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Read This If You Are Planning For DIY Floor Polishing Project

It can be tough to choose the correct method for cleaning your floor because every floor reacts differently. This is when you’ll need to know what to look for in the numerous Floor Polishing Melbourne products on the market. It’s simple to figure out which polishes to use once you understand how they’re applied, how easy they are to apply, how long they have to sit in the area, and even how long it will take before you can walk on them.

If you just want to maintain the floor of your house, it is advisable to have a professional floor grinder as they are cheap and ready to use. There are plenty of flooring brands in the market you can choose from. They offer a wide range of features in terms of color, design, weight, size, and functionality. Make sure what you are buying is the best for your home. Not all require frequent buffing, so you need to consider the floor material you use.

  • If frequent cleaning is not required, it is not practical to use a professional grinding machine as it can be expensive. Another advantage of having your own professional grinding machine is that it can be rented by your neighbors and that can be additional income for you.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

  • If you have your own, you do not need to book a polishing service to clean the floor. If you have the time and you think the floor needs restoration, you can restore the floor to a glittering state. Finding a cheap, efficient and reliable floor cleaning service is a passionate task.
  • It’s a little dangerous if you don’t have someone to clean it. On the contrary, many cheap service providers tend to increase their profits by using poor quality cleaning solutions that can harm the floor rather than improve it.
    It is important to weigh the benefits of the polisher. You just need to make sure that the mode you prefer to keep your floor shining fits your needs and budget.
  • All manufacturers include instructions and warnings to use the product correctly. Following the proper instruction can help any non-professional to carry out the DIY flooring project successfully. There’s a chance the outcome won’t be what you want if you don’t follow the instructions exactly. What matters is that you, as a buyer, must choose which product brand to purchase and utilize.

Select a high-quality hardwood floor polish. With low-quality polish, you will be dissatisfied with the appearance of your floor and will regret the time and work you put into the application procedure. When it comes to selecting high-quality products, price isn’t always the best indicator. It is stupid to believe that the bigger the price, the better the quality. Hope you enjoyed reading the blog and found it helpful for your flooring project. If you are planning for any floor refurbishment project in the upcoming days, then consult prestige floors for the premium Floor Sanding Melbourne service today.

Also, share comments and other innovative flooring tips to keep them clean and durable for a longer time in the comment section.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

How Would Timber Polishing Enrich Your Home?

Timber floors are a lovely addition, and nothing beats a timber floor polishing to bring out the finest in your wooden floors and make them appear magnificent.

To keep your floors in top shape, we recommend that you go for Floor Sanding Melbourne, which without a doubt reduces the danger of minor issues developing into significant problems and significant defects that you don’t want to deal with.

The experienced team at Prestige Floors offering effective Floor Polishing Melbourne can dramatically improve the appearance and condition of almost any real wood floor, including solid wood, engineered wood, and parquet floors, by using high-grade products to beautify your floors and add a protective coat and sealant to protect your timber flooring for years to come.

#Changing the Colour

With the assistance of a skilled team of timber floor polishers, you can quickly change the colour of your hardwood flooring. You may produce practically any colour of timber flooring by using different stains and finishes. You can swap between different colours, from dark to light, as the latest trends shift to keep your home modern and fresh, or choose a colour that complements your home’s décor and style.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

You may have the latest trend of a matte light wash, high gloss finish, or a dramatic dark tone in your home with our Floor Polishing Melbourne. You may transform your home with polishing, or you can go for a classic natural aesthetic that will offer any area a new air.

#Restore Your Home’s Appearance

Professional floor sanding and polishing is an excellent solution if you want your home to look brand new but don’t have the funds for a full remodel. You’ll be astonished at how much timber floor polish can change the aesthetic of your home and make it look fresh, sleek, and new again.

It not only gives your home a brand-new feel and design, but it also makes it appear current and modern. Worn out hardwood floors indicate a neglected room, but with a quick Floor Sanding Melbourne and polish, you can revitalise your entire home. This means you may make a significant impact in your home and amaze your guests. It truly modernises any room and restores the luster to your floors. Floor polishing is a quick, easy, and very inexpensive technique to give your home a like-new appearance.

