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Floor Polishing – How can you do it? Discover Here!

Are you planning to polish your floor? Do you know the right way to do it? If not, you are in the right place. Today, we will be your guide for the DIY floor polishing Melbourne.

So fasten yourself and keep up the enthusiasm to clean your floor. 

Tools to be used:

  • Sponge mop
  • Dustpan & broom
  • Dish soap and water Or wood floor cleaner
  • Wood floor polish
  • Flathead mop along with microfiber cleaning pad

Step #1: Test the finishing on your floor

Before you begin your floor polishing process, find out what type of finishing is done on it. For that, scrap off a bit from an unnoticeable area with a sharp blade or knife.

If the scrapped material is smudged and doesn’t contain any material, it’s probably a penetrating finish. Quit your plan as such a floor should only be waxed.

If you can notice the clear material, it’s likely a surface finish. Such floors are safe to polish.

Step #2: Clean and clear the dust from the floor

After finding out the type of finishing, empty the entire area. Now, dust and then clean the entire floor. If there’s any furniture, clear that out as well. Your floor must be free of everything. It must be clean as a canvas. Mop the entire floor with professional wood floor cleaner or simply clean it with soap and water solution after successfully sweeping or vacuuming your floor. Give a final pass to your floor with water damped mop to remove any residue.  Finally, dry it with a dry and clean towel.

floor polishing Melbourne

Step #3: Polish and add some shine

Start from the back corner of the room. Pour some floor polishing solution on the floor and start weeping it in back and forth direction. Make sure to add a thin layer of the solution as the double coating can be done after but if it’s in excess, it can ruin the entire floor. Focus on the wood grain and weep back and forth in that direction. Start with a small area and cover the entire floor slowly. The thin layer dries quickly so be sure with the quantity.

NOTE: Polishing can stain your walls and other areas so avoid splashing.

Step #4: Wait for at least 1 day

You should wait till 1 hour to allow light traffic and an entire day for moving your belongings and furniture on the floor. Even the professional’s Floor Sanding Melbourne suggests the same so that you can get satisfying and durable results. For extra protection, you can place felt furniture pads as well.

Step #5: Follow the precautions

Everything is done but it doesn’t mean that you can be reckless with the floor. Maintain your floor by placing rugs on them. It will protect your floor from scratching, staining, other damages.

Why you should hire professionals?

You have done the entire flooring yourself; however, there are a few reasons that make snit important to hire professionals for this task. The biggest reason for hiring experts is advanced tools, high-quality products, and complete services. Some experts like Prestige Floors offer a 100% work guarantee that makes it more crucial to hire only them.

So why not hire the experts of Floor Polishing Melbourne now? Call 0426 806 554 now!

floor polishing Melbourne

Everything You Should Know About the Polished Concrete Floor

Polished things are always looking good, whether it is clothes or floors, right? That’s the reason, we prefer to choose accomplished things first, and if we are conscious about our home’s appearance, then we get Floor Polishing Melbourne services at the regular interval by contacting the Prestige Floor company which has mastery in the flooring services.

If you have a concrete floor then for that our company delivers Floor Sanding Melbourne services like a timber floor. When we choose a polished concrete floor for our home, then it will deliver you long-lasting life and easy maintenance. That’s why it becomes the most favorable choice for many people from decades when they do not afford the timber floor.

Want to know everything about the polished concrete floor like its process, application and advantages? Then you should refer our blog for sturdy information.

The concrete Polishing complete procedure

Generally, the concrete polishing procedure is relying on the required finishing of customers. But you can describe it in the below step for the guide.

