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What Safety Precautions to Follow When Having the Floor Sanded?

Floors with time start looking for tires, stains start appearing more, the discolouration becomes visible even from a distance, the finish is worn out in high traffic areas and so on. To make it just the way after Timber Floor Installation Melbourne, it becomes necessary to have these floors refreshed.

This is what Floor Sanding Melbourne ensures. It gets rid of everything that is hurting the aesthetics of the floor. Along with having the extra layer of protection for the doors, windows, and walls make sure you also have the precaution for individual safety.

Here are Some of the Tips that Could Ensure Safety

  • Dust! Dust! Dust!

Sanding is the process that gets rid of the upper layer of the floor that is exposed to wear and tear. Various equipment is used. Different grit of sandpaper is used as per the requirement of the floors. This is not an easy process; just easy it seems to be.

Along with the outcomes of aesthetic floors, there is the presence of dust too. These fine particles of dust can put you and your loved ones in trouble if inhaled. Chances are that it may get into the eyes and cause discomfort and elevated eye issues.

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The studies have suggested that wood dust can cause serious problems for the person already having respiratory issues. Along with the discomfort in breathing it can cause skin problems too.

Apart from keeping this dust from getting into the other parts of the house make sure that you have a dust mask on along with safety glasses for enhanced safety.

  • Keeping The Kids and Pets Away from Home

If you have pets and kids in the house, they are likely to face the dangers of these fine particles too. but the damage done to them due to this dust may be slightly more than you. So, drop the kids and pets at your friends’ or family’s home to keep them away and safe.

  • Dust Fire Is Real

We all are aware that wood dust is flammable. But it won’t end up in flames until something happens that ignites the fire. We all are aware of the scenario that upon sanding the nail heads may pop out from the floorboard. When this nailhead strikes it produces sparks. Chances are that these sparks may end up in dust fire.

So, make sure to keep a check on the nail heads, they do not just cause dust fire but also damage the sanding equipment too.

What Else Can You Do?

When getting the sanding done by the professional you have an option for the equipment that produces a lesser amount of duct or no duct at all. Yes, these are available and you can surely make this special request.

If not that when having the Floor Sanding Melbourne done make sure that you consider all these safety tips to make it a harmless process. Further, enjoy getting the brand-new-looking floor by finishing the sanding with floor polishing.

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How Professional Floor Polishing Is Better Than DIY Floor Polishing?

The tempt of doing the floor sanding and Floor Polishing Melbourne on yourself is normal. With DIY being a trend recently, the urge of doing everything on your own has become the new normal. Maintaining the timber floor to keep it looking good as new is necessary.

The Floor Sanding Melbourne and polishing is what gets the floor back to good shape. Upon regular use the deterioration of the timber floors’ look is inevitable. The finish may get worn out, dull, scratched, and any such sort of wear and tear dents the aesthetic of the timber floor.

Do you think that DIY floor polishing would be so effective that it would make the floors look the way experts have polished them?

Would Not Be Able to Handle the Equipment:

First of all, you do not have the equipment that is required for sanding the floor. Even if you have it, is it up to date? Suppose you do not have it; you have two choices ahead of you whether you hire it or you buy it.

If you buy it, how many years it would take to make that equipment be called outdated. Then what? Do you buy another? Okay, let us quit the idea of buying. You now are only left with the alternative of hiring the equipment. What are the chances that the equipment that you are looking for is available for hire or not?

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Okay, let us consider the favourable condition. Say it is available for hire, is in good condition, is latest and the cost of hire is also reasonable. But, do you have the skill to operate the equipment? A professional surely does have.

Not Being Able to Apply the Finish Properly:

An even, unaffected finish on the timber floor requires expertise and skill. Debris trapped in it, bubbles, and more would impact the appearance of the floor. It could disappoint you with the results.

Even if you manage to pawn the finish there are chances that it may crack or get off the floors. Do not let your money go to waste. A professional would provide the floor with seamlessly sanded and perfectly finished floors that would last longer.

You May End Up Permanently Damaging the Hardwood Planks:

Sanding the floor is a tough job, right from choosing the grit of the sandpaper to evenly sanding the floor there requires a lot of expertise and experience. Over sanding the floor could damage the floor permanently.