#Increase the Value of Your Home

If you want to sell your home or simply increase the value of your home, hiring a professional floor polisher is an easy method to do it. With the fresh and like-new sensation that polished floors produce in your home, it’s no surprise that your property’s worth will increase following a polish. In the eyes of potential purchasers, pristine flooring is eye-catching and highly desirable.

Ending Lines,

No matter how beautiful oak flooring is, they are prone to wear and tear over time. This is why Floor Sanding Melbourne is in the process of improving the aesthetic and general appearance of wooden floors. Getting Floor Polishing Melbourne will undoubtedly make your floors look brand new and appealing; you won’t have to worry about them in the next years because nothing will happen to them.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

9 Floor Sanding Terminology Every Homeowner Must Know

Every industry or business niche has a specific terminology, so does the Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne and sanding industry. Homeowners are not aware of this terminology, but they must be.

This Is Why We Have Listed Some Useful Floor Sanding Melbourne Terminology That Would Help You To Communicate And Understand The Professionals Better.

  • Punch Off A Floor

This term means to punch down the nails on the surface of the timber plank before sanding the floor. It protects the damage of sandpaper from the nail heads. Further, they could be effectively hidden with matching colour filler over them.

  • Chatter Marks

The fine ridges left on the surface of timber after sanding are called Chatter Marks. They are the sign of undesirable sanding as a result of inferior sanding machines, old-style ‘drum sander’, improper wrapping of sandpaper and more. They make the floor look a bit undesirable, especially in reflected light when these are highly noticeable.

  • Ghosting

It is a term used for specific “milky-white” marks. This issue occurs most prevalently when the coating comes in direct contact with the sunlight, like near the doorway or certain windows. These marks are seen in a variety of shapes and patterns; the most commonly observed is the shape of a footprint. The issue is more prevalent in the areas where the coating is directly exposed to sunlight. The exact reason for its occurrence is quite unclear devoid of extensive reach.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

  • Rejection

‘Rejection of a coating’ it is! Whether during or soon after application. The coat of polish can only adhere to the clean area of the floor with no previous record of spillage or cleaning products. If you apply the coat without knowing this, the coating will not adhere to such spots. The addition of “anti-rejection fluid” to the coating would help reduce or prevent this issue.

  • Cupping

When the floorboards are exposed to excessive moisture, they get this concave shape as there is no space for the floorboards to expand after soaking in this abnormal amount of moisture; this is called cupping. The floor sanding is used to get rid of the cupped Floorboard.

  • Edge Bonding

It occurred when the coating applied one the timber floorboard seeps in the tiny periodic gaps between the timber floors. When the coating dries up, these floorboards glue together, creating a large gap from the panel instead of leaving the tiny periodic gaps between the floorboards.

  • Uprights and Stringers

These are components or areas of your staircase that would be required to sand due to the high foot traffic. Uprights are the vertical surface of the stairs, while the stringers are the vertical structure of either side of the staircase.

  • Curing

It is the process of full drying and hardening of the final coat after application on the timber floor, which generally takes 12 to 14 hours, depending on the season. It would take much longer during colder months.

  • Scalloping 

It is edging gone wrong! The ineffective or poor Floor Sanding Melbourne technique when edging results in scalloped appearance across the timber floor.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Why to Hire Experienced Professionals for Floor Polishing & Sanding?

The floor is an essential element but rules to abide by while addressing floor cleaning, such doing mopping the floors as daily maintenance is not enough, using a professional Floor Polishing Melbourne service is a different ball game.

If the floors are damaged or cracked which is the first thing any visitor will notice. When you’re wondering how to get scratches out of wood floors? One of the best things about floorboards is that if they look shabby, all you need to do is sand them and sand them to make them look new again. True, this work appears to be so straightforward that you’re eager to do it for yourself.

Because timber floor sanding can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive procedure, it is always preferable to rely on Floor Sanding Melbourne professional experts to ensure a task is done correctly and in a timely and efficient manner.

Let’s look at some of the most common indicators that suggest why it’s best to leave the process to an expert.

