Timber Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Why Should You Consider Timber Floor sanding for the home?

The home will never look good without appropriate cleaning like a floor that you know, right? But how you can keep the charm alive that’s become a common problem among homeowners, and that’s why Prestige Floors always suggest them for Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne.

Well, the floor is the indoor beauty of the home, especially for those who always like to have a charming home. You know that floor usually gets effected by the time whether due to dust, dirt and grime or for other reasons. You cannot keep the floor dusty for a long time as there’s a chance you have to face a problem like allergens and bacteria.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

All you need to do is hire a professional company like prestige because, without help, you cannot achieve the result. Professional always works with the utmost care and attention, which brings you beauty and durability no matter whether you are seeking for Floor Sanding Melbourne or polishing.


Enhance the Durability

Better the floor better the Durability!!

Yes, you know as above said that floor usually has dust and dirt, especially in those Victorian homes. You cannot clean by the routine cleaning as you must need service like floor sanding because only that can bring out the charm by removing dust and others. Having professional at the home will ensure you for perfect sanding as you no longer have to worry about durability because with the modern pieces of equipment and techniques you can achieve anything you desire. Hence, you can enhance the durability of the floor.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Improve the Lifespan of Floorings

Prestige always works with utmost dedication and attention to bring out charm and durability, which ensure you for quality cleaning. You know that by the time problems like broken tiles, dust in the gap and other problems arise which make floor low in work and that’s how you have to face problems. Having experienced and professional floor sanding expert can help in this because with the proper chemical, you can enhance the lifespan by cleaning and sanding floor deeply. And that’s the reason you have to consider professional for sanding rather than doing own because that’s how you no longer have to worry about getting desire result.

Right Products according to Flooring Type

The most and foremost thing you can consider is the right product. You know that there are many types available in the market like tile, marble and others. Having different floor demand for products accordingly means you cannot use tile flooring material in wood flooring because that’s how you might have to face problems. Having professional like us can help in this condition because experts from the team will guide you and implement the best idea to make floor new and lavishing compared to old and that’s how you can bring out charm. Thus, having the right products help you to clean any floor according to needs.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Summing Up!!!

Are you looking for Floor Sanding Melbourne Company? Then look no further as Prestige Floors can be your perfect solution whether you want to sand the floor or polish.

Contact us by calling on 0426 806 554 and discussing your needs!!!

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

What are the Advantages of timber floor installation?

You will get one and common answer for installation of the floor which is timber floor installation Melbourne whether in residential property or commercial. You know that timber is a form of wood which have many advantages, especially in beauty and durability. Prestige Floors know the worth of timber floor for the property, and that’s why installing since last few years with a team of experienced and trained professionals.

The value of timber is priceless when it comes to representing home appealing and when you think to market. Because by the time those house hunters are seeking for the new design and appealing floor like timber to buy which has increased the duty of those Victorian homes. And that’s why timber floor installation is always worth it.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Timber flooring installation is key to represent it’s beauty because if something went wrong, then there’s a chance you have to face problems. With the professional hand you no longer have to worry about it so let’s find what the benefits of timber floor installation are.

Easy Installation

The first and fore most benefit Floor Sanding Melbourne consider it is easy to install. You know that there are many floors available in the market according to your choice and design. The process for the installation for all is different means you have keep measurement, style and the way of installing in mind because if something went wrong, then you might have to ruin your property. You can easily install the timber floor compared to others because you cannot ensure the time for other floorings as they need multiple equipment and knowledge to get done.

Easy to Clean compared to others

Yes, this is the most daunting task, especially when you have hard floors!!

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Because you cannot clean and polish them according to your choice and needs as it takes time. Having a timber floor can help you in this as you no longer have to worry about cleaning and polishing the floor. You know and can understand that spending so many times in cleaning can ruin your routine timetable and that’s why you should go for timber floor installation. Some people have still doubt then Prestige Floors can help you to ensure because professional from the team will guide you in any aspect and can make sure that you have a worthy investment.

Appealing Appearance

The most beautiful benefit you can consider because timber is nothing but the wood which means a combo of beauty and durability. You know that timber usually comes with a range of design and shape whether you want for residential property or commercial because people used to install. People think that timber represents place appealing which is necessary for the property as it adds value and aesthetic, and that’s the reason you should go for timber floor installation. Hence, better the choice better the appearance.