Which would leave you with no choice but to replace the affected hardwood planks. Which would be an extra added cost.

DIY floor polishing could lead to overspending by making expensive mistakes. Instead, all you need to do is to find a reliable professional for Floor Sanding Melbourne and polishing. They would have the skills and expertise in doing their job perfectly. They bring along the latest equipment which they have the experience of handling. They also provide the assurance of the quality of services provided. All this will fit in your budget too.

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What Type of Indoor Atmosphere Can Affect the Timber Flooring?

Yes, you heard it right. The indoor weather condition does have an impact on the timber floorings. We are all aware of the temperature differences that we have indoor and outdoor with the sole purpose to provide us comfort. Getting your Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne every time, you feel the need without knowing the reason why it is affected could leave the underlying problem without being treated.

Floor Sanding Melbourne surely would get your timber floor looking good as new but the underlying issue is affecting its longevity in many ways.

Reasons You Should Need to Know

  • Unaddressed Humidity in Indoor Air

Timber flooring has an announced revelry with every element of the water. Moisture and humidity are the results of the induced weather condition in the home due to the air conditioning system can affect the flooring.

The timber flooring upon exposure to the humidity seems to absorb it and expand. And in the dry seasons like winter, it loses the humidity and shrinks. Eventually, this cycle continues and the timber floorings may split and crack.

Dehumidifiers could save your home not just from mold growth but also your timber floor from the cycle of expansion and contraction.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

  • Sudden Changes in The Indoor Temperature

You for work leaving the home abandoned, almost under the influence of outdoor temperature. You come home and then you put the systems back on to get the temperature of the room as per your liking either hot or cold as per the weather outside.

The impact the timber flooring has when exposed to humidity or moisture does have an impact on exposure to change in temperature too. In the house, the temperature is forced upon the wood. This makes the wood floor vulnerable to cupping and cracking due to the stress-induced as a result of the sudden temperature changes.

  • Lack of Enough Ventilation

Ventilation is an effective means to get rid of the humidity produced in the house as a result of hot showers, cooking, washing clothes, drying clothes, and so on. These activities induce moisture in the house and thereby the floor.

Lack of ventilation means the moisture remains in the house for a prolonged time. The timber floor would go through the process of expansion or swelling as a result of increased moisture content in the home. So, keep your homes well ventilated

  • Neglecting the Use of Water When Cleaning the Floor

To keep the timber floor in good shape for a long time, regular vacuuming, sweeping and mopping becomes inevitable. When mopping, special care needs to be taken. Use of perfectly damped mop on the floor. Even if you find excess water on the floor, use a microfiber cloth to get rid of it.

Timber floors are indeed a luxury for the homeowners and Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne is a way to increase the appeal of this luxury. Taking care of the above-mentioned consideration would make this upkeep more effective.

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Useful Tips to Clean Dog’s Pup and Urine from Hardwood Floors

It can be irritating when your pet urinates on the timber wood.  It requires immediate cleaning because pet urine can react with the timber wood and other polishing chemicals and cause the floor to stain permanently.  Owning a pet is a good thing but it’s equally important to train your pet for proper urinating and pup.  Because you don’t need to always be available at the home to take care of the pet.  Take advice from Floor Sanding Melbourne experts to know how to deal with the dog urine and maintain the hardwood floor.

You might not believe but dog urine can damage the timber wood instantly so, it’s important to use the carpet or train the dog for the good habits to preserve the wooden floor in a good condition.

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Some Tips That Can Help To Clean The Dog Urine From The Wooden Floor

1) Start blotting up the urine as much as you can, prevent the spread of urine to the other areas. You can also use a damp paper towel or tissue to clean the urine.

2) Baking soda is great for absorbing the dampness and moisture from the wooden floors.  Sprinkle the baking soda generously on the floor area where the pet urinated.

3) Let the baking soda leave for longer hours or overnight then vacuum the floor, make sure to use a soft brush during vacuuming to prevent the wooden floor damage.

4) After completing the baking soda procedure, choose the high-quality wooden stain remover to eliminate the floor stain. Make sure to test the stain remover on the hidden areas of the home to know whether it works perfectly.

