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How Often Do I Need To Sand Back My Timber Floors?

Owning timber floors is fantastic because of the way they appear throughout your home, and the feel of the timber under your feet is unrivaled. For various reasons, floorboards have remained a popular choice for flooring. They are aesthetically beautiful, long-lasting, and complement most furnishings, making them a sensible choice for many homeowners. When you install timber floors, they are cooler in the summer and warmer than other hard floor coverings such as tiles.

Over time timber uses its glory, and that needs to be restored to its natural beauty, Prestige Floors provide a complete Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service right through to finish. As a floor sanding Melbourne expert, we reveal the top symptoms that floor sanding is required.

4 Signs That You Need for Floor Sanding Service

#Your Floor Looks Scuffed And Dull

As a rule of thumb, the floor should be re-sanded every 10 to 15 years, but that depends on the appearance of the floor itself. However, many floorings show signs of surface damage over time, such as scratches and scratches and appear dull. If your hardwood floor looked sad for a while, getting Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service from experts will bring dull and worn wood flooring back to life.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

#Your Floorboards Turning Grey

Discolouration of parquet or engineered flooring requires post-treatment. Many homeowners make the mistake of believing that hardwoods turning grey are a sign of aging. This indicates that the floor is damaged. But polyurethane coatings wear out after long-term use. After all, the board absorbs water from any water source, including wet pet feet and cleaning products. This situation requires immediate rework by sanding and repainting.

#There is Obvious Damage to The Butt

When you see that your floor is displaying signs of more severe damage, you should contact a Floor Sanding Melbourne specialist team. This can mean aesthetic damage, such as deep scratches and grooves. Many problems can be fixed with sanding and buffing, but you should always consult a specialist to look for more severe damage to ensure that the floor is structurally sound.

#Trends And Styles Changing

Sometimes your timber floor is in good condition, but the style is outdated. That is why many homeowners frequently attempt DIY in order to save money, but this will not work with refinishing. An expert knows how much sanding is required to avoid damage to the floor. This is an easy way to add value to your floor is to refurbish it with another stain. Also, you can increase the resale value of your home while preserving the original hardwood floor.

It’s a Wrap!

If you’re trying to get rid of floor marks and tidy up a house and need Floor Sanding Melbourne pros to get the work done quickly, you could be better off spending the time in experts, and Prestige Floors is a prominent provider of Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne services. We can handle the entire process, ensuring that your floors are correctly sanded and polished, leaving you with brilliantly glossy flooring that will just boost the aesthetic of the area.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Do You Know Wrong Sanding Paper Degrades Flooring Project?

Sanding project can be a little bit confusing because it creates a long-lasting impression on visitors. The first thing to remember about floor sanding is that you do not have to wait a long time for the floor to wear out before you can begin sanding. To learn more about Floor Sanding Melbourne, keep reading the blog till the end. Before you hire a professional to sand your floors, there are a few things to consider.

Sanding the floor is an important step, and even tiny errors can result in damage to the finish. Choosing professional floor sanding businesses over doing it yourself is the best option because it saves time and assures that the task is done correctly.

Common Error During the Floor Sanding Project

  • It is important to use the finest sanding paper for the best floor sanding project. Because the entire project depends upon the quality of sandpaper. Sandpaper is the core of the sanding project that should be never taken lightly.
  • The sandpaper you use will determine the condition of your floorboards. It doesn’t matter whether the floors were sanded previously or not, using the fine grit paper always gives the floor sanding experience. Experts say to start with a much coarser paper than you think to make the floor smoother than before.

    Floor Sanding Melbourne

    If you haven’t sanded your floors for so much time, the highest grit paper you should use is 24 grit. This may seem abrasive and rough, but smooth things can’t remove enough dirt and old varnish. It may require some effort to get rid of old stains and varnish. Hence, using fine quality grit paper is essential to prevent consuming a lot more resources.