The End!!!

Want to install the appealing floor? Then choose timber floor installation Melbourne Prestige Floors as we are helping property owners to bring out charm. Also, help them to ensure for styled home along with strength.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

How to find the Best Floor Sanding Company for Your Flooring?

Makeover the house is also essential like the body means you need to upgrade each day whether by cleaning, updating features and polishing. Well, yes talking about Floor Sanding Melbourne services as you know by the time floor gets dust and dirt which make flooring dull and unpleasant to beauty. And that’s the reason for taking the help of professional like Prestige Floors become a necessity, isn’t it? Till what time you keep the floor in such a situation?

It has always been the most onerous task, especially since the business strategy and the way of dealing changed. Means you cannot ensure the company value and reputation quickly without checking what they provide and what they do. And that’s why here’s the guide with you can find the best company and can avail the exceptional services.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

It doesn’t matter where you live because showing off the home has always been the pivotal role to be followed. Means at one time you can adjust with other things, but there are still owners seek proudness in showing home the heaven. Hence, it’s not the duty as its responsibility to keep house heaven for life.

Import of Floor Sanding,

Repair Damage and Wear

Restore Floor

Restore Appearance and Color

Smooth Floor

Protect the Floor (Strength and in damage)

Way to Find the Best Floor Sanders,


God! Changed the Livings.

Don’t you think because with the help of the internet can change anything? You know how people are seeking the best use of the internet and changing the world, whether in living life or finding. The same happens in case of finding sanders as with single click you can find anything whether you want to find timber floor installation Melbourne or something else. You no longer have to visit door to door as with this can avail any services. Hence, the internet is the best way that you can find sanders.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

What Customer Says?

Yes, the second and foremost thing you have to ensure about is customer satisfaction. If the customer is happy with the service and result, then there are no other ways you should go for. How you can ensure about it? Then companies have an online presence nowadays, and that’s the reason they work with the website to show their presence. And you can check their reviews at the website as with that you can avail them. Having the best reviews website is the prime choice you can consider and can avail for your work.

Knowledge and Expertise

Prestige believes that knowledge and expertise are key to find floor sanding company. And that’s why sanders with the knowledge and expertise are the best way to get your work done. Some people think that having knowledge and expertise isn’t the only thing to hire company and that’s why they should read before ensure oneself. So, make sure before hiring any companies.

Winding Up!!!

Are you looking for floor cleaning services? Then look no further as Prestige Floors can help you with timber floor installation Melbourne and Floor Sanding Melbourne. Also, it can help you to bring an appealing appearance to your floor as well as home.

Contact Number: 0426 806 554

Floor Polishing Melbourne

What are the benefits of Hiring Floor Polishing Services?

Are you active at keeping your floor shiny and clean?

Sound good! Because Prestige Floors believe that it’s the only which can enhance the lifespan of the flooring. And you wonder because Floor Polishing Melbourne is the prime service prestige provides no matter how hard or tough your floor is, and that’s the first reason you should consider. Well, the property will no more look property if you avoid routine cleaning and maintenance and that’s the reason make sure you keep up the charm alive by such activities.

You believe or not, but only professional can keep the charm alive no matter how hard you clean. The process takes certain operations to get the original look back whether you have concrete floor or tile or others. Let’s get to the benefits of hiring professional floor polishing services.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Well, it’s the truth that floors will never look shiny without approaching certain operations like polishing and cleaning. If you don’t believe then try it for a few days or months as it will take it real form and that’s why it becomes a necessity to avail such services from the experts or cleaners.

Benefits of Hiring Floor Polishing Company,

As above said there are many benefits of floor polishing services as it get the energy and protein to shine. Here it is,

Makes Durable

Yes, the once floor get energy and protein as above said it become durable. Especially when it gets done from professional because they know how to make floor sustainable and durable. The professional from the company works on the floor by applying polishing processes whether it’s cleaning by chemical or by approachable products. However, these things make the floor sustainable and durable to keep a performance alive.

