Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Know About The Various Timber Installation Process

When you are going through renovation or the home building process, timber floor is irreplaceable despite other things. Timber is the best choice that is long-lasting and versatile whether it is flooring or upgrading the house interior décor. No doubt, timber is durable and attractive but it requires regular sanding and polishing to preserve its quality and look over the long years. There are various techniques of Timber Floor Installation Melbourne depending upon the flooring experts you hire. But it’s crucial to know what suits your house and décor, take advice from the reputed Floor Sanding Melbourne company for the successful completion of the project.

Keep on reading the blog to know about the various types of timber floor installation techniques!

Types of Timber Installation Methods That Are As Follows:

1) Plywood System:

  • Experts from various organisations that deal in these solutions advise that the plywood method is best used for residential projects when a secret nail tongue and groove floor is required.
  • This is because it is quite simple to generate the concrete floor’s cushioned effect using this way.
  • Laying a moisture barrier over the concrete and then fixing the 15mm plywood sheeting with high tensile steel fasteners is the typical installation technique.
  • After that, the floorboards are covertly nailed and afterwards glued to the plywood to ensure that the finish meets the height requirement of 34 mm.
  • This procedure, according to experts, is appropriate for residential use because of the solid mass of the plywood subfloor, which can prevent vermin inhabitation.

    Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

2) Batten System:

  • The batten system is the next technology utilised by timber floor installers, and it is mostly used to install wide board Tongue & Groove flooring on concrete.
  • They do this by installing a 70 mm × 35 mm hardwood batten above the moisture barrier.
  • The next step is to glue the floor to the battens and then hand nail it through the top of the board to the battens.
  • As a result of this action, the finished height of 54 mm is easily accomplished.
  • Experts claim a 19 mm hardwood batten can also be used to discreetly nail and fix an 80 mm x 19 mm Tongue & groove floorboard over concrete using batten systems.

3) Direct Glue System:

  • The Direct Glue Approach is the next system utilised by timber floor fitters and it involves glueing Tongue & Groove flooring directly to the concrete slab.
  • You will notice that the adhesion process is important in this system as a result of this strategy.
  • As a result, it is necessary to ensure that the concrete floor is completely flat prior to beginning the operation.
  • This level of flatness is evaluated by a thorough assessment by professionals who will determine whether the floor is suitable for using this technology.
  • The professionals also determine the amount of moisture present and whether it meets the acceptable limits throughout this inspection process.


Hope you found the above information useful for your flooring projects. Hire prestige floors for extra protection and Timber Floor Installation Melbourne service to preserve the flooring quality for longer years.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

All Things That You Should Beware of Floor Polishing Service

The truth is that everyone wants a clean and polished floor, whether it is home or any workplace. Unfortunately, due to the number of people in and out of the office or home, dust, mud, and other debris get inside, which is unavoidable.

Hiring a cleaning service is a difficult decision for homemakers and office owners. Floor Polishing Melbourne belongs on the list of office cleaning and hygiene products. It is now one of the essential requirements for people who believe in care and protection.

 Everyone wants a clean and well-kept floor at home and in all workplaces; Hence Floor Polishing Melbourne is required.

What are the Benefits of Floor Polishing?

  1. A Fresh Look:

Floors show their age over time. Wood stains will fade, and scratches will appear, making once-shiny floors look old. If you have your floor sanded, you can restore it to its original condition. You can also change the look of your building by using new tints.

  1. Long Life: 

 As hardwood floors age, gaps gradually develop between the boards. This will cause the nails that hold them to change position. It can also make floors more susceptible to damage over time. Professional floor sanding can smooth planks and remove raised parts. This, in turn, prolongs the life of wooden floors.

  1. Effortless Cleaning:

 If your Floor Polishing Melbourne has been coated with high-quality sealers and sanded, dirt and dust will not settle as quickly. As wood floors age, they will develop scratches and gouges over time. Once your floors are filed, you can notice a big difference in how easy it is to clean them.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

What Preparation is Needed for Floor Sanding?

  • Planning Ahead: 

Planning Ahead is at the core of any successful business; renovation and enhancement services are no exception. So, if you are a business owner and have an ongoing flooring project, be sure to plan. Schedule expert service in advance for some time when you know a closing won’t significantly impact customers.

