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Some Basic questions regarding Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

The popularity of Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne has lead to many questions. If you have any in your mind, you are in the right place.

Today, we will discuss some common questions related to timber floor sanding.

So, let’s get started!

Where do I begin?

After totally exhausting your room, evacuate any old floor covers, nails and whatever else that is appended to the floor and afterwards give everything a decent vacuum and clean. Essentially, you need an unfilled clean surface to begin working from.

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Do I need to empty my entire space?

In a perfect world – yes. The large drum sander that you’ll be utilizing is exceptionally cumbersome, and you genuinely need space to move around the entire place without facing any problem. Having said that, when we sanded our lounge area floor, we left our blue couch and sideboard in the room since we didn’t have anyplace else to put them.

We wound up totally sanding one-portion of the room and afterwards moved the couch over to sand the other portion of the room. It was not perfect, yet it wasn’t horrendous, either.

Step by step instructions to Sand A Wooden Floor

Will a room in bad condition still look great after sanding?

Most likely. Try not to misunderstand me, and if the entirety of your sections of flooring are spoiled and you have significant gaps all over the place, even the best sanding activity won’t make it look great.

What equipment and tools do I need?

Fundamentally, you will require a drum sander and an edging sander. The recruit shop will give you what you need and tell you the best way to utilize the machines. No compelling reason to stress, however, as it was fundamental!

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Are there any other tools or equipment that I’ll need?

Sledge, nail punch, sandpaper, vacuum cleaner gracious, and heaps of room in your receptacle!

What protective equipment will i need?

Residue covers, ear assurance, sensible shoes.


Ensure your floor is level and nail-free. Each guide expresses that you should punch each nail of your sections of flooring into the wood, so it’s about 2mm under the surface.

Do I have to punch down every nail before sanding?

As we would see it – no. You can’t have any nails jutting out of the surface, yet we didn’t think that it is essential to punch down the nails by any stretch of the imagination.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Pay attention that this isn’t prescribed, and you will be cautious with your sander, as it can get on a nail and tear your sandpaper or more awful, harm the machine. The floor sanding organization that handled our family room floor additionally didn’t waste time with this progression.

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