Remove Allergens

The second and foremost thing you can avail from a professional polishing company is the kills of allergens. By the time floor get dusty and dirty without cleaning and proper operation which make them allergic. Yes, you heard right because floor also have a fear of allergens, especially when you have a soft floor like tile and marble. So, having professional at the home remove the allergens and make the floor clean and shiny again.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Reduce Maintenance

The second and most important benefit you can avail is reduced maintenance. You know and can understand that floors usually need maintenance to clean and other aspects. Having a professional floor polishing company for the work is blessings, especially when you want reduce the maintenance. Some people think that it’s a waste of money then it’s not because with the help of floor polishing services you can maintain the cost that you have to pay unwantedly. Hence, it’s the only option with you can reduce maintenance.

Natural Chemical to Clean

You know that different floors have different chemical means according to the material it needs activities. You have to check which chemical is suitable, but with the help of a professional company, you can easily keep the floor clean and shiny. Prestige believes that it’s the best way to increase the lifespan of the floor.


Want to brighten up your floor? Then hire Prestige Floors and get Floor Polishing Melbourne and Floor Sanding Melbourne whether you want to clean or shine.

Floor Sanding Melbourne by Prestige

Which Points Should Be Considered Before Timber Floor Installation?

The weather condition in the home incredibly impact Timber floor along these lines it is significant that care ought to be taken during conveyance, Timber Floor Installation Melbourne and in the long run use, to keep away from harm. It is additionally imperative to ensure that the states of being, as subfloor or base, are sufficient for your new deck. According to the expert onthe Prestige Floor, you should take care of some important point before floor installation start.

Let’s check out which point affect the timber floor installation and how…

  • Subfloors

The subfloor is the structure on which the new wood floor will be introduced. Subfloors hugely relying upon age and kind of property, they can be a solid establishment, old pine planks of flooring, pressed wood or particleboard, laid over floor joists. Old Floor Sanding Melbourne, similar to Carpets, Vinyl or other existing ground surface sorts are not appropriate as subfloor and must be expelled.

  • Concrete – A Concrete subfloor is a blend of concrete, fine totals and water that solidifies afterblending. In increasingly current structures it might be situated on all floor levels, and at times it is secured with wood planks.
  • Pressed wood – Pressed wood subfloors are Panel sheeting made of at least three thin layers of wood reinforced together utilizing paste.
  • Molecule Board – Molecule board subfloors are Panel sheeting produced using wood particles (wood chips, sawmill shavings, sawdust) reinforced together under tension. Generally, the boards where square-edged, even though nowadays it isn’t unexpected to utilize a tongue and notched structure.
  • Humidity and plank movement

Common wood is a sturdy material which reacts to its condition. Each change in natural dampness will bring about a particular comparing change in dampness content (MC) in the wood. This procedure proceeds until the balance dampness content (EMC) is reached.

  • Acoustics

Transfer of noise in different inhabitancy homes is viewed as a wellbeing and security issue when transmitted by both airborne and effect sound sources. Sound protection is commonly viewed as the anticipation of airborne and effect sound transmitted starting with one piece of a structure then onto the next through isolating floors, roofs as well as dividers.

  • Airborne Noise – Airborne sound produce commotion by the vibration of encompassing air, for instance, TV, discourse and so on.
  • Effect Noise – Effect sound sources produce commotion by direct physical, for instance, strides on a story or dropping of a thing.
  • Underfloor Heating

Underfloor warming is a cutting edge and extravagant answer for warming. It expels the requirement for cumbersome radiators, offering additional room and a clean ornamental completion. Underfloor warming is additionally thought to be an increasingly productive method of warming because of how warmth is dispersed all through a room.

  • Water-Based Systems

Water-based frameworks would, by and large,require more profundity of room for pipes, making it increasingly hard to introduce in straightforward restorations as there may not be sufficient space underneath your ground surface.

Wrapping up,

Just like Prestige Floors’ experts, if you also notice above points before Timber Floor Installation Melbourne, you can deliver standard result. Contact us via our official site to get floor services with the best status.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

What Is Good for Your Older Floor? Floor Sanding or New Carpet

Time for doing some revamp on your floor? It is safe to say that you are contemplating between what to decide on – Floor Sanding in Melbourne or only purchasing another floor carpet?

