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Thinking DIY Floor Sanding: What to Watch Out For

How to sand wooden floors is one of the most frequently requested inquiries we receive. We at Prestige Floors, Floor Sanding Melbourne experts have sanded more than our fair share of floors and floorboards and understand how intimidating the task ahead can feel.

As one of the most well-known Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne experts, we’ve heard about pretty much every sanding blunder imaginable. We recently published a blog post that demonstrated how to sand and finish a hardwood floor. In this article, we’ll show you how to prevent some of the most typical sanding blunders.

What to Avoid When Sanding a Floor at Home: What to Watch Out For

A Recap of the Basics

We went into some detail on how to sand and finish a hardwood floor in our previous blog post. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Rent a floor sander and a portable edge sander from a rental store.
  1. Take everything out of the room, including the curtains and rugs. Plastic and duct tape should be used to cover electrical outlets, light fixtures, and anything else left in the room. Open the windows and doors.
  1. Rough sanding will be done in two stages: 24 grit and 40 grit, diagonally. 80 grit will be used for medium sanding. 100-120 grit sandpaper will be used for fine sanding. Starting in a corner and pushing the sander diagonally is how rough and medium sanding is done. When starting or stopping, remember to tilt the sander so that it does not make contact with the floor. I’ll go into more detail about this later.
  1. Finish the floor to your liking, but make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Common Problems

Obviously, the idea is for your floor to have a professional finish. While hiring a professional is usually the best option, anyone who wants to do it themselves has access to the same high-quality finishes that experts have. Professional sanding equipment, on the other hand, is of greater quality and balance, and you will not have access to it. This implies you can’t sand and make mistakes.

How to Stay Away from Mistakes

Sanding your floor as the pros do is by far the most reliable way to avoid mistakes. When it comes to fine sanding, you aren’t removing much wood, you’re essentially smoothing off the surface’s top layer.

If you make any sanding mistakes, the coating will magnify and enhance them. The most typical sanding mistake made by beginners is to disregard the warning that you must always lean our professional Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service experts onto the back wheels until there is no contact between the sanding belt and the floor before turning it on or off.

 Summing up,

Do you live on a property with a lot of traffic? Or do you simply want your flooring to appear newer and more appealing? If you responded yes to any of these questions, get in touch with our Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne specialist, who explains how to tell whether it’s time for a sand and finish down below. Get in touch with Floor Sanding Melbourne right away!

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Know About Most Common Problems Faced During Floor Sanding

Once in a life, every one of us may have tried DIY or floor cleaning, polishing or sanding. Generally, everything has DIY and home remedies depending on its efficiency. It’s obvious everybody wants to save money; it’s fine to do DIY for minor repairs and damages. While one must be extra careful while experimenting for the first time or using any new DIY technique. If you like a creative or unique design, then trying DIY can be your favourite job. At last, everything depends on the final coating.

If you want to recreate your home by yourself and plan to attempt the by yourself, keep reading this blog until the end!

Keep these Two Points in Mind While Doing Perfectly

  1. Run the machine continues to the wall without stopping and proceed with the same method while going back without stopping.
  2. Use the coarse sandpaper to flatten the floor surface efficiently and then follow it with finer grade paper.

With the right tools and equipment, anyone can achieve the perfect using DIY. Just be confident and run the machine without pause to not lead to chatter marks. Try to be a perfectionist; it’s not that tough. Try to prevent chatter marks as they can be seen in the light reflection and affect the floor appearance.

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Before coating the floor surface, make sure you clean the floor properly so that there are no dust particles during the floor top coating. The most common mistake the people make during the DIY is that not giving attention to little dirt. Giving attention to the dust particles is important as it will affect the overall reason for the Floor Sanding Melbourne so, make sure you make your DIY worthy.

Carry out floor coating using polyurethane; below are some valuable tips for final coats preparation,

  • Blow down or vacuum the dust from the floor surface before beginning with the first-floor coating. According to experts, it is said that final cleaning is the secret to get successful.

Pro-tip to Collect the Smallest Fine Dust Particles:

  • To perform this method, you will need a rag, soak a significant rag in a bucket of warm water, and try to wring out it as much as possible to leave it slightly damp.
  • Wrap the slightly damp rag to the head of the broomstick; now use it as a tack rag to get rid of the fine particles. You will be stunned to see the result as it removes the fine particles efficiently.


