. Another service that is offered is to refinish your existing hardwood floors. Furniture in your home will also be covered to prevent dust from getting on your belongings.

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Important Safety Tips When Sanding And Polishing Timber Floor

The character of a waking floor can shape the overall personality of an entire house, which creates a lot of pressure to choose timber floor sanding Melbourne. Thus it will introduce you to some of the factors you will need to consider when shopping for timber flooring. While existing older timber floors will have any variety of imperfections which may impact on the look of the finished product.

  • Provide the quality of work

At the time of choosing the sanding supplier for your timer flooring need to be cautious. Need to be completely aware of their expertise and experience to know the quality of work that they provide.

Even need to be assuring for the insurance terms and conditions. Thus these things are really important for customer satisfaction, and when you are pleased with the provider, and then you may negotiate with him about the price of the sanding process.

Want to have good sanding for your timber floor?

A timber floor is looking clean and perfectly finished; it will offer a positive reflection of any business. Timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne, benefit with this style of flooring is the experience that can fit flooring, incorporating a design which satisfies your style and best match your requirements.

  1. Allow Having Desired Design

Thus there may prefer direct sticking floors, which simply require the sticking of the flooring straight on the slabs of concrete floors. At the time when it comes on the platform to timber floor practically have any desired design and timber species that love for your surface and even have underfloor heating set to ensure that your areas remain as comfortable and warm as the customer wish.

  1. Maintenance Existing Floor

Proper maintenance can best be achieved when professionals handle the job. It is proper to always ask for regular maintenance and check-up from the professionals who are experts in timber flooring management.

Today there are many timbers flooring services that are also available which will offer the customer this kind of professional help. The floor is placed over the current floor, which may be constructed of pavement, particleboard, tiles or any other material.

As a creative, the real wood species that you have settled for and at the end of the day, you will have a beautiful room that you will enjoy spending time in or entertaining your visitors.

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Incredible key points to hire professional Floor Sanding Company

Don’t think, you should abstain the work which is not your cup of tea? Let leave the job to the professional because no one can do the same job as effectively as professionals can. The same applies to Floor Sanding Melbourne of the floor as it essential to look for the factor like quality, care and installation, which only perform well by a professional company to get the stunning surface. Since process demand attention, attention and only attention to do correctly.

Flooring is attraction point of the home especially if you have a luxurious house and no wonder timber floor is best one to timeless beauty and elegance, but at the same time, it requires Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne by the time to keep looking beautiful and sheeny.

Why professional like Prestige Floors for the pretty floor?

Here are the key points why it is better to let the professionals handle the job:

  1. Years of Expertise.

The most key important point matter for sanding the floor experiences and that you will get from only professional Floor Sanding Melbourne Company as years of experience and expertise they carry along with skills and educations to get your job done with ease. Doing on own have possibilities of mistake or wrong way which harm the floor and also time-consuming with the undefined outcome. Hence, the first and foremost benefit you can avail is the experience.

  1. Equipments.

Scrubbing the floor for long will not give an aesthetic look to your floor means you need proper pieces of equipment and techniques to deal with stain and marks. Let’s think you do on own in amount of hours but do you think that can beat the speed and quality of the latest machine from a professional company? Hence, instead of wasting time on scrubbing or other jobs, a professional company can make your job easy and effective with the use of trendy types of equipment.

  1. Timber Floor Sanding MelbourneCompany charge less.

Most of the people think that they save money by doing own or by hiring labours but if you compare the charge of renting out machine and the time you waste on finishing the work, you will get to know the actual difference and can realize that professional company is best to choose. As timber floor requires less maintenance and that’s the reason the company offer very less charge to sanding the floor, which saves your money.

  1. Protect Property

Doing on own can damage your flooring system because you cannot identify which product or chemical suit to your floor as products varies from floor to floors like kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Hence, having a professional sanding company is ease to get peace of mind from such confusion. And that’s how you can protect your floor or flooring from damages.

  1. On time Work Done

You cannot spend your day behind the sanding process, and that’s why to save your time professional sanding company get the job done within or before clocking the time. A professional sanding company always provide estimated time before taking the work on hand, and that’s how you will get flexibility.

How to select the top class Floor Sanding Melbourne Company?

Though it’s proved right today! You will never realize until understanding the value of the thing. Just look at the flooring system of the home. Have you ever think about Floor Sanding Melbourne service? Sadly the response would be no because as top said, you were never going to realize until you suffer from some bad experience because only that condition can wake you up from such things.

Might you think that this is too much (giggling). So without wasting your time, let’s understand why Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne is essential to extend the life of timber floor and beauty as well. A home without floor and floor without timber is something like pizza without sauce means you will not get the taste which has to be right? Taste of beauty and durability, which only comes from professional and experienced Floor Sanding Melbourne Company like Prestige Floors.

How to select top class floor sanding company?