  • Cut –To open up the floors and make it prepare for the next process, first of all, the expert will cut the floor.
  • Grout –If any hairline cracks or tiny hole creates in the grinding process, then concrete finisher fills it with standard grout so that the floor becomes ready for the next process.
  • Densifier –After completing the grouting process finisher applies densifier to make strong between cement and grout. This process is important for standard polishing services.
  • Polish –Now, the floor becomes ready for Floor Polishing services in Melbourne so that concrete finisher starts their process with grit resin abrasives.
  • Sealer –At the end of polishing, finisher adds a further layer on the floor that is sealer or guard so that finishing stays for a longer duration.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Application of Concrete Polished Floor in General

In the market, the concrete floor is a demanding product due to its versatile application range. From all here we just give an overview of application which is commonly known.

  • Retail stores –To handle heavy foot traffic, the concrete floor is the best choice so that its the best choice for different stores.
  • Salons& Restaurants–When you need a sleek and stylish look then the concrete floor is there for you, that’s why salons as well restaurants prefer it to improve their appearance.

There is an example of professional areas like warehouse, office, hospitals, hotels, auto showroom where you mostly see the polished concrete floor. But in the residential property, it becomes more famous and first preference for look, durability and sturdy structure.

Advantages of Concrete Polished Floor

There are lots of benefits of the concrete polished floor which attracts people toward it in mass. Let’s we also know them.

  • Affordable –the cost of floor polishing is least from the timber floor and other flooring options.
  • Durable –It able to handle heavy load and higher traffic because of its solid strength and durability.
  • Long-life –As it is sturdy in nature and if it will install and maintained adequately, then its life duration is longer can be over a century.

Just like above low- maintenance, environment- friendly, healthy, non-slip, reflective, customizable are further benefits of these floors.

At last,

These are all about the polished concrete floor. If you want to install it or need Floor Polishing Melbourne services for the concrete floor, then you can trust Prestige Floor for standard and efficient results.

floor polishing Melbourne

How to look after your hardwood flooring once its polish

Timey motivated with the idea of increasing your home’s value utilizing creating a more open plan feel in your living areas by adjusting your existing floor plan. And use the service of floor polishing Melbourne which helps to improve the value of your house. There are a number of levels and timber floor sanding Melbourne services are available in the market.

Allow to enhances the warmness of the house

On the same platform, it is imperative that sanding of the flooring is completed by professionals so as it acts to prevent any kind of harm. The overall sanding process is completed before the polishing process. Thus if the flooring sanding is done correctly, then it enhances the warmness of the house, and the polishing adds the artistic value.

The act for daily cleaning, use dry methods such as vacuuming. For the best cleaning results ensure that you get the service of floor polishing Melbourne. Thus the incidence of damp-cleaning depends on how much the stages are used and how stained it gets.

How to operate a sanding machine?

A powerful machine is used to perform the task of floor sanding. Thus to prevent damage to the floor surface, always ensure that the sanders are moving when in maintenance and that the sanding drum is in touch with the floor.

No need to lift the back of the machine while sanding and never apply strength to try and improve the rate of sanding. It is important to be patient and to guide the sander tenderly, never dwelling in one distance but moving regularly at all times.

  • Need to be cared to prevent the cable from coming into contact with the sanding drum.
  • Another extremely important operating procedure is never to move backwards while sanding; only sand in a forward motion!

Need to have ongoing protection

Correct floor polishing Melbourne involves proper preparation and finishing in order to prevent damage to the surface and to provide continuous protection. The first act is to development is to examine the floor to determine the extent of damage and the sanding that will be required to repair it. These will something the worst areas. Once the Floor Sanding Melbourne service is completely done, as is much needed, the whole surface needs polishing. Other tools may be required, as well.

Turn your eye here, final lines to read.

In the world of construction, the demands of development are quite increasing numerous and people tend to look for service of floor polishing Melbourne and floor sanding Melbourne rather tricky issue. Thus this is where the polishing and sanding service for floor surface comes into the picture.

Eye on the near future, the flooring will no longer be an issue of choice but a matter of necessity because as the world heads towards environmental awareness, there needs to be more action on the part of people.

timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne

Why Should You Avail timber floor sanding and polishing Services?

Raise your hand if you also believe that timber flooring is Key to Represent Appealing Appearance!