  • Home Decor and Carpet Removal:

Reliable floor sanding companies can help remove heavy and bulky furniture. However, if you want to get back to your daily work soon, planning saves a lot of time. If rugs and furnishings are removed beforehand, the experts will have quicker access to your floor.

  • Removing Valuable Decorations: 

 Like any other renovation job, sanding is a messy job. Even if there are art and decorative objects on the walls, it is advisable to remove them, and this is because the dust can reach them directly. Also, the walls are often beaten lightly during the sanding process. Therefore, it is advisable to remove your valuables from the walls before starting the process.

  • Movement of Inventory and Merchandise:

 This is another critical point to consider when sanding your floor. Therefore, it is a brilliant idea to remove all your inventory and merchandise in advance.

These are some points to consider while Floor Sanding Melbourne.

Keeping your floor clean and polished is your responsibility to keep your family safe and secure, and hence it is best to discuss the pros and cons before hiring the Floor Polishing Melbourne or sanding service. Prestige Floors is well-known for its floor cleaning service. We have the most experienced, knowledgeable and qualified staff who are experts in sanding and polishing that’s why you will get the best service from us. Hurry up and contact us now for the fresh, shining floors!

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Taking a Precise Step Towards The Betterment of Floor Sanding

There is no doubt that timber wood has been gloriously beautiful and enhances the versatility of the property. Everything requires proper care and maintenance with the passing time to preserve its performance and life.

The need for well-polished flooring is growing by the day, as many individuals aspire to live in a crystal-clear environment. However, this is impossible without proper floor maintenance, which includes Floor Sanding Melbourne.

Essential Tips For Floor Sanding

1) Make Space For the Floor Sanding Process:

Several mobile objects may be laying on the floor in your home. To make room for the repair, all objects and furniture must be removed from the floor before beginning the sanding procedure.

It’s done to protect the surface from damage during the sanding procedure. Aside from that, the sanding process is accelerated due to the availability of the room.

2) Repair the Issues on The Wooden Board:

Only when the hardwood planks or flooring are free of cracks will the sanding operation be effective. If there is a loose board, it must be attached. Also, protruding nails should be hammered to the lowest possible level so that the sanding machine is not harmed.

3) Work with The Grain:

To keep the machine working smoothly, the next step in the sanding process is to refine the grains. The operation of smoothing the surface of the wood and making it free of grains is included in the task of timber flooring in Melbourne.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

4) Don’t Forget to Sand the Periphery of The Wooden Plank:

The hardwood plank’s periphery is sanded in each of the sanding procedures. The machine is capable of sanding the wood’s edges to get the appropriate finish. The sides of the hardwood plank are difficult to sand. The work, on the other hand, gets simple with the assistance of the stated tool.

5) Look for The Hole If Any:

After the surface has been properly grained, the next critical step is to use fillers to fill in the gaps and lines of scratches. The dirt from the sanding needs to be cleaned out of the holes. After that, the latex wood filler ensures that the wood is free of holes.

6) Focus on Giving the Nice Finishing Touch:

The final touch of finish on the wooden plank signals the end of the sanding process for the wood floor. If there are any stains, they must be dealt with properly. This stain aids in the creation of both brighter and deeper hues of wood. The surface should be given an appropriate wood finish.


We all know that wooden floors require a lot of upkeep, but with a little discipline, you can extend their life. You can use rigid plastic mats, which usually come with spikes, to remove grit and dirt from the soles of your shoes. Hire prestige floors for the high-standard Floor Sanding Melbourne services. We follow the best industry practice for the best flooring service.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Things You Must Know Before Timber Floor Installation

Timber floors are indeed every homeowner’s dream and these floors surely need a good amount of upkeep to keep them good as new for long periods. This has never been the reason though that has restricted the homeowners from getting the timber floors installed as they have got the back of  Floor Sanding Melbourne services from professionals like us.

Getting a timber floor is surely a big thing in terms of luxurious touch but also in terms of the considerations that you need to make when you decide to get the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne. Here are some such considerations that would help you to ease the process of timber floor installation by helping you with all the right choices that you need to make at the start.

