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What to consider before going for timber floor installation?

Significant redesigns in any home can immediately turn into a blemish and a problem to manage for both the property holder and temporary worker if there has been next to zero readiness, especially when you are choosing timber floor installation Melbourne as well. From deck in Melbourne to having kitchens redesigned, remodels have gotten inseparable from being opportune, expensive and awkward. Furthermore, even though contractual workers and specialist co-ops do their absolute best to advise mortgage holders regarding extended timetables, it very well may be baffling for the family to live out of boxes for half a month in any case.

We exhort all our forthcoming customers to be forthright with their desires for wooden floor establishments consistently. This guarantees we can address the customer’s issues and caution them to any potential postpones that can happen.

Alongside this, we additionally urge customers to consider the accompanying strides to guarantee a generally speedy and proficient remodel venture.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Consider The Weather

Shockingly enough, numerous never consider the climate when intending to redesign their homes. Be that as it may, it assumes a critical job in the extended timetable and can either accelerate the cycle or include delays. Spring and summer are more appropriate for outside work. This can incorporate home redesign ventures like composition, decking and reroofing. During colder months, it is more reasonable to begin inside the composition and wooden ground surface.

Choose Your Living Situation

Contingent upon the remodels you have arranged, for instance, flooring, it is encouraged to consistently mull over the temporary worker’s proposals about room utilization. We will always work to your prerequisites and can assist you with deciding if to begin working in either the rooms or lounge area first. This causes you to intend to have all your necessary conveniences, dress and shoes in a single space, rather than propping up from space to room.

Address Your Neighbors

It’s consistently a keen plan to caution your neighbours ahead of time about any of your Floor Sanding Melbourne plans. This can help them also by wanting to be out during uproarious work and not being astonished by numerous contract-based workers on your property. It can likewise guarantee that they are ready for any residue or trash that may fall their direction.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

The most fantastic snare numerous mortgage holders fall into is accepting that the assessed plan is unmistakable. While most temporary workers will move in the direction of this course of events, they might be sudden knocks along the street that can draw out the length of a redesign. This prompts a troubled house brimming with annoying kids, expanded take-out bills and property holders feeling somewhat upset. Make sure to shout out early, pose inquiries and think about any suggestions from your temporary workers. This will guarantee that the cycle is less keeping on you and your family.

Various trustworthy and experienced builders are there to provide you 100% satisfactory timber floor installation Melbourne.

So just get in touch with one and hire the best contractor now!

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Floor Sanding Melbourne – Difference between Sanding & Buffing

Are you going for Floor Sanding Melbourne? If yes, there is much more to know about the difference between floor sanding and buffing.

So let’s get started!


At the point when you sand your hardwood floors, you utilize coarse sanding hardware to evacuate the entirety of the completion and stain from your floors as smooth out the wood underneath those layers of stain and sealer. It is a concentrated procedure that takes everything from the floor by granulating it down to the conventional wood underneath such sparkle.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

When the defensive layers of sealer have been evacuated, you keep on sanding the hardwood to expel any scratches, scratches or different blemishes. Regularly, you would do this with a drum floor sander, an enormous bit of gear you can lease from home improvement stores. It would help if you sanded the floor a few times over with logically better sandpaper to make sure that the floor is as smooth as conceivable before resurfacing it. When you’re finished sanding, you can recolour the floor once more. After the stain has dried, the last advance is to polish it off with an enamel, polyurethane wood finish or elective oil or sealer.


Not at all like sanding, which requires handling the whole floor, you can buff just little zones of your floor if necessary. For instance, in case you have a shallow scratch or small scratch on your hardwood floor, you might have the option to buff it out by hand without resurfacing the whole floor.

Polishing primarily addresses harm and defects in the sealant layers ensuring your hardwood floors. You might need to buff your floors as opposed to sanding them if the completion of the floor is looking dull and scratched. You can likewise buff floors made of different materials, similar to tile, to bring back their shine.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

You can buff your floors either by hand or with remain behind apparatus you can lease from a home improvement store. In any case, it’s critical to clean your floor before beginning ultimately. Something else, soil or residue could stall out in the clean.