Because we at Prestige floors strongly believe especially when it comes to commercial properties. We know how appearance is important in business to impress clients and generate new leads. At one time might other floors will fail at representing stunning but not timber and you will wonder as timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne services make it more beautiful and appealing.

Well, sweeping and scrubbing will not alive more!

Yes, we all do routine cleaning to stay safe and comfortable, but it won’t work to enhance the beauty of the place. We cannot consider those daily jobs a standard method as there’s time come where we have to avail Floor Sanding Melbourne.

What is the Purpose of Timber Sanding and Polishing?

Very often! Residential property has more usage of the floor than other areas means people often like to sit in indoor. And that’s the reason getting dust, dirt and grime because of traffic is common which demands for timely sanding and polishing.

We know the norms of timber as it’s nothing but the wood and needs less maintenance or no maintenance. We have to do little care to keep timber floor charming and appealing. As it helps to maintain timber floor durable and workable for a long.

Why timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne is worthy?

Timber is the type of floor which can lighten the beauty of the whole property and that we know but what if it looks weary? Oblivious we have to take care to sand and polishing as it makes floor attractive and inviting.

Benefits that Prestige floors have Defined is,

  • Diminish the Allergens

We have to welcome our uncalled guests like allergens if keep floor unpleasant and that happen in case of the timber floor. Having the floor dusty and dirty have chance to create such harmful organisms, and that’s the first reason of getting timber sanding. We cannot keep floor weary for a long as it can create health risks, and no wonder might you and your family got problems. And that’s the reason we always sand and polish timber by removing allergens.

  • Attractive Look or Appearance

 Timber is wood which can represent the best look if you keep clean all the time. We know that timber is wood which enhances the appearance of the floor as well as property. We cannot get the same appearance by other options like tile, grout and marble floorings. Ultimately, you can magnify the beauty of the home and can add value by sanding and polishing.

  • Add Custom Choice

Tile and grout have limited choices in choosing shades mean we cannot opt for the shade we like to where with timber it’s accessible. Timber floor has great design and shades with you can choose according to choice and requirements. We can also go for the custom option to meet the interior shades, and that’s how we can make a combo of beauty.

  • Save money and Add Value

Quite cool! Then it is because wood material comes at a base price no matter which shades you choose or like. We know and believe that with less investment, you can enhance the property value and appearance. Having timber in the premises add value and no wonder attract property hunters. Hence, value-added feature for property along with less investment.

In the Box!!!

Want to lighten your timber floor? Then come to Prestige floors as timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne is our expertise, and with that, we make property appealing and stunning.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

Three Reasons Why Your Should Consider Getting Your Floor Polished By Us

The floor of your house is of great importance and we as a timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne service providers know that it has a great capacity to attract the visitors and also leave a great impression at the very first sight. We all try our best to protect and take care of the condition of our floors but sometimes we end up damaging it unknowingly. This damage can cost is a lot of money in order to recover the floor.

Development in the floor can play a big role in beautifying the interior of a house or workplace. A floor with a smooth finish has never failed to attract a lot of eyes around it and give a whole new aesthetic appearance to it too. There are many people who invested a great deal of resources in maintaining the good look of the floors of their house with our Floor Sanding Melbourne.

  1. Setting Up A Pleasant Atmosphere In Your House

Well maintained interior of a house can also set up a beautiful atmosphere for your house and whoever resides in it. A damaged floor is often the result of carelessness or overly done works. When you stretch the limits of your floors and run your daily chores without heeding the condition of your floors, then you’re quite likely to face this problem. When the floor of your home wears out with the numbers of times it is being used, then you are going to lose the shine it was brought with. Our timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne can help you with it.

  1. Get Your Floor Polished By The Hands Of Professionals

You will be delighted to know that it is very easy to maintain the floors but if you have no personal experience in how to do it then it is suggested that you leave that work up to the hands of professionals. The floor of your house keeps you safe from a lot of inconvenience. A rough floor can give you but also cause you some serious damage if you are not precarious. In the similar way as smooth floor can give you a smooth finish but it also means that you won’t have enough grips to work on it.