5) Once the stain has vanished, clean the floor using a dog-safe cleaner that is specifically designed for wooden floor cleaning.

The dog can sense their urine by the smell and may return to the same spot to urinate again. Hence, don’t forget to deodorize or disinfect the floor surface with the fragrance.  Dog urine can sting if it’s not cleaned properly. Avoid using ammonium-based cleaner because the smell of ammonium is similar to dog urine. It’s important to prevent the dog from urinating again in the house.  Hence after cleaning properly, deodorize the floor thoroughly until the smell completely disappears.


It depends on the wood types and polishing techniques used. Some may be less reactive to the pet urine while some wood may lead to staining immediately.  As wood is allergic to moisture, it’s obvious that dog urine contains various types of contaminants that might get absorbed in the wooden floor if left for a longer time.  Consult prestige floors for the high standard cleaning service and top-class Floor Sanding Melbourne service.  We provide a warranty on our service with the highest satisfaction. For any flooring requirements, reach us today.

Hope you found the article informative and useful for cleaning the floor let us know your views and ideas of the pet urine cleaning from the wooden floor in the comment box.

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Know How Often You Should Polish Your Floors

Polishing and sanding is the crucial part of the timber maintenance to preserve the office and house in a premium condition. The guest can make out the impression from the entrance so, it’s important to get the floor regular cleaning and polished. Whether it is timber wood or marble tiles, every floor requires maintenance and cleaning to keep the floor surface sparkling and spot-free. But everything that is too much can harm hence over cleaning or over-polishing can make the floor appearance dull. Also, it varies from the type of flooring material and the cleaning techniques used on the regular basis. It’s important to know how often you should polish the floor, consult the expert Floor Polishing Melbourne Company to know about the suitable polishing technique.

Know How Often Various Types of Floor Should Be Polished

  • Polishing Marble Floors:

If your house contains more members then it is likely to cause tears to floor tiles over time. Generally, marbles, limestone, and travertine tend to lose shine if your floor is high traffic area. Use the cleaner that is specially designed for cleaning marble

  • Polishing Hardwood Floors:

Hardwood floors may need proper refinishing and polishing from time to time.  Most people have the misconception that refinishing and polishing are the same. Refinishing means removing the entire floor finish and replacing it with new ones. Depending on the floor type and foot traffic, hardwood floors are suitable to polish every 5 to 6 months to preserve their shine.

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  • Polishing Ceramic Floors:

Ceramic floors are safe to polish every 4 to 6 months. Ceramic floors can be easily maintained by regular sweeping and mopping. Polishing will help to restore the protective layer of the floor.

  • Polishing Laminate Floors:

Laminate floors are popular for their aesthetic look and are widely used in a wide range of commercial and residential spaces.  Due to seasonal changes, laminate floors are likely to lose their shine and quality. Hence, it’s important to use the right cleaning product to clean the dirt and build-ups properly.

It’s safe to schedule floor polishing every 5 to 6 months to preserve the longevity of shine and floor quality. Using the right cleaner can also do wonders for the floor. The floors are exposed daily to light, air, and dust hence regular cleaning can prevent fading of shine over time. Take expert advice in case of any flooring issue to get it to repair on time.


Though it depends on the nature of the floor and many other factors, Dirt and moisture are the enemies of every floor if it’s exposed for a longer period of time. Especially timber wood gets damaged faster if exposed to moisture for a longer time as compared to other floors. Wooden floors either get shrink or swollen due to moisture. At prestige floors, our Floor Polishing Melbourne experts are capable of completing the toughest floor sanding and polishing jobs quickly before the deadline. Apart from this, we specialize in all types of floor cleaning and grinding jobs. Book an appointment with us for the best flooring consultation and solutions.

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Do You Know How Much Moisture Level is Acceptable for Wood?

Are you a wooden floor lover? If you have wooden floorings at home, you might have across the wooden shrinking and swelling because the wooden is allergic to moisture. To maintain the wooden furniture and other items in good condition for a longer time, it’s important to know the basic maintenance knowledge such as how much moisture level is fine for the wooden.  Well, it depends upon the types of wood you have at home.