To buff out a little scratch in your floor clean by hand, rub metal fleece over the harm until the scratch or ding has been levelled out, and you can’t see it any longer. At that point, re-finish the zone by applying hardwood floor wax with a terrycloth towel and scouring it into the territory. Polish off by scouring the region with a polishing cushion to make it as sparkling as the remainder of your floor.

To buff your whole floor, lease a polishing machine from your neighbourhood home improvement store. On the off chance that you’ve recently cleaned the floor, evacuate the wax clean before beginning. At that point clean the floor altogether and permit it to dry totally before you start the machine and start polishing another layer of clean into the floor.

Now all you need to do is just go online, find the best agency of Floor Sanding Melbourne such as Prestige Floors and get your flooring service started.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

A detailed guide on the different types of flooring

Prestige floors are the best and most trusted for the flooring related services. We understand how important it is for you when you decide to get flooring done. Don’t worry! We have got you covered. We are delivering services of timber floor installation Melbourne wide.

We use the best quality material which will last longer than usual. We have been providing services for many years now. There is something aesthetic about the quality and beautiful designs of the floor. It will add more beauty to your house. Beautiful floors will compliment your interior designs.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Types of floors-

We provide services for different types of floors-

  • Timber floors- A high-quality timber floor has so many benefits like it is not only tougher but it also requires low maintenance. When you install a timber floor you get them nice and warm vibes in your house. There are so many designs for timber flooring which will make your house look amazing. When you decide to install timber floors, it is a very practical choice because it does not require very high maintenance. Timber floors are affordable and the quality we use for timber flooring is the best you could get.
  • Tile floors- Tile flooring is the choice of almost everyone because of its versatility and strong nature. The durability of tile flooring is amazing and it will last longer than you expect. It will last for around 10-20 years and this will also add value to your house. Tile flooring requires low maintenance and there is a wide range of designs. The best part is you will get so many options and you can choose any that will match the interior of your house. Tile flooring is environmentally friendly and it will last for a long time when it is installed properly.
  • Concrete floors- Concrete floors are sustainable and they give a pretty good and traditional look. Concrete floors are easy to be taken care of, the only maintenance required for the concrete floors is mopping with soapy water. The demand for concrete floor is increasing because of its versatile and adaptable nature. It is floor considered as longevity as it requires very little maintenance and it will last for a long time. Concrete floors add value to your house as well as it makes your house look just perfect.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

About us-

Here at prestige floors, we have two targets, our first target is “customer satisfaction” and another one is “best quality”. When you hire us, we keep in mind your requirements and work accordingly.  We have the best quality materials that will not only make your house look good but it will also last longer than usual.

Our workers are well-trained and they will work tirelessly to give you the best results. We know the task assigned to us is very big but we are professionals and we will never fail our customers.


We have the best quality services for floor sanding Melbourne wide. If you want your flooring to be done by professionals, contact us for more details.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

A Full-proof Comparison Between Luxury Vinyl And Hardwood

Have you read the last blog we have shared about choosing timber and how the timber floor installation Melbourne works? Not yet then read it once. We hope you will like it as we like to share worthy information about the floor.

Because working with the floor is our profession at Prestige Floors. Here we always take new challenges & collect ideas to make your next renovation project marvellous.

We also make sure that our customers get quality outcomes with the latest renovation in their home or office. We have completed many Floor Sanding Melbourne projects with happy & satisfied customers. We also care about our readers and so, we used to share flooring related guidelines every few days.

Today we come up with a topic like, what should be preferable hardwood floor or luxury vinyl? 

The time has arrived to pick one between both of these in your home renovation project. Don’t get confused. We’ll share you everything to figure out what goes perfect.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Why are you seeking the floor choices?

  • You may think of building a dream home
  • Renovation of the house
  • For an investment purpose
  • To refinish the floor for increasing home value
  • Floor selection for a personal home corner

Most of you may have these kinds of objectives behind the selection of the floor. Here we are enlisting the characteristics of both these choices so you can filter one.