Hope you found the above information useful for performing easy DIY. Your flooring is the most crucial factor of the home; ensure you finish your DIY in a proper way. Hire prestige floors for any Floor Sanding Melbourne services we are highly experienced flooring experts that strive to meet the customer’s expectations. We focus on quality at the utmost priority over quantity.

If you have any ideas or thought for the DIY floor sanding, feel free to share in the comment box.

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What Safety Precautions to Follow When Having the Floor Sanded?

Floors with time start looking for tires, stains start appearing more, the discolouration becomes visible even from a distance, the finish is worn out in high traffic areas and so on. To make it just the way after Timber Floor Installation Melbourne, it becomes necessary to have these floors refreshed.

This is what Floor Sanding Melbourne ensures. It gets rid of everything that is hurting the aesthetics of the floor. Along with having the extra layer of protection for the doors, windows, and walls make sure you also have the precaution for individual safety.

Here are Some of the Tips that Could Ensure Safety

  • Dust! Dust! Dust!

Sanding is the process that gets rid of the upper layer of the floor that is exposed to wear and tear. Various equipment is used. Different grit of sandpaper is used as per the requirement of the floors. This is not an easy process; just easy it seems to be.

Along with the outcomes of aesthetic floors, there is the presence of dust too. These fine particles of dust can put you and your loved ones in trouble if inhaled. Chances are that it may get into the eyes and cause discomfort and elevated eye issues.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

The studies have suggested that wood dust can cause serious problems for the person already having respiratory issues. Along with the discomfort in breathing it can cause skin problems too.

Apart from keeping this dust from getting into the other parts of the house make sure that you have a dust mask on along with safety glasses for enhanced safety.

  • Keeping The Kids and Pets Away from Home

If you have pets and kids in the house, they are likely to face the dangers of these fine particles too. but the damage done to them due to this dust may be slightly more than you. So, drop the kids and pets at your friends’ or family’s home to keep them away and safe.

  • Dust Fire Is Real

We all are aware that wood dust is flammable. But it won’t end up in flames until something happens that ignites the fire. We all are aware of the scenario that upon sanding the nail heads may pop out from the floorboard. When this nailhead strikes it produces sparks. Chances are that these sparks may end up in dust fire.

So, make sure to keep a check on the nail heads, they do not just cause dust fire but also damage the sanding equipment too.

What Else Can You Do?

When getting the sanding done by the professional you have an option for the equipment that produces a lesser amount of duct or no duct at all. Yes, these are available and you can surely make this special request.

If not that when having the Floor Sanding Melbourne done make sure that you consider all these safety tips to make it a harmless process. Further, enjoy getting the brand-new-looking floor by finishing the sanding with floor polishing.

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Useful Tips to Clean Dog’s Pup and Urine from Hardwood Floors

It can be irritating when your pet urinates on the timber wood.  It requires immediate cleaning because pet urine can react with the timber wood and other polishing chemicals and cause the floor to stain permanently.  Owning a pet is a good thing but it’s equally important to train your pet for proper urinating and pup.  Because you don’t need to always be available at the home to take care of the pet.  Take advice from Floor Sanding Melbourne experts to know how to deal with the dog urine and maintain the hardwood floor.

You might not believe but dog urine can damage the timber wood instantly so, it’s important to use the carpet or train the dog for the good habits to preserve the wooden floor in a good condition.

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Some Tips That Can Help To Clean The Dog Urine From The Wooden Floor

1) Start blotting up the urine as much as you can, prevent the spread of urine to the other areas. You can also use a damp paper towel or tissue to clean the urine.

2) Baking soda is great for absorbing the dampness and moisture from the wooden floors.  Sprinkle the baking soda generously on the floor area where the pet urinated.

3) Let the baking soda leave for longer hours or overnight then vacuum the floor, make sure to use a soft brush during vacuuming to prevent the wooden floor damage.

4) After completing the baking soda procedure, choose the high-quality wooden stain remover to eliminate the floor stain. Make sure to test the stain remover on the hidden areas of the home to know whether it works perfectly.