  • Generally, experts start sanding with 16 grit paper as the floors are slightly wavy and had a thick coating of varnish on them. If you choose the improper grit, your sandpaper may clog up very soon. You’ll want to avoid clogged paper because it’s ineffective for the floor sanding.
  • Using wrong sanding paper will lead to frequent replacing of the paper during the sanding process. Ultimately, it will consume more time to get the flooring project completed.
  • Many homeowners think sanding floors is a physically demanding task but it’s an essential task for home maintenance. Even if you’re staining your floors (unless they’re black or painted), you should sand them till they look brand new.

    It’s the difference between an incredible and professional-looking finished floor and one that looks mediocre and incompetent. It’s a real pain to sand the perimeter of your space. It’s exhausting labor because you’ll be hanging over the edge sander for hours at a time.

The good news is that the margins can be sanded somewhat less than the main surface – in fact, it’s a good idea!

Hire Prestige Floors for the premium flooring installation or sanding task. We focus on delivering the best quality flooring service that will create an everlasting impression on your property. Consult us today for timber floor installation Melbourne services and other information.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

How Would Timber Polishing Enrich Your Home?

Timber floors are a lovely addition, and nothing beats a timber floor polishing to bring out the finest in your wooden floors and make them appear magnificent.

To keep your floors in top shape, we recommend that you go for Floor Sanding Melbourne, which without a doubt reduces the danger of minor issues developing into significant problems and significant defects that you don’t want to deal with.

The experienced team at Prestige Floors offering effective Floor Polishing Melbourne can dramatically improve the appearance and condition of almost any real wood floor, including solid wood, engineered wood, and parquet floors, by using high-grade products to beautify your floors and add a protective coat and sealant to protect your timber flooring for years to come.

#Changing the Colour

With the assistance of a skilled team of timber floor polishers, you can quickly change the colour of your hardwood flooring. You may produce practically any colour of timber flooring by using different stains and finishes. You can swap between different colours, from dark to light, as the latest trends shift to keep your home modern and fresh, or choose a colour that complements your home’s décor and style.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

You may have the latest trend of a matte light wash, high gloss finish, or a dramatic dark tone in your home with our Floor Polishing Melbourne. You may transform your home with polishing, or you can go for a classic natural aesthetic that will offer any area a new air.

#Restore Your Home’s Appearance

Professional floor sanding and polishing is an excellent solution if you want your home to look brand new but don’t have the funds for a full remodel. You’ll be astonished at how much timber floor polish can change the aesthetic of your home and make it look fresh, sleek, and new again.

It not only gives your home a brand-new feel and design, but it also makes it appear current and modern. Worn out hardwood floors indicate a neglected room, but with a quick Floor Sanding Melbourne and polish, you can revitalise your entire home. This means you may make a significant impact in your home and amaze your guests. It truly modernises any room and restores the luster to your floors. Floor polishing is a quick, easy, and very inexpensive technique to give your home a like-new appearance.

#Increase the Value of Your Home

If you want to sell your home or simply increase the value of your home, hiring a professional floor polisher is an easy method to do it. With the fresh and like-new sensation that polished floors produce in your home, it’s no surprise that your property’s worth will increase following a polish. In the eyes of potential purchasers, pristine flooring is eye-catching and highly desirable.

Ending Lines,

No matter how beautiful oak flooring is, they are prone to wear and tear over time. This is why Floor Sanding Melbourne is in the process of improving the aesthetic and general appearance of wooden floors. Getting Floor Polishing Melbourne will undoubtedly make your floors look brand new and appealing; you won’t have to worry about them in the next years because nothing will happen to them.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Is It Possible to Sand an Engineered Hardwood Floor?

Yes, it is. Prestige Floors is a company that can handle Floor Sanding Melbourne requirements. Most people forget to look into the floor cleaning or sanding process.

But they should not. Everything has an expiration date and your flooring has an expiry. You may never know when you need Timber Floor Installation Melbourne for your house or office. If your floor requires sanding and polishing, you should find the right company.

Sanding is also known as pre-finishing which is a procedure that can be applied to wooden floors.