Let us help you with your effective procedure.

At first, both – floor sanding and Timber Floor Installation Melbourne, will look fantastic, yet would you say you are all set through all the rug cleaning bothers? Floor carpets should be vacuumed consistently and in an exact way. Afterwards, on the off chance that you have pets and children in the house – the difficulties of spillage, stains, and overflow amplify!

Generally, sanding was considered for its utilitarian worth, however with PrestigeFloors’ floor sanding that legend also is exposed at this point. Let us take a gander at some more motivation behind why we believe ground surface to be superior to floor carpets.

  • Support

One of the most prevalent reasons why individuals lean toward floor sanding over the carpet and which we have just referenced? – support. Floors are simpler to spotless, stronger to overflows and checks than a rug, and without a doubt much more hardwearing. Homes which have pets should consider any day favour it over the carpet.

  • Beautification

Indeed, floor carpets upgrade the style of the room, yet just if it coordinates the stylistic theme of your room. In any case, that isn’t the situation with wooden floors – they can coordinate with any encompassing, and you don’t have to remember the carpet while redesigning the room.

  • Valuation of The House

Whenever you decide to sell the house, a story which is all around kept up will bring you more worth though a floor carpet will not commit to it. At a lesser cost, you can build the estimation of your home by someplace up to 15 percent, which is, all things considered, not a lacking sum.

  • Floor Carpets Hold Germs

Rugs can be a sheltered harbour for dust particles, lose hair strands, dry skin, or whatever another small molecule, which can cause an extreme issue in individuals enduring any sensitivity. In any case, it isn’t the situation with wooden floors. Essential clearing and wiping twice to thrice seven days can keep your home germs free, and your family secured.

  • Once Versus Increasingly Visit Consumption

You may be keeping up your rugs cautiously – wipe off the spills when it occurs, or expel the stains when you discover it, vacuum it every day, and follow cover cleaning process completely. In any case, still, to hold the surface, you should recruit the administration of rug cleaners in any event once per year.

In any case, a rug without ground surface may require the administration of a story sanding once in seven years. You, for the most part, go for resurfacing when you find that floors watch exhausted, or old. For cleaning or evacuating any stains, you will not have to employ the administration of specialists.

Closure Words,

Along these lines, when you analyse of consumption point, carpet brings about more continuous and overwhelming use than Floor Sanding Melbourne. If you are still confused, then you can contact Prestige Floors and get expert’s advice.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Must Knowable Timber Floor Installation Methods and Its Apply Tricks

Timber flooring adds a special touch to a home. It offers toughness, engaging quality and a simple to-clean deck surface. Timber flooring is an excellent and characteristic item that separates it from other floor covers. It is hotter than tile yet more cleaned than covering, and numerous property holders decide to introduce their own timber floors without anyone else. Presently new manufacture strategies and establishment devices and procedures make it simpler for Timber Floor Installation Melbourne.

  • Stapling

A huge pneumatic stapler lets you fire staples from the firearm that are utilized to make sure about timber ground surface to a reviewed compressed wood subfloor. Because of their significant expense tag as indicated by Hammer Zone, these machines make speedy work of introducing timber flooring however should be leased from a home improvement store.

  • Making sure about

The most widely recognized technique for introducing timber ground surface of any kind includes nailing the boards to a pressed wood subfloor. For those figuring out how to introduce Floor Sanding in Melbourne, there’s a no less complicated method than the nail-down system.

Dissimilar to different strategies which essentially expect you to be a novice woodworker or even an expert craftsman, the nail down technique on the best way to introduce timber deck can be cultivated by any individual who can swing a sledge. Extraordinary deck nails are utilized alongside a ground surface hammer to keep parting in the boards from abundance vibration.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

  • Gliding

Gliding timber floor establishment permits you to introduce flooring into your home, business or another kind of building that isn’t nailed to the real planks of flooring in your home. Gliding boards lock together and lay on another deck material or a stopper cushion. Regularly, they just snap together or now and then are stuck set up. Just built timber flooring is appropriate for this establishment technique.