5) Once the stain has vanished, clean the floor using a dog-safe cleaner that is specifically designed for wooden floor cleaning.

The dog can sense their urine by the smell and may return to the same spot to urinate again. Hence, don’t forget to deodorize or disinfect the floor surface with the fragrance.  Dog urine can sting if it’s not cleaned properly. Avoid using ammonium-based cleaner because the smell of ammonium is similar to dog urine. It’s important to prevent the dog from urinating again in the house.  Hence after cleaning properly, deodorize the floor thoroughly until the smell completely disappears.


It depends on the wood types and polishing techniques used. Some may be less reactive to the pet urine while some wood may lead to staining immediately.  As wood is allergic to moisture, it’s obvious that dog urine contains various types of contaminants that might get absorbed in the wooden floor if left for a longer time.  Consult prestige floors for the high standard cleaning service and top-class Floor Sanding Melbourne service.  We provide a warranty on our service with the highest satisfaction. For any flooring requirements, reach us today.

Hope you found the article informative and useful for cleaning the floor let us know your views and ideas of the pet urine cleaning from the wooden floor in the comment box.

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Amazing Practical Techniques To Remove Hardwood Floor Stains

Hardwood floors have always been the luxurious choice of the people to make the house look beautiful and durable.  Though every house needs proper maintenance from flooring, roofing and everything. Every factors should be considered before planning house construction, if the maintenance is affordable and worth it, then there is no harm in installing various kinds of flooring. But it can be irritating when the spills and stains don’t go away even after the cleaning.Dark rings and water stains on the hardwood floor looks bad and ruin the overall appearance of the flooring. It’s not always affordable to call professional Floor Sanding Melbourne Company to clean the floors for every minor issue and stains.

Below are Some Practical Methods that are Effective to Clean the Hardwood Stains and Helps in Reliable Flooring Maintenance

1) Use White Vinegar and Cold Water:

Vinegar is proven to remove the topical stubborn flooring stains. It is effective in removing ink, dye and other stubborn marks from the hardwood flooring. Because of acidic nature of vinegar, it effectively loosens the grit and dirt and prevents the floor from corrosion.  Use vinegar in combination with the little water and apply it on the stain. Keep the vinegar on the floor for some time and gently clean with the paper towel or tissue using the one finger method and it’s done. You will notice the stain vanishing slowly. Repeat the method after some time if necessary.

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2) Use Hydrogen Peroxide With Water:

Hydrogen peroxide is widely used in various cleaning products because of its effective cleaning and bleaching property.  It is easily available at the local store.  Prepare a solution with water and hydrogen peroxide and prefer spraying method to effectively get rid of the stained area. Spray generously on the affected area only and cover it with the paper towel or tissue paper and let it sit there for an hour. Pick up the towel and you will notice the stain getting lighter. Keep checking until the stain get removed and clean it with water when done and wipe it efficiently

3) Sand and Sealant Finishing:

Sanding and sealing can also be performed at home using grit sand paper and normal sealing products.  Rub the sand paper on the surface until you get the stain removed and desired shade appear and coat it using the regular sealant when done.

4) Liquid Detergent with Cold Water Treatment:

It is one of the easiest stains cleaning method where liquid detergent is mixed with the cold water and the surface is cleaned with the fiber cloth efficiently.

5) Using Professional Cleaners for Cleaning Stains:

There are many professional hardwood cleaner available in the market that you can buy for the removing the stubborn black stains and old urine stains.


There are variety of cleaning methods and DIY hacks to remove the dark stains from the hardwood floor but it’s important to know the cause of stain and the type of stain occurred to solve it effectively.  Hope you found above home remedies useful and helped you in effective floor maintenance. If you are in need of professional flooring companies, book you appointment at prestige floors for Floor Sanding Melbourne and emergency solutions.

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How To Remove The Pet Urine Stains From Hardwood Floors?

Having a pet at home is such a good feeling until you look around and find dark patches on the floor that makes the whole floor look ugly. And the whole room keeps on smelling like pet urine for days. One never realises where the pet can pee. If you have not yet found out the favourite spot of the pet’s urination then just lift the carpet off and see the dark patches underneath it. Have you started thinking of getting rid of those patches already? Well, consider sanding and Floor Polishing Melbourne services.