4 Signs That You Require Floor Polishing & Sanding Experts

  1. You’ve Never Done Your Own Floor Sanding Before

If you’ve seen a home renovation show, it probably seems easy to get sand your wooden floor own. Well, it’s actually harder than it looks, so if you’ve never done it before, it will be good to leave it to a Floor Sanding Melbourne service expert. Improper work can be particularly evident when the floor is polished, and the job you do yourself frequently results in swirls or rattling marks on the trees.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

  1. Minor Damage to The Surface Can Cause More

The board is often easy to fix, but any kind of serious damage is a sign that you need to consult a specialist. For instance, if there are deep grooves or marks, the expert will investigate and determine how much of the surface can be restored back. Therefore, engaging with Floor Polishing Melbourne experts uses special techniques of polishing your hardwood floor to bring its shine back without causing you more cost.

  1. Not Much Time to Spend

Sanding the floor yourself takes considerably longer than you have imagined, and you may be unable to use a portion of your home while you finish the job. If you don’t have enough time and don’t want to waste it, hiring an expert is your best bet. Working with professionals ensures that the project is completed swiftly and efficiently, with remarkable results.

  1. Previously Been Sanded

If the hardwood floor has previously been sanded, you must pay close attention, and it is frequently do-it-yourself that necessitates sanding extra layers. This is best left to a professional because the wood eventually becomes too thin.

Ending lines,

Floors make the best first impressions, so if you decide to acquire floor polish, make sure the Floor Sanding Melbourne work is flawless. As a result, it is always prudent to engage with prestige floors, an experienced offering Floor Polishing Melbourne and sanding service to revive damaged old planks and provide a choice of finishes with environmentally safe polishing, obtain the required shine on it.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Floor Polishing Tips to Help You Avoid Damages

Have you ever been to a friend’s or relative’s house and sanded the floor to see how incredible their hardwood floors are? It is remarkable how a high-quality Floor Sanding Melbourne will make a difference in the overall look of the floor and the room.

Floor Polishing Melbourne is essential only if the floor can be refurbished or damaged. If you choose to do this in advance, the finished floor is at increased risk of damage. Suppose your floor is pre-finished and injured by a craftsman. In that case, it can lead to costly repairs such as complete recoating, partial or full to repair.

 Tips to Help You Avoid Damaging Your Floor During Floor Polishing

  • When installing the kitchen after the floor is complete, you have to slide the furniture over it, use the appliance’s installation, and use glue, tile glue, grout to roam everywhere. After that, when the floor is completed and a professional floor grinder is hired, a dedicated machine is used that does not mark the kitchen board or risk damaging the surface of the new kitchen.
  • The truth is that they have a flat surface on which to put the cabinets because they want someone else to flatten the floor for them. If the floor is slightly uneven, you may need coarse sand before installing the furniture.
  • As part of the refurbishment, the wooden floor has been expanded, and if it is adjacent to an existing well-preserved polished floor, the floor sander will top the existing shiny surface when coating the new floor.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

  • Apply a coat to make it even. The degree of overall gloss. For some joints, changes in gloss levels in the middle of the room or at doorways highlighted by natural light can cause eye pain.
  • Depending on the surface you are using, wait for the floor to cure for the required time before returning the furniture. Particular attention should be paid to heavy items such as refrigerators, and these items are weight-distributed in four small wheels, which can easily damage the new floor.

There are several ways to do this safely, but the best way is to use a hardboard seat and roll the fridge one after another while guiding the seat into the fridge recess, and the wheels will come off.

Floor Polishing Melbourne can change the entire room from a dull, dirty look to a new, fresh, and very trendy look. Flooring is a costly flooring material, considering the product and its installation cost. Therefore, polishing and restoring the floor is very beneficial, as the price is kept very low.

Floor Sanding Melbourne is also a professional task. So, if you can help, don’t try to start the floor yourself, as this may ruin your beautiful hardwood floor. Prestige floor is an excellent company in floor polishing and sanding. We offer highly competent labour, an in-house skilled installation crew, and educated commercial flooring advice. We are famous for our service at very affordable rates.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Make Your House Aesthetically Beautiful With Floor Polishing Services!

Everyone wants their home to look seductive and clean so that they will always feel proud when they look at the terrain in their home. One important area of your house which you should not overlook is your bottom. The way you maintain your bottom will be reflected by its appearance, which is why you might need to polish your bottom, especially if it’s made of a material like wood which is further glamorous when it can descend. Still, also hiring a Floor Polishing Melbourne company should be your top priority, and the stylish move you can make towards having a foamy bottom, If you have decided to polish your bottom.