  • Glues

In the event that there is a current tile or timber flooring in your home as of now, and you’d incline toward not to evacuate it, cement permit you to introduce your new timber floors over them. Just if the subflooring and current deck material are sound and smooth, the glues will follow accurately, and this strategy requires fume hindrances.

Instructions to Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Regardless of whether you utilize an underlayment is an individual inclination, however, most experts will suggest it. Felt paper, tar paper and rosin paper are standard underlayments for timber flooring. These assistances shield the deck from dampness that may move upward from the zone underneath the subfloor, and they help to forestall squeaking.

Wood filler is embedded into the gaps made by nail heads. When the wood filler dries, you will softly sand it with finish-coarseness sandpaper until it coordinates the encompassing region.

Stain the tracks to secure the outside of the wood. Leave the stain to dry, as indicated by the maker’s headings. Apply the subsequent coat and again let the stain dry. Introduce the remainder of the sheets by daze nailing them — which intends to nail them through their tongues — with 2-inch flooring spikes.

The Bottom Line,

So, these are the different Timber Floor Installation Melbourne methods which are used by our Prestige Floor experts in their services. Hopefully, it improves your knowledge you know which method used for your floor service.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

How to choose the right Timber Floor? A Go-to Guide!

Planning for timber floor installation in Melbourne? But do you know which type of timber is suitable for your house? If not you are in the right place. Today, you will get to know the best methods by which you can find out the right timber floor for your place.

So let’s get started!

Solid or Engineered Flooring

The traditional wood comes in a thick plank of hard timber.

Nowadays, such thick wood is highly available and used in many homes.

However, many companies are offering engineered flooring, which contains planks made of thinner hardwood top and bonded with other layers designed to avoid floor shifting during the contraction cycle.

If you have an apartment with a concrete subfloor, engineered flooring can be beneficial in terms of installation. Solid wood, on the other hand, needs to be multiple layers of plywood. This increases floor height and decreases the ceiling height form the floor. Also, with existing doors, it can be a difficult task to adjust the new solid wood floor.

Site finish or Pre-finish

The hardwood comes in two forms – site finish and pre-finish. Pre-finish is something that already ahs top polishing and stains. The site finish is the raw plank that will be installed first and the finishing (Floor Sanding Melbourne) will be done later.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

The biggest benefit of pre-finish is that you know what you are getting. However, you might not be able to modify it as per your desire. With on-site wood, you can get any flooring design especially stain design. But pre-finish wood is quick to install and inexpensive. But with the on-site finish, you can get that elegant customised look.

Finish Type

There’s a wide variety of finish types. From oily hybrids to penetrating oil to UV-cured urethane finish, you can choose any type of finish. But, basically, there are two types of finish: oil and polyurethane.

The oil finish makes the wood soft, natural, and matte. However, it can’t prevent stains and scratches.

The polyurethane is strong and creates a thick topcoat on the wood surface which is perfect for heavy wear and tear. If you have kids or pets or both, the polyurethane wood finish is just perfect for you.

With oil finish, you can easily repair or touch-up but with polyurethane, you need to replace the entire wood.

When it comes to maintenance, the oil finish is the easiest one.

Type of Wood

Oak is the king of hardwood and for a good reason. It is robust, durable, and handles stains well. It also has that natural element that can enhance any home.

Walnut wood is also popular for its softer feel and deep colour. If you are looking for a darker room appeal, walnut is just perfect.

There can be abundant other materials that you can install at your home. Just ask the professionals and get the right one.

Choose the Grain Pattern

Logs are normally cut in three ways – rift-sawn, plain-swan, and quarter-swan. All these cut types produce three different colours of the wood, Pick which one will go with your interior and you are good to go.

All of the research is worth doing only if you are going to hire reliable, trusted, and experienced professionals like Prestige Floor.

You can hire them for your timber floor installation Melbourne and get satisfactory results.

Hire them now!

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Few Important Things You Need To Know About Floor Sanding Company

If you want to keep extending the floor shine, you need to hire Floor Sanding Melbourne Company in a defined time-frame. This is because; no one can do the job as rightly as professionals can. This is the reason you need to make sure about hiring the right floor sanding company. But how will you? Again big trouble!