Floor Sanding Melbourne has many benefits; it is one of these, getting rid of the pet urine spots from the floor. Let us get into the details of pet urine hardwood stains.

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  • You may be wondering how pets’ urine causes the stains in the hardwood. Well, technically the urine is mostly water other than dissolved chemicals. And we are very familiar with the rivalry of water and hardwood. The water present in the urine soaks the wood, the organic and inorganic chemicals tend to stain and the smell of the urine gets trapped in the soaked wood.
  • You may have tried numerous remedies and home DIYs to get rid of tea stains but nothing makes a drastic difference. This is because the DIY cloud removes the stain but what about the urine-soaked wood? DIYs cannot work in the depth of the woods. When trying some of the DIYs you may also end up ruining the floor. So better take the advice of the experts on it than trying to use random remedies from videos on the internet. As it is not necessary that what has worked for others may work for you as well.
  • So better to stay away from the DIYs and consider genuine yet effective ways of making the floor look good as new again. One but expensive option is to change the hardwood board This is a choice but not chosen by most of the house owners as every time the floor get stained by pet urine you cannot end up changing the whole floorings or a part of the flooring for it. It is not a cost-effective option.
  • Coming the next effective and cost-efficient alternative is floor sanding. The floor sanding professional would work to the depth of the stain by sanding it. The professionals finish the work by refinishing the floor and returning the floor to what it looked like when it was new.
  • One more thing that you can do that is cost-effective too is do not let the pet urine stain the floor. As soon as the pet urinates on the floor, clean it immediately so that it does not damage the flooring. Keep the pets well-trained so that they do not urinate wherever they wish in the house.

We at total floor services get similar queries and have also been able to give the clients the desired results by providing floor Sanding Melbourne. Pets are lovely, adorable and fun-loving. Do not let the stains on the flooring come in the way of your love for pets.

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Indication That You Need A Professional Floor Sanding and Polishing Service

Having a wood floor is a valuable part that can add warmth to any space. Over time, even the best flooring will start to wear out due to heavy foot traffic, scratches, dents, and fading varnish will make your wood flooring look tired and aged. Having a dirty floor is not good looking, not to mention it is unhealthy. Professional floor polishing Melbourne service is a reason to remove dirt, scuff marks and dullness. At Prestige floors, we try to give Floor Sanding Melbourne and polish to the flooring to restore the original shine to the floor surface and make the rooms look presentable and clear.

Signs You Can Be on the Lookout to Go for Professionals Immediately:

Floorboards Turning Grey

If you see any board on your wood flooring turning brown or grey, it will be time to go for Floor Polishing Melbourne before further damaging your floor. When this happens, it means that your wood floors begin to absorb water, whether it’s from rain, snow or your pet’s paws. So, hiring our professional service will give you a look you need without reinstalling new flooring.

Water Damage

Timber flooring is resilient and lasts a long time, but if you need to act quickly there is water damage. If you have water damage from a dripping roof or air conditioner leaks, it will damage immediately and loosen your floorboards. And that is why professional floor polishing can be a wise decision.

Nails are Peeking Through

Open nails are not just an unnatural nuisance and can pain when it stuck to your feet.  However, if you start looking for visible nails in large parts of your flooring, it will be time to focus on the new floor.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Sun Discolouration

Natural light is a pretty desirable feature for any home, but sun exposure or UV rays can damage your wood flooring over time. The only way to fix the problem properly is to sand and re-carve your wood floors.

What is the Process of Floorboard Sanding and Polishing?

Sanding is first required to punch all the nails under the floorboard surface. Starting with coarse grade sandpaper, floor sander will be used to sand existing floor finishes, coats, stains and varnishes to ensure an unhindered sanding process.

After this initial sanding process, to ensure a smooth surface without holes, the perforated holes will be filled with floor filler. Once this sanding is complete, then polishing comes. Using a base coat that will seal the wood, your wood flooring should be allowed to dry overnight for best results.

How Long will this Process Take Time?

It will depend on the temperature at the time of the project. If you follow a glossy, bright and matte wood floor, it will change your floor’s look. Our professional expert will follow the right procedures and make sure your floor will be done properly.