Pick Up the Right Grade of Timber

Typically, suppliers will offer three timber grades: light feature, moderate feature, and heavy feature. Light feature timbers are typically cleaner and use fewer veins and knots, whereas heavy feature timbers have a more aged appearance.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Examine the Area That You Want to Get the Timber Floor 

While an all-hardwood-floor home can be charming in its own right, it’s important to keep in mind the limitations of timber in certain rooms of the house. To ensure the longevity and durability of the wood, use different flooring options in areas that will see moisture and humidity on a regular basis, such as bathrooms and kitchens, because moisture and humidity can negatively affect the durability of hardwood, causing it to warp and swell from prolonged contact.

However, the strength of hardwood flooring will benefit bedrooms, living rooms, and other similar areas.

Take Time To Choose The Right Stain

Keep in mind that flooring will take up a significant amount of space in your home. As a result, you must ensure that it is compatible with everything.

Examine your surroundings’ interiors, including your furniture, windows, walls, and other features. After that, consider what kind of flooring would complement them. Make certain that their colours do not clash. If you already have a style in mind, make sure that the colours complement your design.

It’s also worth noting that you’re not limited to the natural tones of these species; you can stain your wood for a specific shade, for example, that will complement your chosen interior design while also highlighting the unique beauty of the hardwood you’ve chosen for your home.

Take Your Lifestyle into Account

Do you have allergy sufferers in your family? What kind of flooring maintenance are you willing to do on a regular basis? Wooden floors are ideal for allergy sufferers because they are simple to clean and prevent dust and debris from accumulating due to the surface of the wood. Hardwood floor maintenance consists primarily of using a sweeper with soft bristles and, on occasion, a slightly damp cloth to wipe away stains or spills before wicking away moisture with a dry cloth.

One more thing do not forget to get it done by the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne professionals like us.

Timber Floor Sanding

Why Should You Get The Timber Floors Sanded?

Do you have a timber floor at home? If yes then you have one of the most aesthetically pleasing floors in the home. No wonder if guests have a great impression is you home. Well, it is no more unknown that timber floors last up to a century but how to keep the timber floor good as new up to a century is really a great question. The solution to this is Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne. It may sound simple and regular but it can do wonders for you and your home.

Here is What You Must Anticipate If Your Choose to Get Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne at A Regular Interval

  • No More Visible Imperfections: 

Sanding ensures not only an improved appearance for your floor (often as flawless as brand new) but also reduces the risk of these imperfections growing larger and becoming more serious. Sanding saves you all of the energy, money, time, and nerves associated with hardcore wood floor repairs and even replacing your entire floor.

  • More Sturdiness: 

As your hardwood flooring ages, the gaps between the boards widen. The nails that are holding the boards in place start to work their way up until the heads are slightly raised. These two factors contribute to the unevenness of the floorboards. When the boards are uneven, they can be damaged by objects moving across them. Even your feet can break off a board that is slightly raised above the other boards nearby.

When you sand your floors, you’ll need to re-nail the nails in their proper place. The boards will then be sanded, and any pieces that are slightly elevated will be removed. The gaps that have formed between the boards will be filled, and the overall strength of the floor will be increased.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

  • Allergies Would No More Trigger Frequently:

The reduction in allergen content in your home is a significant benefit of having your timber floors sanded and polished on a regular basis. Dust particles and other debris or pollutants in the air become stuck to the rough surface of the flooring as the polish wears off.

The surface of the wooden floor is also difficult to clean because it is absorbent due to a lack of polish. It is extremely uncomfortable for anyone in the house who suffers from respiratory diseases. Polished floors, on the other hand, do not attract dust particles. You can even clean them with a quick swipe or mop.

  • Great For Increasing Home Value: 

Unquestionably, sanding and polishing a floor improves its overall appearance, making it more appealing and affluent. It also improves the durability and dependability of the floors. As a result, they raise the value of the house or property. If it is not taken care of, it will become an eyesore and make the house appear unappealing. Investing in professional sanding and polishing services for your floors ensures that they remain aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the value of your property rises.

Not to forget, get it done only by the Floor Sanding Melbourne professionals!

