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Know Why Floor Polishers and Floor Buffers are Important to Use

Polished floors are easy to maintain and clean because of their attractive and glossy look. Nowadays, floor polishing has become an important part of the industries to preserve the floor quality and make it durable. It can be said that it’s better to invest in effective floor polishing rather than spending in cleaning and other floor treatments. You can get effective consultation from the experienced Floor Polishing Melbourne company to know what polish suits your floor.

Any sort of hard surface can be polished and buffered with floor polishers and floor buffers, leaving them with a “wet” appearance. Surfaces such as wood, marble, granite, terrazzo, and concrete fall within this category. This industrial cleaning machine works similarly to a burnisher, but at a considerably slower rate. Depending on the cleaning operation, this slower speed can have a number of advantages.

Floor Polishers and Buffers Play a Crucial Role in Floor Polishing, Keep on Reading the log to know more about polishers and buffers!

  • Gives the Glossy Look to the Hard Floor:

As compared to old polishers, modern polishers are now capable to offer high-gloss finishing with the help of high-speed machines. Because floor polishers and buffers clean at a slower rate, this is the case. This makes them perfect for cleaning specific floor surfaces like dry-brite, which can be harmed by high-speed burnishers.

If we take an example, hard waxes can be used on these types of floor surfaces, which can be scratched if cleaned at high speeds. If this is a concern, floor polishers and buffers can be used to clean and leave a beautiful “wet” look on this sort of flooring.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

  • Reduces Noise Level:

Floor polishers are ideal for daytime cleaning of business buildings or hospital corridors due to their lower operating speeds, which produce significantly less noise than their high-speed counterparts.

  • Suitable for Spray Cleaning:

If cleaning fluid needs to be applied to hard floors, floor polishers can be equipped with a variety of solution tank attachments that allow them to apply the proper amount of cleaning fluid for you while cleaning.

Because they consist of a simple bracket and Velcro attachment, these solution tanks are simple to install and may be mounted on polishers and buffers by operators with little training. Solution tanks range in size from 5 to 12 litres, depending on the polisher you choose and the area of floor you need to clean on a regular basis.

  • The Idea to Clean with Machines and other Tools

Floor polishers and buffers are great for cleaning hard flooring types due to their low-speed nature. Because of the forceful nature of the brush heads and pads, this type of floor cleaning machine should not be used to clean carpets.

This sort of floor cleaning machine may be more ideal for your cleaning needs if you need a floor cleaning machine that cleans at a low speed due to your flooring finish.


Treating the floor right is the main thing that helps to make the floor durable and lasts longer. Flooring projects can be expensive if not treated at the right time. Hire Prestige Floors for the best quality Floor Sanding Melbourne service. We strive to offer the best service to meet every client’s expectations.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Everything You Need to Know about Polished Concrete for Flooring

Flooring speaks elegance, be it your home, office, mall, or shop. If your floor looks dull, the whole visual of the place seems hopeless. This indicates the importance of Floor Polishing Melbourne every now and then.

Prestige Floors knows how important it is to hold the shine of the floor for as many years as possible. If you don’t practice keeping your floor clean, you could require professional Floor Sanding Melbourne or polishing often. In this guide, we are going to share a few interesting concepts of polished concrete.

Polished Concrete

It is a widely adopted option for commercial, residential, and industrial requirements. The core benefit is that it is an affordable and easy-to-maintain option compare to any other similar choices.

Polished concrete can be everything that you require, which means it is an all-in-one solution for flooring-related requirements.

Usually, homeowners choose polished concrete as they don’t want to invest in carpet and complement modern home aesthetics. On the other end, many homeowners also prefer to colour their floors to derive more benefits.

Floor Polishing Melbourne


Various Concrete Flooring Types

Versatility is the utmost benefit of concrete flooring. If you are still in the planning stage, then concrete flooring can be the best choice.

Polished Concrete:

There can be no specific criteria for choosing polished concrete. It can be used for homes, schools, malls, or anywhere. It is definitely a budget-friendly alternative to vinyl wood, natural tile or stone, and carpeting. The quality of the polished concrete floor is easy to clean, sustainable, and resistant to mould, mildew, or any other allergens.

Stained Concrete:

If you are looking out for a budget-friendly but appealing solution to your floor then stained concrete is a perfect choice. Unlike epoxy that remains on the top of the surface, stained concrete reach below the surface to give the maximum beauty to the floor. There can be water and acid-based stains that you can choose from after analysing your requirements.