  1. Maintaining The Seamlessness Of Your Floors

If you ever feel confused regarding the necessary steps that you can take to maintain your floor, can you can directly reach out to us letters inspect your floor before we start working on it and giving it is smoother finish. We can help you unleash all the benefits that your floor has for you. It’s very important for you to know that your floor needs to be sanded at least once in a while by our Floor Sanding Melbourne. When it comes to maintaining the shine of your floor it needs to be recoated too.

In Conclusion, These procedures must be carried out at regular intervals if you want to have the maximum effect of polishing on your floor. If you are using your floor roughly then you are more likely to come across many troubles that are caused to you by it.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

3 Advantages Of Acquiring Floor Polishing Services

We deliver a great range of services when it comes to Floor Polishing Melbourne of your home or office. Once you provide us with the address of your home in a specific date and time then we can make sure that you received the premier level services at your doorstep without any inconvenience.

Our services include polishing and sanding of the floor that needs to be looked after with utmost precision and care. We can help you bring back the lost shine of your floor and give it a whole new look that will never fail to amaze where visits your home. Everyone desires to have a very good looking floor but little do they know that it is quite difficult to maintain the good looks of them.

Especially when you have no prior experience in maintaining polishing the floor then it is always suggested that you leave that work up to the hands of professionals. Your floor is quite likely to be damaged by the regular activities that it tolerates.

  1. Maintaining The Good-Looking Floor Of Your Home And Office

Our Floor Polishing Melbourne services look forward to taking care of your floor in the good condition of it highly maintained. We can also get the floor of your home replaced or repaired if that’s what it needs. We will send the most skilled and trained staff at your place and inspect the condition of the floor before deciding the next move that we will make in favor of yours. We have been helping people all across Melbourne to maintain their floor and polish it in time too.

  1. Enhance The Appearance Of Your Home

We can help you to improve the way your floor looks once it is done being polished. We can also help you to select the best looking patterns for your floors when we polish them. A polished floor is also likely to make your workspace appear more comfortable and have a beautiful impact on the atmosphere that one has to work in. It will also leave an amazing first impression since it intends to attract whoever walks on it or simply passes by.

  1. Sand The Worn-Out Floors Of Your Rooms And Halls

If the time has had its effect on the floor of your home and put the shine off then we provide you with our Floor Sanding Melbourne that will retain the smooth finish of your floors. These sanding services are taken care of by the professionals who have been accurately trained to handle things well when it comes to sanding and polishing a floor.

As A Parting Thought, If you are wondering whether these services cost a lot, then you’d be relieved to know that our services are extremely affordable. Anyone can easily approach our service without a doubt of having to pay an unnecessary sum of money. We assure you that we will give whatever it takes to retain the fineness of your floors.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Prestige Floors Experts Define the Types of Stone Floor Polishing Methods

Do you ever wonder how the professionals of floor polishing Melbourne makes a stone floor shiny? If yes, Prestige Floors is here to answer. Prestige Floor has been working in the marketplace for many decades and knows every advanced technique to polish and sand various floor types – stone, wooden timber, concrete, etc.

So let’s find out how their team of experts makes any stone floor shine?

  1. Diamond Abrasive Grinding

This process is done by grinding a stone surface with abundant grits of an industrial-grade diamond. These diamonds generally have 3 to 4-inch diameter discs or pads. Almost 6 discs are placed on the bottom of the floor machine and then hold with a Velcro. At the speed 175 rpm (which is the low speed) the machine is used to drive these plates and sand the floor surface with diamonds, which removes scratches. The process is repeated over and over again until the desired shine is achieved.