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Is it True That Floor Polishing Makes Your Floor Shine?

The best way to improve the brightness and appearance of your wooden floors is Floor Polishing Melbourne. Even the duration of the floor increases during Floor Sanding Melbourne. However, a large amount of dust accumulates during dust and it is recommended to use the latest powdered sanders with double seam bags. Before starting work, you can seal the cabinets. Also, aspire even the doors and thresholds of the windows to avoid ruining it with hidden powder when the refuge is drying.

All over the world have added warmth and elegance with the characteristics of solid wood floor floors. The solid wood floors are extremely resistant and last more than 20 years. During Floor Polishing Melbourne, you can often assemble and polish it to renew the appearance and brightness of the floor.  Even if the initial cost of the installation is expensive, the contemporary attractiveness and durability of wooden floors are treated that are worth. There are two types of solid wood floors available, solid wood overlap and slot wood.

This overlap means using wood all the way and is quite similar in the advantages of the traditional method of language and slot. The difference is in the thickness and rather than the thickness of 19 mm, these are available in 12 or 13 mm. So if space is a problem, this can be very useful. If you live in an apartment or you want to cover that already has a concrete floor, it is now possible. Nailed techniques can be the same.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Unlike traditional floors, these are not nailed. These can be superimposed on pre-existing floors such as concrete, particles, wooden floor, tiles, or plywood. This offers excellent acoustic insulation. Multistory residential houses and buildings love them for this reason. These floating floors could be made of wood and even the laminar floor and polishing is also important there.

 Today’s polishes are useful and convenient and are very easy to use. The days of use of the giant planet, the hard to control machines are over. Modern machines are read, easy to control, and easy to use for maximum user comfort. All you need to do is add wax or shiny and then simply connect it. Some models also have multiple-speed engines that will allow you to apply wax or enamel at different speeds to achieve maximum brightness and finish.

 The use of industrial Floor Sanding in Melbourne can help protect and protect your long-term damage floors. Small particles like dust and dirt can remain on the floors even after the sweep. When people enter your building, the floors are generally the first thing they see. Therefore, to make sure that they create a big first impression, use a Floor Polishing Melbourne regularly to clean them and protect them so that their floors remain the brightest and brightest possible, leaving them the best. Prestige Floors is a group of style connoisseurs dedicated to creating flooring solutions that not only satisfy your design goals but also stand up to the test of time.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Installations and Renovations of Timber Floors Have Many Advantages

The decision to choose the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne is crucial since it adds value to the property together with the aesthetic appeal. Often, people delay processes, because they fear factors like smell and dust. They also ignore the most obvious signs in this sense because they care about having to transfer their family when you are doing the Floor Sanding Melbourne work. However, you don’t have to worry. This is because when he takes the experts in this sense, they would get work to the end and their family would not even have heard the slightest discomfort.

Benefits of Wooden Floors


In addition to adding value to your property, if you are planning to sell it in the new future, Timber Floor Installation Melbourne to finish can get big profits. Wood floors, without a doubt, are better, elegant, and elegant compared to other types of floors. This also helps keep the floor warm, therefore, is a great option for cold regions.
Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

 Aesthetic value 

Wooden floors give your home a rustic look, this is one of the main reasons why it is chosen by many people. Those who want to stay in touch with the roots or want to create a home that can remember their childhood. Wood is difficult to install, but once finished, the naturalistic aspect will make you think that it was a decision that is worth it. Apart from the style, it is also meant for those who give priority to comfort.


 Some people complain that the wood floor costs a large amount of money for maintenance, but once it installs the additional effort and the price it is worth. Add the value of being a smart investment type instead of expenses, you just have to think with intelligence.


 The wooden tables are difficult to install, so it is always better to take the professional service provider for this purpose. If you intend to do it yourself, make sure you have all the equipment required with you. A professional service provider has a trained staff who will carefully install the wooden tables, which may not be able to do their own. Because they are experts, of course, they save their time and install the wooden tables much more quickly than a lay. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take professional assistance for this purpose.

 Types of Wooden Floors

 When it comes to wooden floors, most people prefer to choose oak floors. This is a profitable solution and gives a very natural appearance to the floor. You may not be the correct option if you are looking to add value to your home.