Epoxy Coated Concrete:

Concrete is porous in nature which means it can easily absorb moisture and other chemicals. If you are looking out for a surface that will remain robust against heavy loads, chemicals, or moisture, the epoxy coating could be a perfect fit to fulfill your requirements. While comparing epoxy with polished concrete, you should go for polished concrete choices. It goes well if your surface is sealed. If you like the look and aesthetic appeal of epoxy floor, then selecting epoxy coating is a good try. If you are still confused about which one to pick for your requirement, then it’s a suggestion to approach any experienced concrete contractor. They can help you with a clear idea about each type of concrete floor and which one suits your needs.

Ending up,

If you want to discuss more Floor Polishing Melbourne or sanding-related requirements, Prestige Floors will remain there to help you with the right selection.

There are other many types of flooring that could append in the list, but the aforementioned are the most common ones.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

How Professional Floor Polishing Is Better Than DIY Floor Polishing?

The tempt of doing the floor sanding and Floor Polishing Melbourne on yourself is normal. With DIY being a trend recently, the urge of doing everything on your own has become the new normal. Maintaining the timber floor to keep it looking good as new is necessary.

The Floor Sanding Melbourne and polishing is what gets the floor back to good shape. Upon regular use the deterioration of the timber floors’ look is inevitable. The finish may get worn out, dull, scratched, and any such sort of wear and tear dents the aesthetic of the timber floor.

Do you think that DIY floor polishing would be so effective that it would make the floors look the way experts have polished them?

Would Not Be Able to Handle the Equipment:

First of all, you do not have the equipment that is required for sanding the floor. Even if you have it, is it up to date? Suppose you do not have it; you have two choices ahead of you whether you hire it or you buy it.

If you buy it, how many years it would take to make that equipment be called outdated. Then what? Do you buy another? Okay, let us quit the idea of buying. You now are only left with the alternative of hiring the equipment. What are the chances that the equipment that you are looking for is available for hire or not?

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Okay, let us consider the favourable condition. Say it is available for hire, is in good condition, is latest and the cost of hire is also reasonable. But, do you have the skill to operate the equipment? A professional surely does have.

Not Being Able to Apply the Finish Properly:

An even, unaffected finish on the timber floor requires expertise and skill. Debris trapped in it, bubbles, and more would impact the appearance of the floor. It could disappoint you with the results.

Even if you manage to pawn the finish there are chances that it may crack or get off the floors. Do not let your money go to waste. A professional would provide the floor with seamlessly sanded and perfectly finished floors that would last longer.

You May End Up Permanently Damaging the Hardwood Planks:

Sanding the floor is a tough job, right from choosing the grit of the sandpaper to evenly sanding the floor there requires a lot of expertise and experience. Over sanding the floor could damage the floor permanently.

Which would leave you with no choice but to replace the affected hardwood planks. Which would be an extra added cost.

DIY floor polishing could lead to overspending by making expensive mistakes. Instead, all you need to do is to find a reliable professional for Floor Sanding Melbourne and polishing. They would have the skills and expertise in doing their job perfectly. They bring along the latest equipment which they have the experience of handling. They also provide the assurance of the quality of services provided. All this will fit in your budget too.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Know How Often You Should Polish Your Floors

Polishing and sanding is the crucial part of the timber maintenance to preserve the office and house in a premium condition. The guest can make out the impression from the entrance so, it’s important to get the floor regular cleaning and polished. Whether it is timber wood or marble tiles, every floor requires maintenance and cleaning to keep the floor surface sparkling and spot-free. But everything that is too much can harm hence over cleaning or over-polishing can make the floor appearance dull. Also, it varies from the type of flooring material and the cleaning techniques used on the regular basis. It’s important to know how often you should polish the floor, consult the expert Floor Polishing Melbourne Company to know about the suitable polishing technique.

Know How Often Various Types of Floor Should Be Polished

  • Polishing Marble Floors:

If your house contains more members then it is likely to cause tears to floor tiles over time. Generally, marbles, limestone, and travertine tend to lose shine if your floor is high traffic area. Use the cleaner that is specially designed for cleaning marble

  • Polishing Hardwood Floors:

Hardwood floors may need proper refinishing and polishing from time to time.  Most people have the misconception that refinishing and polishing are the same. Refinishing means removing the entire floor finish and replacing it with new ones. Depending on the floor type and foot traffic, hardwood floors are suitable to polish every 5 to 6 months to preserve their shine.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

  • Polishing Ceramic Floors:

Ceramic floors are safe to polish every 4 to 6 months. Ceramic floors can be easily maintained by regular sweeping and mopping. Polishing will help to restore the protective layer of the floor.