Sr No. Hardwood Floors Luxury Vinyl
1. They are perceived as a high-end luxury option in the flooring industry. It is perfectly durable for floor covering and work best for busy families with high foot traffic.
2. It remains warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with the ability and hard surface. It is low maintenance with the ability to withstand extreme temperature ranges and fluctuations in humidity.
3. This can be a timeless beauty and offer style for adding value to the place. This can be taken as a DIY approach with an ease of installation.
4. This will increase the home value and mostly preferred for the kitchen and open concept area. It takes less money compare to the hardwood floors so, it becomes an ideal choice.

We can solve a few of the concerns,

  • If you want to select the floor for spending your life in a place then, choose the hardwood floor.
  • If your need is for the renovation then hardwood floor can be perfect as it increases the home value around 2.5%
  • For the investment, you can go for a luxury vinyl floor covering so the home maintenance and cleaning remain easy.
  • However, choosing for the basement needs can be the toughest one. You want your family to stay comfortable there and on the other end, the basement is a place that gets affected by water damage. Still, luxury vinyl can be a good choice.

Now, we are sure that you can make your own decision for the selection between these two. Apart from everything, timber floor installation Melbourne never goes out of the trend.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Floor Sanding Melbourne – Can you use steam mop?

Can you use steam mop after Floor Sanding Melbourne? Find out below:

Would you be able to utilize a steam mop on hardwood floors?

No, you ought to never utilize a steam mop/cleaner on hardwood flooring. Regardless of whether you have attempted it and it appeared to be fine, harm will collect inside a couple of employments, however frequently inside the primary use. The warmth will harm the completion, and the steam enters the wood surface simpler than water or a cleaning arrangement.

Do you need another solution?

Hardwood floors may look extraordinary; however, they can get mud, residue, and flotsam and jetsam that can make them look dull. This is the point where you’ll need to clean them; however, although steam mops might be incredible on vinyl flooring, you shouldn’t utilize one on hardwood flooring.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

That is the short answer yet this is the reason you shouldn’t: steam mops utilize high temp water and fume to clean, and this can twist wood cause it to get mildew covered, and even stain the urethane surface layer.

Wood is retentive ordinarily, and the water will positively infiltrate and harm hard-wax-oiled floors. Indeed, even those that are cleaned and have a urethane top layer can be harmed by the fume and water. The water can likewise get into the splits between the wood planks, and this feasible won’t have any urethane layer securing it. This is the point at which the water can undoubtedly infiltrate the wood and twist, curve, and cause it to get mildew covered.

Shouldn’t something be said about Your Warranty?

Numerous individuals have hardwood flooring expertly introduced. This implies the installer may have given a guarantee. Be that as it may, cleaning it with something, for example, a steam mop can void the guarantee on the off chance that it gets harmed thus.

By what means Should You Clean It?  

  • Wood Cleaner: There will be times when you have to do a lot further clean of your hardwood floors. The wintertime can be unpleasant on the the ground surface, and this is when mud, earth, and water would all be able to be followed inside. It sits on the urethane layer and makes it look dull and worn. Fortunately, there are exceptional hardwood floor cleaners accessible at an assortment of stores.

floor sanding Melbourne

  • Vacuum: Lot of individuals do utilize a vacuum on their hardwood floors, yet it’s a major no-no if the vacuum has a mixer bar. This is the bar that messes up floor coverings, so the residue and trash are ousted. The issue is that the blender bar can quite harm hardwood floors as it scrapes and scratches them. In case you don’t have a vacuum cleaner without a mixer bar or have a vacuum cleaner where the bar can’t be killed, skirt this cleaning choice.
  • Sweep with a Brush: Ideally, you should brush your hardwood floor gently at regular intervals on the off chance that you can. This will assist with wiping out the more significant part of the residue and flotsam and jetsam and will guarantee that you don’t have to do a more profound clean over and over again. Adopting a preservationist strategy, for example, this to your hardwood floor is perfect.

For more information, get in touch with timber floor installation Melbourne experts.

Timber Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Why Should You Consider Timber Floor sanding for the home?