 When you receive a sanding job done on floors, you need to cover the furniture that cannot be moved. The sanding work is usually over by putting a layer of a sealant. Before it is over, the room must be powder. Otherwise, dirt and dust could be trapped under the sealant.


If you are someone who is completely on wooden floors, then the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne is the right choice for you. If you don’t want to spend money regularly on repair and maintenance, it’s better to go to designed wooden floors. This type of  Floor Sanding Melbourne is not very often, therefore, it facilitates the installation process. Therefore, it is a good option for those who want a free installation process without complication.  We at Prestige Floors are a group of style connoisseurs who are dedicated to offering flooring solutions that not only satisfy your design goals but also stand up to the test of time.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Know Why Floor Polishers and Floor Buffers are Important to Use

Polished floors are easy to maintain and clean because of their attractive and glossy look. Nowadays, floor polishing has become an important part of the industries to preserve the floor quality and make it durable. It can be said that it’s better to invest in effective floor polishing rather than spending in cleaning and other floor treatments. You can get effective consultation from the experienced Floor Polishing Melbourne company to know what polish suits your floor.

Any sort of hard surface can be polished and buffered with floor polishers and floor buffers, leaving them with a “wet” appearance. Surfaces such as wood, marble, granite, terrazzo, and concrete fall within this category. This industrial cleaning machine works similarly to a burnisher, but at a considerably slower rate. Depending on the cleaning operation, this slower speed can have a number of advantages.

Floor Polishers and Buffers Play a Crucial Role in Floor Polishing, Keep on Reading the log to know more about polishers and buffers!

  • Gives the Glossy Look to the Hard Floor:

As compared to old polishers, modern polishers are now capable to offer high-gloss finishing with the help of high-speed machines. Because floor polishers and buffers clean at a slower rate, this is the case. This makes them perfect for cleaning specific floor surfaces like dry-brite, which can be harmed by high-speed burnishers.

If we take an example, hard waxes can be used on these types of floor surfaces, which can be scratched if cleaned at high speeds. If this is a concern, floor polishers and buffers can be used to clean and leave a beautiful “wet” look on this sort of flooring.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

  • Reduces Noise Level:

Floor polishers are ideal for daytime cleaning of business buildings or hospital corridors due to their lower operating speeds, which produce significantly less noise than their high-speed counterparts.

  • Suitable for Spray Cleaning:

If cleaning fluid needs to be applied to hard floors, floor polishers can be equipped with a variety of solution tank attachments that allow them to apply the proper amount of cleaning fluid for you while cleaning.

Because they consist of a simple bracket and Velcro attachment, these solution tanks are simple to install and may be mounted on polishers and buffers by operators with little training. Solution tanks range in size from 5 to 12 litres, depending on the polisher you choose and the area of floor you need to clean on a regular basis.

  • The Idea to Clean with Machines and other Tools

Floor polishers and buffers are great for cleaning hard flooring types due to their low-speed nature. Because of the forceful nature of the brush heads and pads, this type of floor cleaning machine should not be used to clean carpets.

This sort of floor cleaning machine may be more ideal for your cleaning needs if you need a floor cleaning machine that cleans at a low speed due to your flooring finish.


Treating the floor right is the main thing that helps to make the floor durable and lasts longer. Flooring projects can be expensive if not treated at the right time. Hire Prestige Floors for the best quality Floor Sanding Melbourne service. We strive to offer the best service to meet every client’s expectations.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Thinking DIY Floor Sanding: What to Watch Out For

How to sand wooden floors is one of the most frequently requested inquiries we receive. We at Prestige Floors, Floor Sanding Melbourne experts have sanded more than our fair share of floors and floorboards and understand how intimidating the task ahead can feel.

As one of the most well-known Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne experts, we’ve heard about pretty much every sanding blunder imaginable. We recently published a blog post that demonstrated how to sand and finish a hardwood floor. In this article, we’ll show you how to prevent some of the most typical sanding blunders.