  • Polishing Laminate Floors:

Laminate floors are popular for their aesthetic look and are widely used in a wide range of commercial and residential spaces.  Due to seasonal changes, laminate floors are likely to lose their shine and quality. Hence, it’s important to use the right cleaning product to clean the dirt and build-ups properly.

It’s safe to schedule floor polishing every 5 to 6 months to preserve the longevity of shine and floor quality. Using the right cleaner can also do wonders for the floor. The floors are exposed daily to light, air, and dust hence regular cleaning can prevent fading of shine over time. Take expert advice in case of any flooring issue to get it to repair on time.


Though it depends on the nature of the floor and many other factors, Dirt and moisture are the enemies of every floor if it’s exposed for a longer period of time. Especially timber wood gets damaged faster if exposed to moisture for a longer time as compared to other floors. Wooden floors either get shrink or swollen due to moisture. At prestige floors, our Floor Polishing Melbourne experts are capable of completing the toughest floor sanding and polishing jobs quickly before the deadline. Apart from this, we specialize in all types of floor cleaning and grinding jobs. Book an appointment with us for the best flooring consultation and solutions.

How Relative Humidity Can Affect Your Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood floors add more elegance to the home. They are durable, strong, versatile and sensitive. Sensitive? Yes, towards humidity, when not taken care of properly. This vulnerability has a bad impact on the flooring. Slight imperfection due to excess moisture can be corrected by sanding and Floor Polishing Melbourne.

Floor Sanding Melbourne also has its limitation when it comes to some of the listed impacts. It is not like that these impacts cannot be treated or cannot be prevented from happening. This is where we the professionals who are experts in installing the hardwood floor plays an important role.

What Do The Hardwood Floors In The Humid Season?

Humidity means an excess of moisture; hardwood tends to absorb the moisture. Upon absorbing the moisture these hardwood planks expand and swells. Expansion of the wood is natural but what causes the problem is the improper installation of these hardwood planks. The result in humid season is cupping, crowning, cracking and buckling.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Let us know what these are one by one

Crowning – an expansion of the hardwood floor in such a way that the middle of the plank is lifted slightly up due to no room for expansion. This is a result of sanding the floor soon after the cupping. Hence when it loses the absorbed moisture and returns to its normal position the sanded edged seems to be lower.

Cupping – On encountering excessive moisture the absorption of the moisture occurs disproportionally and the result of which is cupping. It can be recognised by slightly lifted edges than the centre of the hardwood plank. On reduction of the relative humidity either naturally or by the use of dehumidifiers this plank takes the normal shape back.

Buckling – these are some of the extreme impacts due to excess relative humidity. This occurs when the expansion of the hardwood planks goes way beyond the expansion space left for the installation professionals, such that they are lifted away from the floor.

Cracking – in cases, if the exerted pressure due to expansion is way too much to handle for the planks, they tend to crack damaging the structural integrity of these hardwood planks.

These are some of the natural as well as extreme expansion of the hardwood due to the relative humidity in various seasons.

How This Can Be Taken Care Of?

Let us start with the correct installation of the hardwood floors. DIY or hiring an amateur could end up as one or more of the above disasters that you are eventually going to regret. Instead, get the installation done by professionals who are very aware of all the attributes and aspects to be kept in mind to avoid situations like these.

The next would be to take care of the hardwood floor after installation. Do not use an excessively wet mop on the floor while cleaning, install dehumidifiers at home, chooses good quality hardwood to best fit your needs. When needed have the sanding and Floor Polishing Melbourne done by the professionals as they know very well what is the appropriate time for sanding the floors.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

It is Time to Transform your Home with Floor Polishing?

Is your floor already showing signs of wear and tear? Has the colour of the floor outdated? Are you embarrassed with the discolouration of the floor? Is your floor affecting the aesthetics of your home? Yes? Well, it is high time to address the floor’s need for refinishing. Floor sanding and Floor Polishing Melbourne can address all of these concerns with ease and give a brand-new looking floor without floor replacement.

Here are Added Benefits that can Transform Your Home by Sanding and Polishing

  • A Fresh, New look

Flooring that have fresh coats of polish is lighted up with the freshness of the coats. The wear and tear, discolouration, dullness, patches, stains, is dealt with by sanding it off. On the top of it are added layers of fresh polish coats that have rejuvenated the floors and given that a new shine.