According to expert research, 6 to 8% of moisture content is fine for the wood, but if the moisture content is increased more than 8% then it can start causing damage to the quality of wood.  Moisture content varies from season to season hence, it is important to take proper care and maintenance in every season. Consult the reputed Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne Company for effective advice and maintenance solutions. It’s obvious that moisture will be present in any form, so the question is how we can remove moisture from the wood.

  • Kiln Drying:

Wooden moisture content is never constant as it depends on the interaction with the environment and climatic factors. Kiln drying is the technique to dry the moisture from the wood. Kiln drying is the widely used wooden drying technique in the industrial sectors that helps to dry the building materials and wood up to 15%. Generally, freshly cut wood is likely to be wet and contain more moisture but it usually evaporates naturally.  By kiln drying technique, it helps the wood to absorb the moisture released by the wood to maintain the proper balance.

  • What is the Moisture Content Acceptable for the Interior?

The moisture content differs from place to place. If it’s about exterior wood, then 6 to 8% is the acceptable moisture content. In the case of house interiors, the acceptable level of moisture content is 9 to 14 % depending on the composition and type of wood.

The wooden moisture can be measured by using a quality moisture meter. Although there are two methods that are mainly used for testing moisture levels in woods that are.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

  • Oven Dry Testing:

Oven dry testing is the oldest and most commonly used method for the measurement of moisture levels. This method usually produces the accurate results of wood testing. In oven-dry testing, the wood is dried in a special oven or kiln for drying and its weight is monitored periodically to determine the moisture level.

The process can be time-consuming but the difference in weight can help in determining the moisture level, it’s important to have a special oven for the drying.

  • Moisture Meter Testing:

Moisture meter comes basically of two types that are pin less wood meter and pin-type wood meter. Moisture meter testing is the fastest way to test the moisture content.

Final thoughts:

To know more about moisture content meter testing, you can easily read the information in detailed online. Consult prestige floors for high-quality floor installation. We are highly experienced in floor installation and Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne. To know more about our flooring service, kindly book an appointment with us today.

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What Finish to Choose From for the Sanded Floors?

The best way to get rid of the floor’s imperfection is to get the Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne did by professionals. Floor finish is what protects the smooth floor that has been sanded from moisture, the near future wear and tear, dust, dirt and more.

It one of the essential processes after the Floor Sanding Melbourne. There are various finishes to choose from as per your choice and requirement to elevate the look of the floor. Here are some of the outstanding finishes that you can consider having for your floors.

  • Matte Finish

The latest and the most chosen finish weather be make-up, car finish or the floors. It is known for its not reflecting the light and still loom ravishing. This ability to not reflect the light helps to mask or hide the scratches, dust and minute imperfection very well. No wonder this has become one of the popular choices of the people these days. They are worth applying especially if you have kids and pets at home.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne


  • High Gloss Finish

One of the most chosen finished of all time – Gloss finish. The reflection of the light because this finish fills up the room with floor shine. It is one of the ideal finishes for commercial paces apart from homes. The shine it provides is one of the striking features of this finish.

Having said that needs a lot of work to be done for maintaining that shine. The gloss may wear out in areas of heavy traffic even if taken care of properly. Regular sweeping and cleaning become a must to keep the dirt and dust away from the floor. Without it, the floors become dull in a lesser period. Other than that, it is shiny and glittering under the direct light. Less recommended at home with pets and kids.

  • Satin Finish

One of the popular choices of finishes due to its versatility. It gives your home a perfect blend of modern and antique. The being glossy but neutral quality of this finish allows it to function even under low maintenance. Unlike the gloss, there is no fear of wearing it due to heavy traffic. It works well for homes having kids and pet. It does hide the minute scratches, dust and dirt. So stuck between matter and high gloss you can surely go for satin.

  • Semi-Gloss Finish

Looking for something not as neutral as satin but not too glossy as a high gloss? Semi-gloss is exactly what you need. The lustre that semi-gloss provides is around 55% which is more than satin with 40% and lesser than high gloss with 70%. It has the maintenance requirement slightly more than the satin but way lesser than the high gloss. This finish works well in the heavy traffic area.