What to Avoid When Sanding a Floor at Home: What to Watch Out For

A Recap of the Basics

We went into some detail on how to sand and finish a hardwood floor in our previous blog post. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Rent a floor sander and a portable edge sander from a rental store.
  1. Take everything out of the room, including the curtains and rugs. Plastic and duct tape should be used to cover electrical outlets, light fixtures, and anything else left in the room. Open the windows and doors.
  1. Rough sanding will be done in two stages: 24 grit and 40 grit, diagonally. 80 grit will be used for medium sanding. 100-120 grit sandpaper will be used for fine sanding. Starting in a corner and pushing the sander diagonally is how rough and medium sanding is done. When starting or stopping, remember to tilt the sander so that it does not make contact with the floor. I’ll go into more detail about this later.
  1. Finish the floor to your liking, but make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Common Problems

Obviously, the idea is for your floor to have a professional finish. While hiring a professional is usually the best option, anyone who wants to do it themselves has access to the same high-quality finishes that experts have. Professional sanding equipment, on the other hand, is of greater quality and balance, and you will not have access to it. This implies you can’t sand and make mistakes.

How to Stay Away from Mistakes

Sanding your floor as the pros do is by far the most reliable way to avoid mistakes. When it comes to fine sanding, you aren’t removing much wood, you’re essentially smoothing off the surface’s top layer.

If you make any sanding mistakes, the coating will magnify and enhance them. The most typical sanding mistake made by beginners is to disregard the warning that you must always lean our professional Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service experts onto the back wheels until there is no contact between the sanding belt and the floor before turning it on or off.

 Summing up,

Do you live on a property with a lot of traffic? Or do you simply want your flooring to appear newer and more appealing? If you responded yes to any of these questions, get in touch with our Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne specialist, who explains how to tell whether it’s time for a sand and finish down below. Get in touch with Floor Sanding Melbourne right away!

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Choosing the Right Treatment for Hardwood Floor Installation

What does your hardwood floor look like? Are they corroded and overturned in some places? What if the flooring will reduce your home’s mood and overall value? This is why you should look for a new Timber Flooring Installation Melbourne.

Consumers’ interest in wood flooring is increasing, and their awareness of different surface treatments is also increasing. Finishing Timber Flooring Installation Melbourne is the most common treatment for consumers. There are many other options to choose from, such as finishes, oils, and waxes.

The difference between finishing and Floor Sanding Melbourne is to form a surface. The surface is a protective layer whose strength depends on the resistance of the finish. Instead, oil permeates hardwood floors. The hardness and resistance to abrasion of wooden floors are essential for the survival of the floor.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Many factors influence the choice of treatment. Finishes and oils have their advantages and disadvantages, making them more or less suitable for specific environments. The benefit of surface treatment is that you can get unparalleled wear resistance. Finished hardwood floors are also easy to clean and maintain. The finishes are available in gloss, silk, matte and satin finishes. The advantage of oil is that it looks good most of the time. It is scratch-resistant. It can also repair worn or damaged areas.

Oil in public places is more suitable for dark wood. But the colour of the wood floor not only affects the choice of surface treatment, but the hardness of the wood is also significant. Oil can enhance the colour, and the dirt is not as apparent as on lighter wood.

It is also essential to choose the right type of wood for a specific environment. For example, using oil on the grey floor is not an appropriate treatment unless you are willing to put in a lot of effort in maintenance. Ash is a kind of light wood, and stone floors tend to have a lot of traffic. Other examples of light-coloured woods are beech, pine, and maple, which are not suitable for public areas with heavy traffic. The floor of the stadium is also not ideal for oil. The reason is that the gymnasium floor needs to be cleaned regularly, that is, to wash off the oil, and the floor needs to be maintained periodically.

Hardwood has a much superior cleaning system and lasts longer. You won’t need to lug the vacuum around with you. You can use a mop or a broom to clean everything every day rapidly. Hardwood flooring is a terrific way to increase the resale value of your home while also leading to happier, healthier living.

Timber Flooring Installation Melbourne adds beauty and value to your home. Choosing the correct surface treatment method will create a beautiful, durable, and easy-to-maintain Floor Sanding Melbourne. Prestige Floors deliver extremely quality labour, an in-house skilled installation crew, and expert commercial flooring advice. Our company focuses on the fine details in every flooring project, which sets us apart from the competition in the market.