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Floor Polishing Company

  • Bottom Buffer Machines Save Trouble:

Polished bottoms are far easier to clean than rugged shells, as not only do they bear only a simple wet mopping to remove dirt, they also repel staining and damage far better than undressed shells. Smirching and humidity will find it more delicate to access your bottom’s polished sub-caste, and latterly you’re less likely to see face cracking or humidity transmission in flooring which is fully sealed off. Also, the bottom polishing function can be planted on numerous multi-purpose machines which also include recalling, drying, and vacuuming capacities, allowing your conservation operatives to achieve lots in a short space of time.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

  • Accessible and Cost-Effective:

When you consider the time and trouble that would go into DIY-ing your bottom polishing, professional bottom polishing is worth the investment. You don’t need to spend the plutocrat on accoutrements and outfits or spend time probing tutorials and learning DIY ways. Plus, as we’ve bandied, there’s a significant threat to bottoms if cleaning and polishing aren’t done rightly. So you’re also saving yourself implicit costs from damaging bottoms and having to repair or replace them. Professional bottom polishers will bring all of their gear to your position, and take it all down again when they leave. This means you don’t have anything to clean up or dispose of later, and you don’t have to store big cleaning outfits anywhere on your demesne.

  • It Removes The Stains:

Flooring, which is made up of penstocks, is prone to get stained and abrasion, depending on several factors. Responses with certain chemicals, liquids, cleansers, etc., can be some reasons for it. Indeed if your home’s flooring penstocks are oppressively discoloured or stained each over or in patches, also it’s still not late. Redoing the penstocks is an expensive deal and time-consuming too. Polishing the bottom with the help of professional Floor Sanding Melbourne service can be a stylish aid for you.

You Will Get Better Appearance

In recent days, the utmost of the Floor Polishing Melbourne companies prefers ultramodern and well-decorated air. Having an affable and clean terrain will help the workers to work in a healthy terrain. Though concrete comes in standard slate colour, it’ll look stunning when polished. However, you can colour law using different library paste tones If you want to check out where there are high bottom and vehicle businesses in your artificial space.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

All Things That You Should Beware of Floor Polishing Service

The truth is that everyone wants a clean and polished floor, whether it is home or any workplace. Unfortunately, due to the number of people in and out of the office or home, dust, mud, and other debris get inside, which is unavoidable.

Hiring a cleaning service is a difficult decision for homemakers and office owners. Floor Polishing Melbourne belongs on the list of office cleaning and hygiene products. It is now one of the essential requirements for people who believe in care and protection.

 Everyone wants a clean and well-kept floor at home and in all workplaces; Hence Floor Polishing Melbourne is required.

What are the Benefits of Floor Polishing?

  1. A Fresh Look:

Floors show their age over time. Wood stains will fade, and scratches will appear, making once-shiny floors look old. If you have your floor sanded, you can restore it to its original condition. You can also change the look of your building by using new tints.

  1. Long Life: 

 As hardwood floors age, gaps gradually develop between the boards. This will cause the nails that hold them to change position. It can also make floors more susceptible to damage over time. Professional floor sanding can smooth planks and remove raised parts. This, in turn, prolongs the life of wooden floors.

  1. Effortless Cleaning:

 If your Floor Polishing Melbourne has been coated with high-quality sealers and sanded, dirt and dust will not settle as quickly. As wood floors age, they will develop scratches and gouges over time. Once your floors are filed, you can notice a big difference in how easy it is to clean them.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

What Preparation is Needed for Floor Sanding?

  • Planning Ahead: 

Planning Ahead is at the core of any successful business; renovation and enhancement services are no exception. So, if you are a business owner and have an ongoing flooring project, be sure to plan. Schedule expert service in advance for some time when you know a closing won’t significantly impact customers.

  • Home Decor and Carpet Removal:

Reliable floor sanding companies can help remove heavy and bulky furniture. However, if you want to get back to your daily work soon, planning saves a lot of time. If rugs and furnishings are removed beforehand, the experts will have quicker access to your floor.