The home will never look good without appropriate cleaning like a floor that you know, right? But how you can keep the charm alive that’s become a common problem among homeowners, and that’s why Prestige Floors always suggest them for Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne.

Well, the floor is the indoor beauty of the home, especially for those who always like to have a charming home. You know that floor usually gets effected by the time whether due to dust, dirt and grime or for other reasons. You cannot keep the floor dusty for a long time as there’s a chance you have to face a problem like allergens and bacteria.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

All you need to do is hire a professional company like prestige because, without help, you cannot achieve the result. Professional always works with the utmost care and attention, which brings you beauty and durability no matter whether you are seeking for Floor Sanding Melbourne or polishing.


Enhance the Durability

Better the floor better the Durability!!

Yes, you know as above said that floor usually has dust and dirt, especially in those Victorian homes. You cannot clean by the routine cleaning as you must need service like floor sanding because only that can bring out the charm by removing dust and others. Having professional at the home will ensure you for perfect sanding as you no longer have to worry about durability because with the modern pieces of equipment and techniques you can achieve anything you desire. Hence, you can enhance the durability of the floor.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Improve the Lifespan of Floorings

Prestige always works with utmost dedication and attention to bring out charm and durability, which ensure you for quality cleaning. You know that by the time problems like broken tiles, dust in the gap and other problems arise which make floor low in work and that’s how you have to face problems. Having experienced and professional floor sanding expert can help in this because with the proper chemical, you can enhance the lifespan by cleaning and sanding floor deeply. And that’s the reason you have to consider professional for sanding rather than doing own because that’s how you no longer have to worry about getting desire result.

Right Products according to Flooring Type

The most and foremost thing you can consider is the right product. You know that there are many types available in the market like tile, marble and others. Having different floor demand for products accordingly means you cannot use tile flooring material in wood flooring because that’s how you might have to face problems. Having professional like us can help in this condition because experts from the team will guide you and implement the best idea to make floor new and lavishing compared to old and that’s how you can bring out charm. Thus, having the right products help you to clean any floor according to needs.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Summing Up!!!

Are you looking for Floor Sanding Melbourne Company? Then look no further as Prestige Floors can be your perfect solution whether you want to sand the floor or polish.

Contact us by calling on 0426 806 554 and discussing your needs!!!

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

What are the Advantages of timber floor installation?

You will get one and common answer for installation of the floor which is timber floor installation Melbourne whether in residential property or commercial. You know that timber is a form of wood which have many advantages, especially in beauty and durability. Prestige Floors know the worth of timber floor for the property, and that’s why installing since last few years with a team of experienced and trained professionals.

The value of timber is priceless when it comes to representing home appealing and when you think to market. Because by the time those house hunters are seeking for the new design and appealing floor like timber to buy which has increased the duty of those Victorian homes. And that’s why timber floor installation is always worth it.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Timber flooring installation is key to represent it’s beauty because if something went wrong, then there’s a chance you have to face problems. With the professional hand you no longer have to worry about it so let’s find what the benefits of timber floor installation are.

Easy Installation

The first and fore most benefit Floor Sanding Melbourne consider it is easy to install. You know that there are many floors available in the market according to your choice and design. The process for the installation for all is different means you have keep measurement, style and the way of installing in mind because if something went wrong, then you might have to ruin your property. You can easily install the timber floor compared to others because you cannot ensure the time for other floorings as they need multiple equipment and knowledge to get done.

Easy to Clean compared to others

Yes, this is the most daunting task, especially when you have hard floors!!

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Because you cannot clean and polish them according to your choice and needs as it takes time. Having a timber floor can help you in this as you no longer have to worry about cleaning and polishing the floor. You know and can understand that spending so many times in cleaning can ruin your routine timetable and that’s why you should go for timber floor installation. Some people have still doubt then Prestige Floors can help you to ensure because professional from the team will guide you in any aspect and can make sure that you have a worthy investment.

Appealing Appearance

The most beautiful benefit you can consider because timber is nothing but the wood which means a combo of beauty and durability. You know that timber usually comes with a range of design and shape whether you want for residential property or commercial because people used to install. People think that timber represents place appealing which is necessary for the property as it adds value and aesthetic, and that’s the reason you should go for timber floor installation. Hence, better the choice better the appearance.