As top said floor without a home is not worthy because it’s the centre of attraction. Might people forget to watch your furniture and exterior of the home but never floor and that’s why the beautiful floor has become necessary for the home.

  • Who can understand the importance of floor sanding?

You can say sanding is the source to magnify the charm of the floor, and that’s why you need to eye on the company who can understand the importance of floor sanding service. So look for the company who can transform your dull floor into sheen or brightening floor. The most houses have timber floor installation which required less maintenance, but it’s the only floor which requires little attention to gleam overall appearance of the home. So find the company who can provide you Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service.

  • Who can give sheen to your dusty floor?

The company like Prestige Floors have years of experience and expertise to remove stains and dirt or dust from floors as they work with professionals. A professional for work is always ease because quality and dedication is the most thing you will get for your work and that’s why look for the company who can give a sheen to your dusty floor.


  • Who can provide standard Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne?

Timber is renowned just because it’s durability and that you know but by the time timber floor looks dull and start to get sketches. Hence, look for the company who can remove such stretches or allergens and other particles from the surface to make a new one. Only professionals can give the standard sanding as they carry pieces of equipment and techniques. So look for the company who have such brilliant brains in their team to give peace of mind.

  • Who get the job done with quality materials?

Scrubbing the floor for a long is not the solution to the stunning floor as you need specific material and products to clean and materials vary from floors to floors. Hence, a professional company can provide such materials and use to sand the floor. So look for the company who use such quality materials to give standard sanding.

Want to sand your floor?

Prestige Floors for precious floor…!

Hire Floor Sanding Melbourne Company to give charm and longevity as only professional can make your floor stunning with types of equipment and different techniques according to the type of floor.

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How Can You Market Your House Quickly By Timber Floor Sanding Services?

Selling property is no longer easy nowadays as property hunter inspect the property before buying like conditions, construction and many other factors. If you want to understand why then take an example, do you like to buy an unplanned and ugly property? So there’s the way with you can sell your property quickly at best price and that’s Floor Sanding Melbourne service.

  • Why should you avail the Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service?

So you know and understand the nature of timber because that’s the reason you have timber floor in the house. If you don’t know, then timber flooring is something which used to enhance the beauty and durability of the flooring. But in the end, you also know that by the time it’s become necessary for the floors to have sanding to keep floor condition like new all the time. That’s the reason you should avail the timber floor sanding service.

Benefits to Professional Floor Sanding Melbourne services:

  1. Work done in less time 

Having professionals for work means work done within time. Most of the property owners doubt that sanding is a time-consuming process which is a myth because, by the expert sanders, you can finish the entire sanding process efficiently and effectively within time.

  1. Add New Look 

Might now your home or floor look dull and uncleaned which no one wishes to even look but by professional floor sanders you can give a new and stunning look to your floor which enhance the overall appearance of the home and provide a new look to the house. All you need to do is discuss with experts to give the desired look to your flooring system.

  1. Diminish Damage

Getting cracking and damages is common among flooring, and that’s the reason by the time it becomes necessary to have floor sanding from professional to restore the beautiful look and durability of the floor. Professional will help you to remove your damage and scratches to give a stunning look to your floor and home.

  • How can you market your house quickly byTimber Floor Sanding Melbourneservices?

As top said, selling a property is no longer easy nowadays and no wonder because it is right to a large extent. With the help of timber floor sanding, you can create the chance to sell your property at the best price in the market.

Buyers will never attract with your shabby timber floor because the first and foremost thing any buyer look at home is the flooring system. If your timber floor can have an alluring effect then and then you can attract house hunters.

Hence, having a timber floor with sanding is the best way to market your property as it can change the state of mind of customers or buyers and undoubtedly high chance your buyer attract at a time. So if you are a plan to listing your property and hope for the best price then go for floor sanding.

Is Your Home Look Drab? Hire Professional Floor Sanding Services

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne is an excellent source to enhance the beauty of the floor and no wonder it is because by sanding you can modify your old-fashioned floor into a stunning one. Floor sanding is the initial step of any home remodelling because by that you can magnify the beauty of the floor. Hence, you can enhance the overall appearance of the home.

Benefits to avail Floor Sanding Melbourne from professional for your home:

  1. Make Floor new 

The floor is also getting older with you mean to show the signs on their age. By the time floor start fading and catch the stains from the surface and make the floor dull. Hence, having professional Company for floor sanding is ease to make your floor new again also make a smoother, sleeker and alluring spot.

  1. Enhance the Gleam 

Most of the owner wish that they have more natural light in their house to increase the shine of the floor then for those people floor sanding is the best option. As sanded floor give natural light to the floor, and you can enhance the gleam of the entire room. The best lighting can make the home more appealing and also help to reduce the utility bills of home. By professional sanding service, you no longer have to turn on the light as you can avail a range of light during the day.

