Timber Floor Sanding

How to choose the best colour for your timber floor?

Timber floor installation Melbourne not just add a bit of elegance into your house but also create your living room seem more extensive based upon the décor and wall colour. Whether you choose to choose a stained or natural wood colour, you ought to find wall colours which compliment your hardwood flooring and layout nicely.

Colours for Light Hardwood

You can’t ever go wrong using a neutral paint colour that could complement your lighting hardwood flooring perfectly. Colours like white or grey may be an wonderful improvement based on what room you are seeking to repaint. If you would like to keep it easy, it is possible to go with white to the walls and trim, and that is going to make certain all the attention goes for the flooring irrespective of your timber’s undertones.

When you elect for neutral colours, you’re also leaving space to have fun with seasonal accent colours throughout the year.

Colours for Cherry Hardwood

If your floors are cherry wood or possess some reddish undertones after the Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne, seem to include comparison using a soft apricot or yellowish wall colour. There’s loads of space to utilize so try searching for any colours which are muted or crossways the other side of the colour wheel.

If you are a colour fan, then you may like painting your walls an excellent shade of green or blue. This option may truly highlight the rich tone of this cherry hardwood flooring.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing in Melbourne

Colours for Dark Hardwood

Dark hardwood floors are a gorgeous selection and can add sophistication and elegance to any house. Dark hardwood floors have a tendency to create spaces seem younger and cozier so any vivid colours or colour with gold undertones will the ideal fit for your house.

If you enjoy keeping up with trends, grey wall colours would be the ideal addition to your house with light-coloured furniture options. Greys have countless amounts of undertones, so select wisely, or you might wind up getting a dominantly blue or purple wall.

All these not-so-dark; however, not-so-bright wood colours could be used with similar wall paint colours. Neutral wall colours like khaki can use medium brown wood colours.

If wood furniture comprises more than the typical dark wood of mahogany or the pale wood of ash, then inspect the dominant colour on your furniture and utilize it as the foundation for the wall paint colour.

Reddish wood furniture can go nicely with green wall paint since the green will improve the redness of this timber. But it would be helpful if you were cautious with the colour that you pick for your walls. The green needs to be near an earthy colour rather than neon.

Antique timber can come in many different colours so that it can go with dark or light wall colours.

Furniture Alternatives

Making certain you love your house’s new look is vital. If you already have the furniture which you are going to be putting in your house, then you are going to need to use that as advice for your brand new wall colour. Avoid using identical colour shades and select colours that comparison both your flooring and furniture.

So go for timber floor installation Melbourne and choose the best colour for your floor.