  1. Polishing compounds and powders

Fine aluminum grains or tin oxide can be used to make a stone floor glazy. These compounds are rubbed or buffed on the surface to create a brightening shine. This process is the same as that of the diamond abrasive grinding except that the powered is more abrasive than the diamonds. This process is exceeded with oxalate or oxalic acid to generate a crystallization like reaction. The powered is simply put the surface and wet with water to create a paste, which is further buffed into the stone with the help of a 175 rpm floor machine.

  1. Crystallization

This process involves a chemical named fluorosilicate, which is sprayed on the stone and buffed with steel wool pads lead to new crystal and glass-like surface. The surface now is bright and shiny. Well, the process is not finished yet as 175 rpm heavy machine is used to generate friction and heat required to generate and polish the crystal.

  1. Thick Coating

This is the most common floor polishing technique, which is also known as “waxing.” A semi-liquid or liquid wax, urethane, acrylic, or polymer is applied or coated on the floor with the help of lamb’s wool applicator, mop, or sprayer. Some are buffed out and others left to achieve the shiny floor surface. This is accomplished with high-speed burnishing machine and fiber hair pads.

NOTE: This process is not suitable for porous stone.

That’s all folks. These are the common flooring processes that are used to make even the oldest floor shiny. However, the floor polishing process may vary from location to location and from one company to another. Ask your experts for floor polishing and ask which process will they use.

Wrapping Up

You can reach Prestige Floors for the quality services of floor Sanding Melbourne anytime.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

Why Should You Acquire Floor Sanding And Polishing Services?

We often find people take the decision of replacing house features than repairing. Means they even don’t think for a moment about the pros and cons. Does it right to do? Undoubtedly, no because we must have to inspect the positive and negative and most happen in the case of flooring. Homeowners and business owners direct take decision to replace instead of repairing and getting beauty back with Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne services.

What kind of things people think and take a break from renovating efforts (Sanding & polishing)?

  • We will not get Desired Result
  • We will lose our Investment
  • What if it does not work?
  • Where to start and whom to call?

Aren’t? Because people repeatedly knock oneself with such questions and denied to acquire repairing like sanding and polishing services.

Is it beneficial to hire professional Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne Company?

Smirk! Very often and common question people ask us that is it beneficial? Then the only thing we have to answer them is yes. We want to ask just one question to you is eating at street same like the brand store? Undoubtedly, no right and that’s the one and only answer for your jargon.

Might you will clean floor but cannot bring sheen like us as scrubbing the floor is not only the way of making floor stunning and appealing. You must have to apply different natural chemicals and products to type of flooring, and then you can bring charm.

Along with the knowledge, you must have to focus on work while doing because one mistake can ruin the floor and that’s the reason instead of doing own we always suggest people call us and avail services. As we will easily bring a sheen to the floor with sanding and polishing and can ensure you for stunning and appealing place whether residential or commercial.

Why you should acquire Floor Sanding and Polishing services?

As we said previously, you could not clean and bring beauty to the floor by scrubbing the floor for hours as it needs a professional hand to get done. We know and understand that commercial businesses have vast space to sand and polish, and that’s the reason guide owners to hire professional than doing own as it consumes a lot of time and efforts.


The second and foremost thing you should avail from professional like us is techniques. You cannot sand and polish with oil and chemical without knowing the type of flooring and knowledge like which product should use, and that’s the reason you can bank on professionals. Thus, you no longer have to worry about the damage of the property, which helps you to have money-savvy sanding and polishing.


Floor sanding and polishing not only use in seating room as you can use in the kitchen, living room and outdoor flooring like concrete. We know and can ensure for any type of floor sanding and polishing.

Timber Floor Sanding

Why Timber Floor Cover-Up Is A Great Idea? Prestige Floors Explains!

Flooring plays a crucial role in your home décor. Whether you have a modern interior or classy vintage one, wooden flooring suits both. Whenever a person enters a home, the floor is the first thing that catches their attention. Having a wooden floor is amazing but one has to put effort to maintain it.

That’s why Prestige Floors suggests cover-up service for Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne.