  1. Restain the Floor 

If you are the person who wishes to restain the floor, then floor sanding is the best choice you can make as it will help you to stain you’re your whole room. Ultimately, Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne is the best way to enhance the look of the home and also give it a beautiful appearance. So professional help you to restain your floor.

  1. Diminish the Scratches 

Scratches are the most common problem you can find in any floor because of overuse. Hence, to rid out from the scratches or to crack floor sanding is the best option as it removes the scratches and adds a new look to the home. And professionals know the best way to make your floor new and stunning with special tools and techniques.

  1. Stop the Growth of Mould 

Uncleaned floor means home of mould, and it essential to stop the growth of mould; otherwise, it creates health issues at home. Hence, professional sanders will look deeply at those moulds and destroy from the bottom.

  1. Prevent home From Damages 

Homeowners don’t take floor sanding seriously, and that’s the reason by the time floor look dull just because the presence of dirt, dust and stain which damage the whole flooring. Hence, having professional sanders will help you to rid out of the big issues and also give you the advice to prevent your floor same all day.

Polished Concrete Melbourne

Need Of Timber Floor Polishing For Your Business

Whether you’re trying to flatten your floors to create your floor more enticing or you just want to remove the stains from the floor sanding Melbourne service is necessary to make you clear with the expense of the repairing of the timber floor.  As you know that wooden flooring is an excellent investment as a result of the organically intensify the sweetness of your living or space, just sprucing up is the necessary process.

To bring best attainment and data for the sprucing, refinishing, sanding, or repairing this timber floor polishing Melbourne service is best to get. If you’re undecided that picket floor maintenance is required for your home or business, the specialist will assist you in creating the mandatory decisions.

Maintaining Wooden Flooring Is Not Like You Use The Simple Method This Is Intense Method. Prestige Floors Provides Any Of Our Unimaginable Services At A Less Expensive Value Than Different Floor Sanding And Polishing Corporations. If You’re Trying to Find a best and Trustworthy Business within the Space.

This is the service that the professionals and entire workers are committed refinishing and maintaining custom timber floors. Even once years of expertise for your workplace with the perpetual meed and the exceed of the expectation as well.

Polished floors have become the flooring of selection for several businesses, warehouses and houses for several reasons. They’re straightforward to clean, strong, durable,  and long-lasting. Just one demand should be covered necessity of different floor coverings – creating them low cost and straightforward.

Different Businesses Can Adopt The Polished Timber Floor-

  1. Warehouses

This is very surprising but it is true that timber floors are straightforward to clean and that means that you simply will keep your warehouse free from permanent, unattractive stains and markings that return from the constant dragging, rolling and shifting of serious things.

Make sure you rent a grinder that reflects the scale of the world you’re eager to polish, so If you have got an oversized space, you’ll want a bigger grinder.

  1. Shops

Polished timber floors are greatly proof against traffic, and create a way higher different to the carpet. They add mirror lightweight simply, thus create showrooms and outlets seem lighter, brighter, and a lot of invitatory to potential customers.

As the good business for floor sanding in Melbourne, it’s no surprise that residents perpetually decision for every kind of floor work. So with the expertise the richness and snugness of foremost wooden flooring that is giving unimaginable maintenance.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

How Does Floor Sanding Process Be Performed?

Everyone love beautiful and polished timber floor that can increase the value of the home and with the so many tactics you can make the floor shiner and brighter. With the timber floor sanding Melbourne service make the imperative change at the floor.

In the event that the process is not addressed in a carefully managed manner, costly mistakes can easily occur. It is the dream of many, that wooden floor and maintain it properly. So everyone should realize the timber floor is very simple and to keep clean is very essential.

Coming on the process,

How to do the floor sanding?

The sanding work must be completed before giving the final finish to your home. The floor sanders will require lighting and electricity to begin and complete your polished hardwood floors.

First of all, the paint will be finished, without using the final coat in the baseboards. The floor finishes can sometimes look through wooden boards, so use the recommend moving or covering items stored under wood floors that are polished.

The furniture and related luggage must be removed from the area requiring sanding. So use the floor sanding and polishing Melbourne service that can arrange the removal of the floor covering if you are ready to provide the additional cost.

Process of the sanding:

  1. The sanding process the floor always starts with an explosion and the tables will be drilled below the surface of the wooden floor.
  2. If the floor has an existing siding, you can use the thicker grade of sandpaper and it will be used to begin. After the initial floor sand, the drilled holes will be filled with a corresponding coloured floor. Note: Any repair of wooden floors and replacement of floor boards will be carried out at this time.
  3. Once this process is completed, Use the first layer of wood floor finish is applied and left to dry overnight.
  4. The timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne Company sanded with a special polishing machine, before applying the subsequent coatings.

Sanding consists of removing the top surface of a hardwood floor with thick equipment like the sand paper and other equipment. There are many old types of floors are sanded to remove the previous covers until the right kind of wood is found.

Some hardwood floors are designed in such a way that they are placed first and then sanded to get the best out of the floor.