Whatever you choose based on the criteria that you have set make sure that you have floor sanded very well with the help of the Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne experts like us – Prestige Floors. Without it, the finish would not turn out that effective if the surface if not desirably smooth.

How Relative Humidity Can Affect Your Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood floors add more elegance to the home. They are durable, strong, versatile and sensitive. Sensitive? Yes, towards humidity, when not taken care of properly. This vulnerability has a bad impact on the flooring. Slight imperfection due to excess moisture can be corrected by sanding and Floor Polishing Melbourne.

Floor Sanding Melbourne also has its limitation when it comes to some of the listed impacts. It is not like that these impacts cannot be treated or cannot be prevented from happening. This is where we the professionals who are experts in installing the hardwood floor plays an important role.

What Do The Hardwood Floors In The Humid Season?

Humidity means an excess of moisture; hardwood tends to absorb the moisture. Upon absorbing the moisture these hardwood planks expand and swells. Expansion of the wood is natural but what causes the problem is the improper installation of these hardwood planks. The result in humid season is cupping, crowning, cracking and buckling.

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Let us know what these are one by one

Crowning – an expansion of the hardwood floor in such a way that the middle of the plank is lifted slightly up due to no room for expansion. This is a result of sanding the floor soon after the cupping. Hence when it loses the absorbed moisture and returns to its normal position the sanded edged seems to be lower.

Cupping – On encountering excessive moisture the absorption of the moisture occurs disproportionally and the result of which is cupping. It can be recognised by slightly lifted edges than the centre of the hardwood plank. On reduction of the relative humidity either naturally or by the use of dehumidifiers this plank takes the normal shape back.

Buckling – these are some of the extreme impacts due to excess relative humidity. This occurs when the expansion of the hardwood planks goes way beyond the expansion space left for the installation professionals, such that they are lifted away from the floor.

Cracking – in cases, if the exerted pressure due to expansion is way too much to handle for the planks, they tend to crack damaging the structural integrity of these hardwood planks.

These are some of the natural as well as extreme expansion of the hardwood due to the relative humidity in various seasons.

How This Can Be Taken Care Of?

Let us start with the correct installation of the hardwood floors. DIY or hiring an amateur could end up as one or more of the above disasters that you are eventually going to regret. Instead, get the installation done by professionals who are very aware of all the attributes and aspects to be kept in mind to avoid situations like these.

The next would be to take care of the hardwood floor after installation. Do not use an excessively wet mop on the floor while cleaning, install dehumidifiers at home, chooses good quality hardwood to best fit your needs. When needed have the sanding and Floor Polishing Melbourne done by the professionals as they know very well what is the appropriate time for sanding the floors.

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Know About Refinishing Bamboo Flooring

When it comes to bamboo flooring, one might think that it can’t be sanded and refinished. Bamboos are always a love for the home decor lovers and nature loving persons as bamboo offers the stylish green look. But with the time, every flooring needs service and some repairing.  Some bamboo flooring can be refinished, it all depends on the type of flooring. Bamboo floors are mainly classified into horizontal, vertical and strand-woven bamboo flooring. To choose better among the types of bamboo flooring, consult the reputed Timber Floor Installation Melbourne Company.

Three Main Types of Bamboo Flooring:

1) Horizontal Bamboo Flooring:

It’s basically made up of bamboo stalks that are glued in a horizontal pattern to form a good plank.

2) Vertical Bamboo Flooring:

It’s basically made up of thin strips of bamboo and the strips are aligned in such a way that it looks vertical pattern hence, giving a modern and lavish look.

3) Strand-Woven Bamboo Flooring:

Strand woven is not actually made up of the bamboo; basically it’s made up of the stalks by shredding its fibre. It’s bonded with adhesive and processed under the high-pressure and heat to make it durable and strong.

Can Bamboo Flooring Be Refinished?