The multiple layering options make your flooring reliable, durable, and glazy. It also protects the floor from water damage and other damages. Therefore, having timber cover-up would be an ideal choice for your wooden flooring.

For better understanding, take a look at the below reasons:     

  1. Augments Longevity

Regardless of the quality of timber flooring, it will lose its glaze over time. If you are seeking to amplify the longevity of your floor, a cover-up is a right choice.

Various modern house interior designers consider wooden flooring the best. Moreover, timber floor sanding Melbourne cover-up is cut to the measurement and once it’s fixed on the floor, timber becomes immune to scratches, stains, and other damages. That’s why timber floor cover-up is trending everywhere.

Maintaining the wooden floor becomes easier when you have a robust covering on the top. Just simple sweeping and mopping are enough to keep your floor clean. Water-resistance property keeps the timber floor protected.

  1. Dry & Flat Surface factor

Wooden flooring can replace any type of sub-flooring including old tiles, concrete, floorboard, or any tiles surface. However, the replacement relies on the quality, smoothness, and straightening of the existing floor.

A wooden floor can enhance your interior and overall property value. Besides, hardwood is ideal when it comes to wooden flooring. That’s why many people demand timber cover-up for redesigning their homes or building. Therefore, the floor condition is directly proportionate to expectancy of getting timber cover-up, which further indicates the quality flooring.

  1. Recycled Quality Timber Flooring

The uneven wooden pattern makes the timber more attractive and suitable for your property. Timber comes in abundant colours (brownish, earth colours, etc.) and prints. These colours and patterns will complement your interior perfectly. Plus, the resale price can augment as well. The recycled timbers are also a better choice for your home. If installed properly, wooden flooring can last for years with a few maintenance requirements. The polishing keeps mould and termites away. You can go for an occasional polishing to ensure that the flooring is sound.

The recycled timber flooring isn’t just inexpensive but of high-quality as well. Also, you can recycle the pre-installed timber too. All you have to do it just ask the experts.

Timber Floor Polishing

Handy Tips You Can Include For Timber Floor Sanding & Polishing

When you think about sanding & polishing of the timber floor, it will help you bring the shine back to life. Timber floor couldn’t look new forever, you need to approach professional timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne Company to maintain the floor charm. The material of timber can be a perfect flooring choice you can make for the easy maintenance and outstanding character of the place. 

Prestige Floors can help in maintaining the home’s value

There are so many things said for the aesthetic look of the floor and to deliver quality to the house. Such renovation can turn the house in a home and it will add significant value to the place. Most of the time, we focus on the design and beautiful home creation but how to maintain the place? It’s time for you to consider about the recent wood floor sanding in the home. When had you leveraged the professional home sanding and polishing approach?

Don’t you remember?! Have you inspected the floor properly? Do it has scratches, scuffs, or patches? If you found it on the floor then it will become a time to think about seeking floor sanding and polishing company. This could be the right time to help the surface to obtain the charm back & it is the right time to handle the sanding as early as possible. 

How will you prepare the sanding and coating procedure?

  • You will have complete access to the site. You need to look into the guideline, whether there is enough parking space for the heavy machine or not. You need to discuss with the right company to handle the arrangement.
  • Through this, we will handle the floor sanding using powerful equipment. Thus, it will become important to deliver enough light and power for the procedure.
  • Always make sure that the area of the floor needs to be clear if there is dirt or debris. All the furniture need to be removed with using the floor covering like tacks or staples.
  • Through a professional approach, you can remove the unseal food from the storage areas.

Floor sanding and polishing can help in renovating the floor with a beautiful look. To handle the job, you need to hire a professional expert. More than refurbishing the timber floor, it would be important to handle the floor with a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach. In such a case, it will become important to go through the floor than need to be replaced. This is because hardwood floors are costlier than any other floor material. No matter, whether you are going to hire any company or handling it on your own, you need to know a few tips given above.