Once you restore an original look of it, you may experience a significant hike in the beauty of the floor. Read into this guide to know more about how floor sanding can give your floor a newer look.

Read to Know it in Depth

There are engineered wood floors that give your flooring an outstanding appeal. If you want your floor to look extremely great, selecting an engineered hardwood floor is good and you can even sand them with the proper care.

We have smart teams that work on floor sanding and polishing by taking care of each and everything that requires to be considered. Most homeowners choose engineered hardwood flooring as it has the same look and appeal as robust wood. Also, it will remain stable in material and stylish in style.


Floor Sanding Melbourne

When you select engineered hardwood floors, you will always prefer something that is suitable for your home. Since the market is full of the latest things, you can choose the same for your wooden stains and surface effects to make your floor look good.

Most of the hardwood flooring is made of solid wood. It will always depend upon how you care for it and give it a good finish for your home or other property.

Engineered method to keep your flooring in a good condition means that wood veneer is peeled from the lumber and put in the plywood structure to give the resistance and solidity to moisture the floor.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Always keep in mind that if you choose to sand the floor excessively, it can cause floor damage. On the other hand, sanding is an excellent technique to restore the floor appearance and remove dents.

The time when you need to select engineered hardwood floors for sanding.

If in any case, flooring affects your home ambiance, there can be nothing as problematic as this. The layer’s thickness can affect the flooring that affects whether sanding is a viable option.

Floors with two millimeters will respond properly to the sanding. The engineered hardwood flooring should be properly completed with caution to always avoid sanding through the layer.

Winding up,

Prestige Floors is a Floor Sanding Melbourne Company that can help your floor look good. Do you have any questions about it? If you have then you can contact us at any time.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Why to Hire Experienced Professionals for Floor Polishing & Sanding?

The floor is an essential element but rules to abide by while addressing floor cleaning, such doing mopping the floors as daily maintenance is not enough, using a professional Floor Polishing Melbourne service is a different ball game.

If the floors are damaged or cracked which is the first thing any visitor will notice. When you’re wondering how to get scratches out of wood floors? One of the best things about floorboards is that if they look shabby, all you need to do is sand them and sand them to make them look new again. True, this work appears to be so straightforward that you’re eager to do it for yourself.

Because timber floor sanding can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive procedure, it is always preferable to rely on Floor Sanding Melbourne professional experts to ensure a task is done correctly and in a timely and efficient manner.

Let’s look at some of the most common indicators that suggest why it’s best to leave the process to an expert.

4 Signs That You Require Floor Polishing & Sanding Experts

  1. You’ve Never Done Your Own Floor Sanding Before

If you’ve seen a home renovation show, it probably seems easy to get sand your wooden floor own. Well, it’s actually harder than it looks, so if you’ve never done it before, it will be good to leave it to a Floor Sanding Melbourne service expert. Improper work can be particularly evident when the floor is polished, and the job you do yourself frequently results in swirls or rattling marks on the trees.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

  1. Minor Damage to The Surface Can Cause More

The board is often easy to fix, but any kind of serious damage is a sign that you need to consult a specialist. For instance, if there are deep grooves or marks, the expert will investigate and determine how much of the surface can be restored back. Therefore, engaging with Floor Polishing Melbourne experts uses special techniques of polishing your hardwood floor to bring its shine back without causing you more cost.

  1. Not Much Time to Spend

Sanding the floor yourself takes considerably longer than you have imagined, and you may be unable to use a portion of your home while you finish the job. If you don’t have enough time and don’t want to waste it, hiring an expert is your best bet. Working with professionals ensures that the project is completed swiftly and efficiently, with remarkable results.

  1. Previously Been Sanded

If the hardwood floor has previously been sanded, you must pay close attention, and it is frequently do-it-yourself that necessitates sanding extra layers. This is best left to a professional because the wood eventually becomes too thin.