The End!!!

Want to install the appealing floor? Then choose timber floor installation Melbourne Prestige Floors as we are helping property owners to bring out charm. Also, help them to ensure for styled home along with strength.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

How to find the Best Floor Sanding Company for Your Flooring?

Makeover the house is also essential like the body means you need to upgrade each day whether by cleaning, updating features and polishing. Well, yes talking about Floor Sanding Melbourne services as you know by the time floor gets dust and dirt which make flooring dull and unpleasant to beauty. And that’s the reason for taking the help of professional like Prestige Floors become a necessity, isn’t it? Till what time you keep the floor in such a situation?

It has always been the most onerous task, especially since the business strategy and the way of dealing changed. Means you cannot ensure the company value and reputation quickly without checking what they provide and what they do. And that’s why here’s the guide with you can find the best company and can avail the exceptional services.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

It doesn’t matter where you live because showing off the home has always been the pivotal role to be followed. Means at one time you can adjust with other things, but there are still owners seek proudness in showing home the heaven. Hence, it’s not the duty as its responsibility to keep house heaven for life.

Import of Floor Sanding,

Repair Damage and Wear

Restore Floor

Restore Appearance and Color

Smooth Floor

Protect the Floor (Strength and in damage)

Way to Find the Best Floor Sanders,


God! Changed the Livings.

Don’t you think because with the help of the internet can change anything? You know how people are seeking the best use of the internet and changing the world, whether in living life or finding. The same happens in case of finding sanders as with single click you can find anything whether you want to find timber floor installation Melbourne or something else. You no longer have to visit door to door as with this can avail any services. Hence, the internet is the best way that you can find sanders.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

What Customer Says?

Yes, the second and foremost thing you have to ensure about is customer satisfaction. If the customer is happy with the service and result, then there are no other ways you should go for. How you can ensure about it? Then companies have an online presence nowadays, and that’s the reason they work with the website to show their presence. And you can check their reviews at the website as with that you can avail them. Having the best reviews website is the prime choice you can consider and can avail for your work.

Knowledge and Expertise

Prestige believes that knowledge and expertise are key to find floor sanding company. And that’s why sanders with the knowledge and expertise are the best way to get your work done. Some people think that having knowledge and expertise isn’t the only thing to hire company and that’s why they should read before ensure oneself. So, make sure before hiring any companies.

Winding Up!!!

Are you looking for floor cleaning services? Then look no further as Prestige Floors can help you with timber floor installation Melbourne and Floor Sanding Melbourne. Also, it can help you to bring an appealing appearance to your floor as well as home.

Contact Number: 0426 806 554

Floor Polishing Melbourne

What are the benefits of Hiring Floor Polishing Services?

Are you active at keeping your floor shiny and clean?

Sound good! Because Prestige Floors believe that it’s the only which can enhance the lifespan of the flooring. And you wonder because Floor Polishing Melbourne is the prime service prestige provides no matter how hard or tough your floor is, and that’s the first reason you should consider. Well, the property will no more look property if you avoid routine cleaning and maintenance and that’s the reason make sure you keep up the charm alive by such activities.

You believe or not, but only professional can keep the charm alive no matter how hard you clean. The process takes certain operations to get the original look back whether you have concrete floor or tile or others. Let’s get to the benefits of hiring professional floor polishing services.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Well, it’s the truth that floors will never look shiny without approaching certain operations like polishing and cleaning. If you don’t believe then try it for a few days or months as it will take it real form and that’s why it becomes a necessity to avail such services from the experts or cleaners.

Benefits of Hiring Floor Polishing Company,

As above said there are many benefits of floor polishing services as it get the energy and protein to shine. Here it is,

Makes Durable

Yes, the once floor get energy and protein as above said it become durable. Especially when it gets done from professional because they know how to make floor sustainable and durable. The professional from the company works on the floor by applying polishing processes whether it’s cleaning by chemical or by approachable products. However, these things make the floor sustainable and durable to keep a performance alive.