  • Removing Valuable Decorations: 

 Like any other renovation job, sanding is a messy job. Even if there are art and decorative objects on the walls, it is advisable to remove them, and this is because the dust can reach them directly. Also, the walls are often beaten lightly during the sanding process. Therefore, it is advisable to remove your valuables from the walls before starting the process.

  • Movement of Inventory and Merchandise:

 This is another critical point to consider when sanding your floor. Therefore, it is a brilliant idea to remove all your inventory and merchandise in advance.

These are some points to consider while Floor Sanding Melbourne.

Keeping your floor clean and polished is your responsibility to keep your family safe and secure, and hence it is best to discuss the pros and cons before hiring the Floor Polishing Melbourne or sanding service. Prestige Floors is well-known for its floor cleaning service. We have the most experienced, knowledgeable and qualified staff who are experts in sanding and polishing that’s why you will get the best service from us. Hurry up and contact us now for the fresh, shining floors!

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Is it True That Floor Polishing Makes Your Floor Shine?

The best way to improve the brightness and appearance of your wooden floors is Floor Polishing Melbourne. Even the duration of the floor increases during Floor Sanding Melbourne. However, a large amount of dust accumulates during dust and it is recommended to use the latest powdered sanders with double seam bags. Before starting work, you can seal the cabinets. Also, aspire even the doors and thresholds of the windows to avoid ruining it with hidden powder when the refuge is drying.

All over the world have added warmth and elegance with the characteristics of solid wood floor floors. The solid wood floors are extremely resistant and last more than 20 years. During Floor Polishing Melbourne, you can often assemble and polish it to renew the appearance and brightness of the floor.  Even if the initial cost of the installation is expensive, the contemporary attractiveness and durability of wooden floors are treated that are worth. There are two types of solid wood floors available, solid wood overlap and slot wood.

This overlap means using wood all the way and is quite similar in the advantages of the traditional method of language and slot. The difference is in the thickness and rather than the thickness of 19 mm, these are available in 12 or 13 mm. So if space is a problem, this can be very useful. If you live in an apartment or you want to cover that already has a concrete floor, it is now possible. Nailed techniques can be the same.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Unlike traditional floors, these are not nailed. These can be superimposed on pre-existing floors such as concrete, particles, wooden floor, tiles, or plywood. This offers excellent acoustic insulation. Multistory residential houses and buildings love them for this reason. These floating floors could be made of wood and even the laminar floor and polishing is also important there.

 Today’s polishes are useful and convenient and are very easy to use. The days of use of the giant planet, the hard to control machines are over. Modern machines are read, easy to control, and easy to use for maximum user comfort. All you need to do is add wax or shiny and then simply connect it. Some models also have multiple-speed engines that will allow you to apply wax or enamel at different speeds to achieve maximum brightness and finish.

 The use of industrial Floor Sanding in Melbourne can help protect and protect your long-term damage floors. Small particles like dust and dirt can remain on the floors even after the sweep. When people enter your building, the floors are generally the first thing they see. Therefore, to make sure that they create a big first impression, use a Floor Polishing Melbourne regularly to clean them and protect them so that their floors remain the brightest and brightest possible, leaving them the best. Prestige Floors is a group of style connoisseurs dedicated to creating flooring solutions that not only satisfy your design goals but also stand up to the test of time.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Know Why Floor Polishers and Floor Buffers are Important to Use

Polished floors are easy to maintain and clean because of their attractive and glossy look. Nowadays, floor polishing has become an important part of the industries to preserve the floor quality and make it durable. It can be said that it’s better to invest in effective floor polishing rather than spending in cleaning and other floor treatments. You can get effective consultation from the experienced Floor Polishing Melbourne company to know what polish suits your floor.

Any sort of hard surface can be polished and buffered with floor polishers and floor buffers, leaving them with a “wet” appearance. Surfaces such as wood, marble, granite, terrazzo, and concrete fall within this category. This industrial cleaning machine works similarly to a burnisher, but at a considerably slower rate. Depending on the cleaning operation, this slower speed can have a number of advantages.

Floor Polishers and Buffers Play a Crucial Role in Floor Polishing, Keep on Reading the log to know more about polishers and buffers!