Ending lines,

Floors make the best first impressions, so if you decide to acquire floor polish, make sure the Floor Sanding Melbourne work is flawless. As a result, it is always prudent to engage with prestige floors, an experienced offering Floor Polishing Melbourne and sanding service to revive damaged old planks and provide a choice of finishes with environmentally safe polishing, obtain the required shine on it.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

What Factors Would Impact The Cost Of Floor Sanding?

You may not include the cost of the floor sanding and polishing that will be insured on a regular basis after the timber floor ages couple of years when making the budget for Timber Floor Installation Melbourne. The criteria that you set for determining the budget of timber floor installation the way different than that of the floor sanding.

There are various factors that would affect the cost of your Floor Sanding Melbourne and may make it way more than the budget that you wish to stick to. It is highly advisable to craft a budget that would not fluctuate more than the actual cost of floor sanding to eliminate this situation that could put you under stress.

Here Are Some Of The Most Lucrative Considerations That Would Help You To Determine The Right Cost Of The Floor Sanding Service

Quality of Floor Sanding:

One of the most important factors in determining that what quality floor sanding you need for your floor. If you have not got the sanding is done for a long time now that would need to sand considerable layers of the floor to get rid of the dirt and grime that might have slipped in and stuck on the floorboards. The cost of getting the different quality sanding is different as it would involve more effort and also the sandpaper.

Floor Sanding Melbourne


Floor Space:

This is a no-brainer that the cost of the floor sanding service is determined by the space that you want to get sanded. The price of the sanding also clearly mentions being per foot. You can get the idea of the cost by roughly considering the space that you want to get sanded and the rate at which your shortlisted company offer you.

This rough calculation would be the pivot around which you can craft the budget along with including the other criteria of determining the cost of the sanding.

Equipment And Techniques:

This may or may not be the factor that may affect the sanding cost depending on the fact you get it done professionally or do it yourself.

In the first scenario, the floor sanding company is less likely to charge more if you want the floor sanded for any specific kind of equipment, most likely the latest one. In fact, we are more than happy to provide you with quality service with the latest equipment and state-of-the-art techniques.

This might not be the case if you want to do the sanding all by yourself. The rent of the different models of equipment is different. If you wish to buy the latest equipment, you must also have the cost of services, maintenance and repairs in mind.

Flooring Material:

As the sanding is different for types of hardwood, the cost also would fluctuate. So, this makes it an important factor to consider when you are crafting a budget for the floor sanding.

For better understanding, you can also ask for the quotes of different Floor Sanding Melbourne service providers.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Taking a Precise Step Towards The Betterment of Floor Sanding

There is no doubt that timber wood has been gloriously beautiful and enhances the versatility of the property. Everything requires proper care and maintenance with the passing time to preserve its performance and life.

The need for well-polished flooring is growing by the day, as many individuals aspire to live in a crystal-clear environment. However, this is impossible without proper floor maintenance, which includes Floor Sanding Melbourne.

Essential Tips For Floor Sanding

1) Make Space For the Floor Sanding Process:

Several mobile objects may be laying on the floor in your home. To make room for the repair, all objects and furniture must be removed from the floor before beginning the sanding procedure.

It’s done to protect the surface from damage during the sanding procedure. Aside from that, the sanding process is accelerated due to the availability of the room.

2) Repair the Issues on The Wooden Board:

Only when the hardwood planks or flooring are free of cracks will the sanding operation be effective. If there is a loose board, it must be attached. Also, protruding nails should be hammered to the lowest possible level so that the sanding machine is not harmed.

3) Work with The Grain:

To keep the machine working smoothly, the next step in the sanding process is to refine the grains. The operation of smoothing the surface of the wood and making it free of grains is included in the task of timber flooring in Melbourne.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

4) Don’t Forget to Sand the Periphery of The Wooden Plank:

The hardwood plank’s periphery is sanded in each of the sanding procedures. The machine is capable of sanding the wood’s edges to get the appropriate finish. The sides of the hardwood plank are difficult to sand. The work, on the other hand, gets simple with the assistance of the stated tool.