Remove Allergens

The second and foremost thing you can avail from a professional polishing company is the kills of allergens. By the time floor get dusty and dirty without cleaning and proper operation which make them allergic. Yes, you heard right because floor also have a fear of allergens, especially when you have a soft floor like tile and marble. So, having professional at the home remove the allergens and make the floor clean and shiny again.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Reduce Maintenance

The second and most important benefit you can avail is reduced maintenance. You know and can understand that floors usually need maintenance to clean and other aspects. Having a professional floor polishing company for the work is blessings, especially when you want reduce the maintenance. Some people think that it’s a waste of money then it’s not because with the help of floor polishing services you can maintain the cost that you have to pay unwantedly. Hence, it’s the only option with you can reduce maintenance.

Natural Chemical to Clean

You know that different floors have different chemical means according to the material it needs activities. You have to check which chemical is suitable, but with the help of a professional company, you can easily keep the floor clean and shiny. Prestige believes that it’s the best way to increase the lifespan of the floor.


Want to brighten up your floor? Then hire Prestige Floors and get Floor Polishing Melbourne and Floor Sanding Melbourne whether you want to clean or shine.

Floor Sanding Melbourne by Prestige

Which Points Should Be Considered Before Timber Floor Installation?

The weather condition in the home incredibly impact Timber floor along these lines it is significant that care ought to be taken during conveyance, Timber Floor Installation Melbourne and in the long run use, to keep away from harm. It is additionally imperative to ensure that the states of being, as subfloor or base, are sufficient for your new deck. According to the expert onthe Prestige Floor, you should take care of some important point before floor installation start.

Let’s check out which point affect the timber floor installation and how…

  • Subfloors

The subfloor is the structure on which the new wood floor will be introduced. Subfloors hugely relying upon age and kind of property, they can be a solid establishment, old pine planks of flooring, pressed wood or particleboard, laid over floor joists. Old Floor Sanding Melbourne, similar to Carpets, Vinyl or other existing ground surface sorts are not appropriate as subfloor and must be expelled.

  • Concrete – A Concrete subfloor is a blend of concrete, fine totals and water that solidifies afterblending. In increasingly current structures it might be situated on all floor levels, and at times it is secured with wood planks.
  • Pressed wood – Pressed wood subfloors are Panel sheeting made of at least three thin layers of wood reinforced together utilizing paste.
  • Molecule Board – Molecule board subfloors are Panel sheeting produced using wood particles (wood chips, sawmill shavings, sawdust) reinforced together under tension. Generally, the boards where square-edged, even though nowadays it isn’t unexpected to utilize a tongue and notched structure.
  • Humidity and plank movement

Common wood is a sturdy material which reacts to its condition. Each change in natural dampness will bring about a particular comparing change in dampness content (MC) in the wood. This procedure proceeds until the balance dampness content (EMC) is reached.

  • Acoustics

Transfer of noise in different inhabitancy homes is viewed as a wellbeing and security issue when transmitted by both airborne and effect sound sources. Sound protection is commonly viewed as the anticipation of airborne and effect sound transmitted starting with one piece of a structure then onto the next through isolating floors, roofs as well as dividers.

  • Airborne Noise – Airborne sound produce commotion by the vibration of encompassing air, for instance, TV, discourse and so on.
  • Effect Noise – Effect sound sources produce commotion by direct physical, for instance, strides on a story or dropping of a thing.
  • Underfloor Heating

Underfloor warming is a cutting edge and extravagant answer for warming. It expels the requirement for cumbersome radiators, offering additional room and a clean ornamental completion. Underfloor warming is additionally thought to be an increasingly productive method of warming because of how warmth is dispersed all through a room.

  • Water-Based Systems

Water-based frameworks would, by and large,require more profundity of room for pipes, making it increasingly hard to introduce in straightforward restorations as there may not be sufficient space underneath your ground surface.

Wrapping up,

Just like Prestige Floors’ experts, if you also notice above points before Timber Floor Installation Melbourne, you can deliver standard result. Contact us via our official site to get floor services with the best status.