Turn up!

If you see any of the signs mentioned above, then the floor polishing Melbourne and Floor Sanding Melbourne service will protect it even when it looks better. We provide a highly trained team on Prestige Floor that will improve the surface quality and appearance.

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Can Bamboo Be The Alternative of Wooden Flooring?

When it comes to having new flooring, we have lots of options, but bamboo stands out of all perfectly. While hiring a Floor Sanding Melbourne agency, you can consider going with bamboo flooring for certain reasons.

Read ahead and Find out those Reasons

Bamboo Love

Bamboo is widely available in almost every area. You can find bamboo in the forests of Africa, Asia, Australia, the US, and Central & South Americas. Apart from that, there are almost 1,462 species of bamboos, and these are the fastest-growing plants on the entire planet earth. Some of the bamboo species can grow up to 36” in just 24 hours. Because of its quick-growing rate, bamboo is the most environment-friendly option. Also, bamboo purifies air quality and can be easily used in textiles, food, paper, and wood substitute in home construction.

Bamboo & Environment

As we just said in the above point, bamboo is the most eco-friendly option. The best part about bamboo is that unlike wood, which becomes dead after cutting, bamboo keeps growing after harvesting and can be harvested repeatedly. Hence, if you choose bamboo for your home or office flooring, it will have zero impact on nature.

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Grass as a Wood Substitute

The hardness rate of bamboo is pretty high: 1,300-1,400. So it lies between red oak and hard maple, which have the hardness of 1,220 and 1,450. Hence, you can get the perfect hardness and durability from bamboo.

The light colour of bamboo gives an authentic and unique approach to any place. Besides, bamboo can survive extreme heat and pressure. So bamboo can be your best choice when it comes to flooring.


The biggest drawback of bamboo flooring is that you get only a limited amount of options in textures, hardness, and colours.

Usually, there are only three major types of bamboo flooring:

Flat Grain – These are made of thin and flat layers of bamboo, which are glued together just like plywood.

Vertical Grain – This is made of narrow bamboo strips which are glued on edge. It gives an amazing stripe appearance to the floor.

Stranded – The attractive variegated look gives the perfect shredded look. The whole material is made of bamboo fibres with resins.

Moisture and Bamboo

Instead of growing in the extreme moist climate, bamboo gets damaged with water. So you need to seal it all to prevent water damage issues. Just like hardwood, you can’t consider bamboo to be suitable for your basement. Bamboo might also get bleached up with direct sunlight.

Like wood, bamboo flooring can be sanded and finished with the help of a professional team. The frequency of re-sanding and polishing depends on its thickness.


Bamboo can be the most ecological option than wood as it is thick, doesn’t affect nature, and provides utmost durability. However, it may have certain limitations in terms of colour and design choices and moisture-absorbing power, but it can be a great choice for suitable areas. If you need bamboo flooring at your place or want to know whether or not it’s the right choice for your home, get in touch with the professional Floor Sanding Melbourne agency.

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Get a Complete Idea on Why to Choose Timber Flooring

We get many sustainable resources from nature that have been helping huge numbers of commercial and other businesses. Gas, coal, metals, crude, sand, stones and many more resources are provided by mother earth naturally free of cost. Renewable resources have helped many people in employment and have been a source of income for most of the commercial businesses like Timber Floor Installation and Floor Sanding Melbourne that use timber wood in their business.

What is the Timber Flooring?

Timber is a product derived from trees and widely used in construction industries for flooring and sanding purposes. Half of our earth is covered with forests with millions of trees; other than timber, trees also offer various valuable commodities like wood, paper, fruits and many more.

Timber flooring is generally known as wooden flooring that is manufactured from timber specially processed for use as flooring purpose at home and various workplaces.

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Benefits of Timber Flooring:

  • Easy Installation:

Timber is easily installed on floors by just stapling through adhesive, and it’s done. Timber floorings are considered the most durable and suitable for all weathers because they stay warmer in winter and cool in summer.

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain :

Timber floors can be easily cleaned using sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and steaming methods. The best thing about timber floors is that they are stain-resistant as compared to carpets. So, you don’t have to worry if you have spilled something on the floor you can just vacuum it or wipe it off to remove the stain.