5) Look for The Hole If Any:

After the surface has been properly grained, the next critical step is to use fillers to fill in the gaps and lines of scratches. The dirt from the sanding needs to be cleaned out of the holes. After that, the latex wood filler ensures that the wood is free of holes.

6) Focus on Giving the Nice Finishing Touch:

The final touch of finish on the wooden plank signals the end of the sanding process for the wood floor. If there are any stains, they must be dealt with properly. This stain aids in the creation of both brighter and deeper hues of wood. The surface should be given an appropriate wood finish.


We all know that wooden floors require a lot of upkeep, but with a little discipline, you can extend their life. You can use rigid plastic mats, which usually come with spikes, to remove grit and dirt from the soles of your shoes. Hire prestige floors for the high-standard Floor Sanding Melbourne services. We follow the best industry practice for the best flooring service.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Is it True That Floor Polishing Makes Your Floor Shine?

The best way to improve the brightness and appearance of your wooden floors is Floor Polishing Melbourne. Even the duration of the floor increases during Floor Sanding Melbourne. However, a large amount of dust accumulates during dust and it is recommended to use the latest powdered sanders with double seam bags. Before starting work, you can seal the cabinets. Also, aspire even the doors and thresholds of the windows to avoid ruining it with hidden powder when the refuge is drying.

All over the world have added warmth and elegance with the characteristics of solid wood floor floors. The solid wood floors are extremely resistant and last more than 20 years. During Floor Polishing Melbourne, you can often assemble and polish it to renew the appearance and brightness of the floor.  Even if the initial cost of the installation is expensive, the contemporary attractiveness and durability of wooden floors are treated that are worth. There are two types of solid wood floors available, solid wood overlap and slot wood.

This overlap means using wood all the way and is quite similar in the advantages of the traditional method of language and slot. The difference is in the thickness and rather than the thickness of 19 mm, these are available in 12 or 13 mm. So if space is a problem, this can be very useful. If you live in an apartment or you want to cover that already has a concrete floor, it is now possible. Nailed techniques can be the same.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Unlike traditional floors, these are not nailed. These can be superimposed on pre-existing floors such as concrete, particles, wooden floor, tiles, or plywood. This offers excellent acoustic insulation. Multistory residential houses and buildings love them for this reason. These floating floors could be made of wood and even the laminar floor and polishing is also important there.

 Today’s polishes are useful and convenient and are very easy to use. The days of use of the giant planet, the hard to control machines are over. Modern machines are read, easy to control, and easy to use for maximum user comfort. All you need to do is add wax or shiny and then simply connect it. Some models also have multiple-speed engines that will allow you to apply wax or enamel at different speeds to achieve maximum brightness and finish.

 The use of industrial Floor Sanding in Melbourne can help protect and protect your long-term damage floors. Small particles like dust and dirt can remain on the floors even after the sweep. When people enter your building, the floors are generally the first thing they see. Therefore, to make sure that they create a big first impression, use a Floor Polishing Melbourne regularly to clean them and protect them so that their floors remain the brightest and brightest possible, leaving them the best. Prestige Floors is a group of style connoisseurs dedicated to creating flooring solutions that not only satisfy your design goals but also stand up to the test of time.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Thinking DIY Floor Sanding: What to Watch Out For

How to sand wooden floors is one of the most frequently requested inquiries we receive. We at Prestige Floors, Floor Sanding Melbourne experts have sanded more than our fair share of floors and floorboards and understand how intimidating the task ahead can feel.

As one of the most well-known Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne experts, we’ve heard about pretty much every sanding blunder imaginable. We recently published a blog post that demonstrated how to sand and finish a hardwood floor. In this article, we’ll show you how to prevent some of the most typical sanding blunders.