It will enhance your first impression of your guest and will invite compliments. That too at effective prices and in no time.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

  • Changing the Colours

We at Prestige floors are very well aware of the feeling that my floors seem outdated, it would be great if I can change the colour. Well, sanding and polishing does you an opportunity to change the colour of the flooring. Choose the wood stain of your choice and let the experienced professionals give you the floors that look exactly the way you wanted them to turn out.

You can look for trending colours to add to make the floor look more modern and up-to-date. You can also explore the available finishes like matte, glossy and more to make it more elegant and latest. All this without replacing the floor.

  • Elevated Property Value

It is highly likely of your property to get a good price if it has all the latest aspects. Why would anyone spend the money on a property that looks aged and has to work on the wear and tear caused to it? Keeping these floors up-to-date by sanding and polishing will enhance the look of your property and make it more appealing to the buyer if in case you decide to sell that awesome home of yours’ someday.

  • Keep You Away From a Major Loss

When not addressing the floor for a longer time than anticipated. The wear and tear become irreparable by sanding and polishing. More and more damage keeps on adding to the hardwood floors fractures, cupped edges, buckling boards and more. This leaves no choice but to get the boards replaces. Instead getting the floor sanding and polishing on time will reduce the chances of major damages and also keep the floor finish from peeling off.

Thinking that the sanding and polishing may cost you a lot or there is no need for sanding and polishing right now would do no good to the floors. Sanding and polishing are the most cost-effective opting to get the brand-new looking hardwood floor that to in less time. Contact us to get the sanding and polishing of your floor done.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Preparing A Home For The New Floor Installation

For any home renovation project or flooring project, systematic planning is important for smooth work completion. Flooring projects may be confusing as it includes so much of activities and decision making related to proper floor selection, hiring perfect Floor Polishing Melbourne Company, waste management and many more. For neat and smooth flooring installation work, preparing a place for the installation plays a crucial role, it will be very much smooth and easy to do flooring when the place is already prepared and all unwanted things are removed.

By reading this blog, you will realize the importance of prepping up home before any flooring projects. Preparing the home is just the prime and basic step on which entire flooring performance is dependent. If you are planning to do any renovation or home building projects, keep these things in mind to get your work done hassle-free.

1) Remove the Breakable and Delicate Items from the Home:

Remove all the paintings, hanging objects, and home décor items to prevent them from dust. Keep delicate items like glass, pots, and other items in a safer place to prevent them from breaking and causing the unnecessary mess. Stop the electric, water, and gas services before beginning with the flooring project to avoid any accidents.

2) Keep The Pets At A Safer Location:

Pets have the habit of roaming; move the pets to other safe locations because the chemicals and flooring equipments are harmful to the pets.

3) Clear Up The Room Properly By Removing Furniture And Other Stuff:

Plan all essential move-out in advance before the flooring installation work starts. Move out the room furniture with a cover to prevent them from getting dirty. Prefer doing basic tasks by yourself that will help you to save time and some money.

4) Close The Other Rooms Of The House To Prevent Mess:

Close the other rooms of the house while flooring projects because floor installations are usually a messy job that causes lots of dirt. You can use the masking tape to cover the doors and other things

5) Analyze Whether The New Flooring Will Raise The Actual Floor Height:

Check whether new floor installation leads to heighted floor or not. With expert consultation, you can get necessary ideas about flooring whether to remove the baseboard or trim accordingly.Experts can help to readjust the floor according to your requirement and choices.

6)  Arrange Proper Waste Disposal:

Waste disposal and management is the essential part of the flooring to ensure the clean and tidy flooring work. It is best to offer a separate workspace for flooring contractors to carry their essential tasks and equipment handling as it will helping in flexible trimming and other flooring resizing operations. Prefer hiring a waste disposal service in advance to get your area clean on time.


Floor installation and renovations are a bit expensive jobs that can’t be performed on the regular basis so, make sure you get the job by a professional Floor Polishing Melbourne company that offers durability and guaranteed work. At Prestige Floors, we treat every customer as a priority hence we respond to every request in a short period of time. Book your appointment for the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne with us today.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Why Polished Concrete Flooring Is Trending These Days?

The aesthetics and seek the look of the polished concrete floors have impressed a lot of people these days. The gaining popularity along with the demand it has since it was introduced in the market is impressive. Even today it is among the first choice a lot of people. If you are among these people it is time to find a Floor Polishing Melbourne service provider who has experience in concrete floor polishing. We at Prestige floors have been experts in concrete floor polishing for a long time now.