Other categories of bamboo flooring are as follows:

  • Solid bamboo
  • Engineered bamboo
  • Carbonized bamboo
  • Non-carbonized bamboo (natural)

Bamboo also comes in solid and engineered wood, among both, engineered bamboo is considered to be the best because it includes attaching evener fiberboard. Well if we see generally, some bamboo floors can be refinished while others may be not depending upon is quality and feature. For engineered bamboo also, it’s important that it should be thicker than 2 mm to perform refinishing on it. It’s better to take the advice of flooring experts before experimenting any polishing, refinishing or sanding to get the effective consultation. Expert’s advice will help you to make the better choice.

Other than this, carbonized floors are much scratch-resistant and softer in nature hence, it is easy to refinish.  Carbonized bamboo floor stays the same throughout the life and shade doesn’t get lighter. Though carbonized bamboo floors are natural and can cause scratches hence, they are not suitable for refinishing.

It’s always better to have stain check if you are planning for the bamboo flooring. Like other wooden floors, bamboo has its own unique feature to give a mimic look. Conduct a deep research about the various types of bamboo flooring and select the best according to your choice, features, durability and budget. If you have a pet at your home then its good idea to for the scratch resistant bamboo to ensure the longer life while preserving the quality. There are also various cleaning products available in the markets that are specially designed for cleaning bamboo.


Consult the expert Timber Floor Installation Melbourne Company for the guaranteed flooring service. Book appointment at prestige floors today and get the high-standard flooring service. Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comment section and feel free to share your experience with bamboo flooring in the comment box.

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Best Timber Wood Homemade Cleaners You Should Know

Are you a DIY lover who always search for the home remedy for everything like cleaning floors and other household purposes? DIYs are the perfect solution that allows you to explore creativity and learn innovative solutions at home. Especially house cleaning and day-to-day works. Not everyone can afford a professional cleaning service all the time hence DIY can be the best reliable solution to cover up the minor renovation and cleaning tasks using the homemade things.

But anyhow, professionals are professionals for reasons. So, calling out professional Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne is necessary.

Do you know you can clean your timber wood floors with homemade ingredients? The majority of people are not aware of how various home ingredients can help in effective floor cleaning because most people clean the floors with ready made cleansers.

There are mainly two ways by which timber floors can be maintained in a good condition that is floor sanding and polishing. But with the sanding and polishing, cleaning regular with mild cleansers can preserve the wooden floors in good condition and prevent other flooring issues such as staining, uneven shades, and many more. If your wooden floors are very old and haven’t sanded for a long time, consult the reputed Floor Sanding Melbourne Company. Below are some of the useful home ingredients that has best cleaning properties and can be used for cleaning hardwood floors efficiently.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

1) Water + Vinegar

Warm water and vinegar are the best cleaning solution that one can use regularly for cleaning hardwood floors. Take an equal amount of the warm water and vinegar in a small container and clean the surface with the soft damp cloth, it is also the best cleaning agent for kitchen, bathroom, and other house areas.

2) Water + Vinegar + Essential Oils

There are wide variety of essential oils available in the market. Adding essential oils can add a good fragrance to the cleaning and create a fresh environment.

3) Organic Soap + Water + Vinegar

Using plant-based organic soap, water and vinegar acts a good cleaning agent and cleans almost all dust and grime from the surface.

4) Vinegar + Vegetable Oil

Prepare a mild solution of water and few drops of vegetable oil. It can be used to provide the finishing to the wooden surface by spraying. Wipe with a clean soft cloth after spraying.

5) Teabags

Used tea bags can be used as cleaning the wooden floor, it effectively provides shines and lustre to the floor. It also has anti-bacterial properties.

6) Lemon Juice + Olive Oil + Hot Water

Because of the acidic nature of lemon, it has good cleaning properties and gives shine to the floor surface while olive oil provides a better finishing.

7) Washing Powder + Water + Vinegar

Regular washing powder and hot water effectively cleanses the oils, dust, and grime and offers a sparkling clean surface.


It’s not necessary to be an expert in cleaning floors, anyone can easily clean the floors by using the above ingredients whether they are beginners or experts.  Hope you found the above information useful and helped you in maintaining a sparkling clean home. Just make sure to take the right quantity for the best cleaning. The ingredients like essential oils, olive oils, vinegar, and lime juice are required to use in a small quantity as they have acidic properties. Choose Prestige Floors for the Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne, floor installations, and any kinds of flooring services.