  • Offers a Rich and Classy Look:

Timber is considered one of the popular and traditional decor items that were earlier used as interiors and decors in palaces and historical items; hence, it provides a royal and classy look to your house.

  • Timbers are Hard and Durable :

Timbers are tough and durable because they are hard to scratch and break; hence they last for years.

  • Adds Extra Value to Your Home:

According to the survey, the buyer seems to pay more for the wooden floor because of its durability and royalty symbol. The house with wooden floors tends to sell faster as compared to other homes.

  • You Can Customize Finishing and Designs as Per Your Decor needs:

Timber is neutral and goes good with all kinds of decors and designs. There are wide ranges of options for timber flooring to try regarding colours, shades, prints, and designs.

  • Timber Flooring is Safe as it is Naturally Derived from Trees:

As timber is a natural product, it helps control pests and allergens and prevents vibration and sounds in the home.

  • Provides Better Warmness to Feet at the Time of Winter:

As wood has good thermal conductivity, it can give warmth to feet as compared to other floors such as vinyl and tiles. A wooden base with lamination creates a smooth finishing, and hence it is softer for feet and provides warmth.

Bottom line: 

If you are planning to upgrade your house flooring, then timber floor installation Melbourne is the choice that you will not regret.  They are perfect for long term investment because of their durability and easy maintenance; consult Floor Sanding Melbourne experts for further to get more idea about timber flooring options.

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Things You Can’t Ignore Before Opting For Timber Floor Installation

The flooring is the essential component of home which can either make or ruin your house impression, so don’t hurry in choosing the flooring  because it’s the base of the house on which you have to live ,walk ,sit ,sleep and rely for many day to day things. If you are having cheap quality floorings or carpets, don’t expect your guests and family members will enjoy staying inside your house and secondly it will leave a negative image of your house, doesn’t matter how expensive it is. So, always choose the standard Floor Sanding Melbourne service to clear scratches and restore the lost finishing of the floor.

Types of Timber Flooring:

There are various types of timber flooring that are as follows:

Solid Timber Flooring :

Solid hardwood flooring boards are basically manufactured using a single piece of wood with a thickness of 18cm to 22 cm. It’s classy and made up of rich pure timber which never goes out of class.  It can be polished and sanded periodically to regain its shine and finishing

Pros:  It is durable, beautiful and long lasting

Cons: It is expensive and swells in moist weather and shrinks in dry weather.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Laminated Flooring :

Laminate flooring is a synthetic component which is manufactured by combining multiple layers like HDF core, moisture resistant bottom layer and another layer is replicated wooden designed with a protection shield.

Pros: It’s affordable and looks like real wood and easily maintained

Cons: It can’t be repaired once it’s damaged hence it has a short life span.

Composite Wood Flooring :

Composite wooden flooring are also known as engineered wooden flooring because they are highly durable and provide good moisture resistance and scratch resistance. Composite wood is industry manufactured with chemical binders and protective coatings hence they are called engineered woods.

Pros:It is a great replacement for solid wood flooring and comparatively cheaper and easily maintained.

Cons: chemical bindings may irritate some people with sensitive immunity.

Parquet Flooring :

Parquet flooring is used for decorative purposes that can be made with both solid and engineered woods.

Pros: Best for enhancing the beauty of flooring with elegant patterns.

Cons: it requires time to search for unique wood for making unique designs.

Bamboo Flooring :

As bamboo is sustainable material, it grows faster as compared to hardwood trees.

Pros: It is naturally resistant to moisture

Cons:  As it is highly moisture resistant, it leads to growth of mould and mildew.

Cork Flooring :

This is made up of cork oak tree and designer in multi layered tiles where the bottom layer consists of compressed cork and the middle layer is made up of MDF and HDF fibreboard and the top area is made up of the high quality cork.

Pros:it has natural anti-microbial properties that prevents growth of mould and mildew.

Cons:  it is more prone to heat.

Wind up:

Hope now you are aware about the various types of timber and its uses. So, if you are planning for flooring at your home then choose the best Floor Sanding Melbourne for a long lasting and rich feel.