Tile Repairs Melbourne

tile-repair2Wall and floor tiles are the most common wall and floor cladding in wet areas, due to the normal use there is a chance that some of these tiles got chipped, cracked or even broken and will require repair or replacement.

At Prestige Floor Polishing Melbourne we can help to restore your wall and floor tiles when needed, we can do the followings to restore your tiles:

  1. Replace all broken tiles
  2. Re- grout existing wall and floor tiles
  3. Reseal the corners where the wall and floor tiles meet

It is essential to maintain your tiles in a good condition as any broken tiles or sealant   could cause more damage to the subfloor (especially if it is timber) due to leaking issues, It is important also to keep some spare tiles and matching grout handy before we start this restoration exercise to ensure your satisfaction with the final outcome.

Call Prestige floors today to inquire about this restoration service to continue enjoying the healthy look of your tiles.