  • Gives the Glossy Look to the Hard Floor:

As compared to old polishers, modern polishers are now capable to offer high-gloss finishing with the help of high-speed machines. Because floor polishers and buffers clean at a slower rate, this is the case. This makes them perfect for cleaning specific floor surfaces like dry-brite, which can be harmed by high-speed burnishers.

If we take an example, hard waxes can be used on these types of floor surfaces, which can be scratched if cleaned at high speeds. If this is a concern, floor polishers and buffers can be used to clean and leave a beautiful “wet” look on this sort of flooring.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

  • Reduces Noise Level:

Floor polishers are ideal for daytime cleaning of business buildings or hospital corridors due to their lower operating speeds, which produce significantly less noise than their high-speed counterparts.

  • Suitable for Spray Cleaning:

If cleaning fluid needs to be applied to hard floors, floor polishers can be equipped with a variety of solution tank attachments that allow them to apply the proper amount of cleaning fluid for you while cleaning.

Because they consist of a simple bracket and Velcro attachment, these solution tanks are simple to install and may be mounted on polishers and buffers by operators with little training. Solution tanks range in size from 5 to 12 litres, depending on the polisher you choose and the area of floor you need to clean on a regular basis.

  • The Idea to Clean with Machines and other Tools

Floor polishers and buffers are great for cleaning hard flooring types due to their low-speed nature. Because of the forceful nature of the brush heads and pads, this type of floor cleaning machine should not be used to clean carpets.

This sort of floor cleaning machine may be more ideal for your cleaning needs if you need a floor cleaning machine that cleans at a low speed due to your flooring finish.


Treating the floor right is the main thing that helps to make the floor durable and lasts longer. Flooring projects can be expensive if not treated at the right time. Hire Prestige Floors for the best quality Floor Sanding Melbourne service. We strive to offer the best service to meet every client’s expectations.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

A Few Huge Benefits of Installing Polished Concrete Floor

Last year, homeowners have spent a lot on Floor Polishing Melbourne as they believe floor polishing is the only option when the floor starts losing the charm. Somehow, it’s true also. But what if you install a floor and it remains the same for the upcoming many years?!

Can it be possible? Yes, it is. The installation of polished concrete floor brings up lots of benefits that no one has thought of earlier.

Prestige Floors, being a floor polishing and Floor Sanding Melbourne Company knows that homeowners spend lots of money on floor sanding and polishing to bring out shine to their floors. But, if they install polished concrete floors, they need not worry about floor shine for a few more years.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

  1.   Long-lasting

Concrete is difficult to deal with in a day to day life. No matter the amount of foot traffic you come up with in your daily life, polished concrete will remain durable with you to fulfil all your needs. However, heavy machinery will bring up a little wear and tear with it. The flooring will remain the same for a longer period with your needs.  

  1.   Resistance

The flooring material like vinyl or laminates that aren’t suitable with various chemicals. Polished concrete floors will remain resistant to chemicals and other harmful materials. A few substances can even damage your floorings. With the help of additives and coatings, it will become easy to maintain the floor charm for a longer period.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

  1.   Cost-effective

Polished concrete is so much cost-effective compare to any other flooring choice. Concrete is an affordable option for flooring and polished more alluring that are affordably achievable. Polished concrete flooring is an affordable option for residential and commercial flooring.

  1.   Various style choices

So, what’s your style choices? No matter the style choices you prefer to have in their home, you can have endless style choices. The polished flooring has lots of choices in terms of colours, textures, and choices. You will have lots of choices when it comes to style and textures. If you select a properly implemented polished concrete floor, then your floor will start to shine.

  1.   Eco-friendly

Polished concrete floors are a perfect choice if you want to incline towards eco-friendliness. Basically, concrete is nothing but a stone, sand, and water that is available on earth in a huge amount. So the thing is, concrete is an eco-friendly material that doesn’t harm the environment or mankind. When most of the flooring materials is full of chemicals, by selecting concrete flooring, you are helping our mother earth to heal.

Final thought,

So whenever you feel the need for Floor Polishing Melbourne or floor sanding jobs, Prestige Floors can help you filter the options and choose one that suits all your needs. All in all, concrete polished flooring is the most suitable choice for residential as well as commercial needs.