Our floor usually experiences a lot of wear and tear throughout time. And to come out of this, we will require caring for the flooring and installation services. It will never be too surprised if we say that every now and then your floor will require little care and maintenance. This is definitely important if you want your home to look neat, appealing, and well-organized. With the days, more and more number of people prefer timber floor installation Melbourne services to keep their home look better and trendy.

Undoubtedly, our floor is an important part of the home and it has the capacity to add aesthetic in the home. People more often prefer the installation of wooden floors. This is because; it’s the easiest way to make the home look cosy and warm during the hot season. Actually, solid wood floors are durable and it can be easy to maintain.

With the past few years, the floor sanding and finishing industry have changed drastically. Floor sanding becomes the biggest part of the floor finishing services. But it is also required to maintain the floor rightly to hold the shine. Before you apply the finishing coat to wood flooring then you need to handle two things. Firstly, you need to deal with the finishes. Then, it is important to prep the floors for the strong adhesion. Moreover, these steps are getting completed by the floor sanding.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

How will you find the right floor refinishing company?

As per the statistics, the industry will include everyone from the carpet installation companies to many other hardwood floor installation companies. It would definitely become confusing to find out the right floor installation company among various choices but in such a situation, word of mouth plays an important role. You need to ask people about the good company and the company in return can be helpful to you and your needs.

Be ready with the paperwork and legitimacy

There are many people who want to handle the floor installation and polishing related work on their own. But this can totally backfire if something goes wrong in the middle of the installation. Whom will you approach or who will be responsible for the mistake? Instead of spending a lot on a DIY approach, you should directly take help from the professional floor installation company. They can also help you with paperwork on legal action.

End up!

Among various Floor Sanding Melbourne Companies, we the Prestige Floors come at the first place when it comes to install the floors and take the charm back to the world. Have a happy day!

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

How To Clean and Maintain Your Floor Polish

Timely it needs to use polish flooring to make home and establishment better and appealing. And even safer to stay with clean floor steps. Nowadays, the flooring polishing Melbourne solution can provide the most durable option. This is possible since it can contain different chemicals and even heavy foot traffic.

The act of hiring service of floor sanding Melbourne offer a variety of cleaning materials to use. Even deal with floor polisher, vacuum cleaners, wax and other solution which will suit your needs and preferences. Some simple maintenances steps will go a long way in preserving the life of your flooring. Need to keep your floor regarding good as new for as high as possible.

In addition, the company should offer numerous other services, besides the only installation:

Floor Sanding Melbourne

  1. The act of installation:- Here insulation should be at the top of your list. This assures that the company you choose has experience fixing all type of wood floor for the oak to fir, from exotic species to domestic species and even option such ass top-nailed wood floors.
  2. Refinishing process:- Thus on the platform of existing wood floor that doesn’t look as good as it might, a simple refinishing job is likely all that required to make them beautiful once more. The Floor Sanding Melbourne should provide you with an array of refinishing services and options, from sanding to staining and everything in between.
  3. Polishing floor service:- While it is true that hardwood floors can last a long time, they do require periodical care and maintenance, in order to retain their striking good looks. The floor polishing Melbourne offer polishing and maintenance service to ensure that your new floor extends to look its best for decades to come. Here the staff come with experience in several aspects of hardwood floor installation and maintenance.

Polished flooring – strong and durable

On the platform of clean flooring need to make sure you replace any rubber chair tips on metal chairs or stools. Even for protecting from staining and abrasion on oil-finished floors, applying floor wax is also worthwhile, it’ll help make the floor less slippery. Thus, on the other hand. The polyurethaned floor should not be waxed but cleaned more regularly as they can actually become slippery with wax when homeowner opt for polished concrete flooring since it is sturdy and durable.

The final step to move,

Love the act of floor polishing Melbourne as it allows the great atmosphere and warm in a home walking surface.  Thus timely it required the scale and processes necessary will be determined by the level of damage and the location within the floor area. Mostly homeowner makes use of concrete is due to its eco-friendliness. There are instances when homeowners need to make use of chemicals to clean their floors. While making the use of concrete flooring do not need to use chemicals in installation and cleaning it.