What to Avoid When Sanding a Floor at Home: What to Watch Out For

A Recap of the Basics

We went into some detail on how to sand and finish a hardwood floor in our previous blog post. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Rent a floor sander and a portable edge sander from a rental store.
  1. Take everything out of the room, including the curtains and rugs. Plastic and duct tape should be used to cover electrical outlets, light fixtures, and anything else left in the room. Open the windows and doors.
  1. Rough sanding will be done in two stages: 24 grit and 40 grit, diagonally. 80 grit will be used for medium sanding. 100-120 grit sandpaper will be used for fine sanding. Starting in a corner and pushing the sander diagonally is how rough and medium sanding is done. When starting or stopping, remember to tilt the sander so that it does not make contact with the floor. I’ll go into more detail about this later.
  1. Finish the floor to your liking, but make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Common Problems

Obviously, the idea is for your floor to have a professional finish. While hiring a professional is usually the best option, anyone who wants to do it themselves has access to the same high-quality finishes that experts have. Professional sanding equipment, on the other hand, is of greater quality and balance, and you will not have access to it. This implies you can’t sand and make mistakes.

How to Stay Away from Mistakes

Sanding your floor as the pros do is by far the most reliable way to avoid mistakes. When it comes to fine sanding, you aren’t removing much wood, you’re essentially smoothing off the surface’s top layer.

If you make any sanding mistakes, the coating will magnify and enhance them. The most typical sanding mistake made by beginners is to disregard the warning that you must always lean our professional Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service experts onto the back wheels until there is no contact between the sanding belt and the floor before turning it on or off.

 Summing up,

Do you live on a property with a lot of traffic? Or do you simply want your flooring to appear newer and more appealing? If you responded yes to any of these questions, get in touch with our Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne specialist, who explains how to tell whether it’s time for a sand and finish down below. Get in touch with Floor Sanding Melbourne right away!

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Know About Most Common Problems Faced During Floor Sanding

Once in a life, every one of us may have tried DIY or floor cleaning, polishing or sanding. Generally, everything has DIY and home remedies depending on its efficiency. It’s obvious everybody wants to save money; it’s fine to do DIY for minor repairs and damages. While one must be extra careful while experimenting for the first time or using any new DIY technique. If you like a creative or unique design, then trying DIY can be your favourite job. At last, everything depends on the final coating.

If you want to recreate your home by yourself and plan to attempt the by yourself, keep reading this blog until the end!

Keep these Two Points in Mind While Doing Perfectly

  1. Run the machine continues to the wall without stopping and proceed with the same method while going back without stopping.
  2. Use the coarse sandpaper to flatten the floor surface efficiently and then follow it with finer grade paper.

With the right tools and equipment, anyone can achieve the perfect using DIY. Just be confident and run the machine without pause to not lead to chatter marks. Try to be a perfectionist; it’s not that tough. Try to prevent chatter marks as they can be seen in the light reflection and affect the floor appearance.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Before coating the floor surface, make sure you clean the floor properly so that there are no dust particles during the floor top coating. The most common mistake the people make during the DIY is that not giving attention to little dirt. Giving attention to the dust particles is important as it will affect the overall reason for the Floor Sanding Melbourne so, make sure you make your DIY worthy.

Carry out floor coating using polyurethane; below are some valuable tips for final coats preparation,

  • Blow down or vacuum the dust from the floor surface before beginning with the first-floor coating. According to experts, it is said that final cleaning is the secret to get successful.

Pro-tip to Collect the Smallest Fine Dust Particles:

  • To perform this method, you will need a rag, soak a significant rag in a bucket of warm water, and try to wring out it as much as possible to leave it slightly damp.
  • Wrap the slightly damp rag to the head of the broomstick; now use it as a tack rag to get rid of the fine particles. You will be stunned to see the result as it removes the fine particles efficiently.


Hope you found the above information useful for performing easy DIY. Your flooring is the most crucial factor of the home; ensure you finish your DIY in a proper way. Hire prestige floors for any Floor Sanding Melbourne services we are highly experienced flooring experts that strive to meet the customer’s expectations. We focus on quality at the utmost priority over quantity.

If you have any ideas or thought for the DIY floor sanding, feel free to share in the comment box.