Polished concrete floors are considered a dream choice these days as they put a tick mark on all the criteria that an ideal flooring should have. Apart from getting the concrete flooring if you are among the ones who have timber flooring and it is showing the signs of aging then it is time for you to either get the polished concrete floors or just call upon Floor Sanding Melbourne to get the flooring maintenance before it is further ruined.

Reasons Why Polishes Concrete Floors Is What Everybody Wants These DaysFloor Polishing Melbourne

  • They give a very modern look to the house. These floorings are elegant and have high surrounding adaptability.
  • With the availability of a large variety of stains, they make it possible to go with any kind of architecture and interior. They blend in seamlessly.
  • You could also contribute to nature by having polished concrete flooring in the house. These floors reduce the temptation of having timber flooring which makes it eco-friendly.
  • They are resistant to the damages by water and moisture.
  • Apart from those beautiful colour they also are available in interesting patterns that can give them a unique touch.
  • There is also a possibility of seeing the signs of damage to the concrete floors with aging but when mechanically polished this could be postponed for good.
  • There is always a fear of slipping on smooth floors. This could have unimaginable injuries but concrete floors are considered anti-slip as the polished surface provides necessary friction along with that dazzling shine.
  • Concrete itself is a symbol of strength. Adding more to it, the strength of the concrete and the polishing makes it a great combination.
  • Unlike other flooring that need extra care, specific cleaners still the damage can be done to the floorings, these flooring are easy to clean. Just sweep or mob regularly and the floor is good for the day.
  • Unlike timber floors, polished concrete floors reduce the stress of having floor stains due to mishaps. Now you can let the kids and pets play on the floor without worrying about the stains.
  • One of the special and attractive properties of this flooring is it has reflective property. It keeps the room lighted, which keeps the surroundings energized.
  • Cost-effectiveness is a major gain from the polished concrete floors as these have high durability. Apart from durability, they are low in maintenance, low cleaning cost, low in wear and tear, stain resistance and more, which makes these flooring truly cost-effective.

Still, if you have doubts in mind that we can help you with regarding the polished concrete floors you can visit us at our website.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Indication That You Need A Professional Floor Sanding and Polishing Service

Having a wood floor is a valuable part that can add warmth to any space. Over time, even the best flooring will start to wear out due to heavy foot traffic, scratches, dents, and fading varnish will make your wood flooring look tired and aged. Having a dirty floor is not good looking, not to mention it is unhealthy. Professional floor polishing Melbourne service is a reason to remove dirt, scuff marks and dullness. At Prestige floors, we try to give Floor Sanding Melbourne and polish to the flooring to restore the original shine to the floor surface and make the rooms look presentable and clear.

Signs You Can Be on the Lookout to Go for Professionals Immediately:

Floorboards Turning Grey

If you see any board on your wood flooring turning brown or grey, it will be time to go for Floor Polishing Melbourne before further damaging your floor. When this happens, it means that your wood floors begin to absorb water, whether it’s from rain, snow or your pet’s paws. So, hiring our professional service will give you a look you need without reinstalling new flooring.

Water Damage

Timber flooring is resilient and lasts a long time, but if you need to act quickly there is water damage. If you have water damage from a dripping roof or air conditioner leaks, it will damage immediately and loosen your floorboards. And that is why professional floor polishing can be a wise decision.

Nails are Peeking Through

Open nails are not just an unnatural nuisance and can pain when it stuck to your feet.  However, if you start looking for visible nails in large parts of your flooring, it will be time to focus on the new floor.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Sun Discolouration

Natural light is a pretty desirable feature for any home, but sun exposure or UV rays can damage your wood flooring over time. The only way to fix the problem properly is to sand and re-carve your wood floors.

What is the Process of Floorboard Sanding and Polishing?

Sanding is first required to punch all the nails under the floorboard surface. Starting with coarse grade sandpaper, floor sander will be used to sand existing floor finishes, coats, stains and varnishes to ensure an unhindered sanding process.

After this initial sanding process, to ensure a smooth surface without holes, the perforated holes will be filled with floor filler. Once this sanding is complete, then polishing comes. Using a base coat that will seal the wood, your wood flooring should be allowed to dry overnight for best results.

How Long will this Process Take Time?

It will depend on the temperature at the time of the project. If you follow a glossy, bright and matte wood floor, it will change your floor’s look. Our professional expert will follow the right procedures and make sure your floor will be done properly.

Turn up!

If you see any of the signs mentioned above, then the floor polishing Melbourne and Floor Sanding Melbourne service will protect it even when it looks better. We provide a highly trained team on Prestige Floor that will improve the surface quality and appearance.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

What are the Major Benefits of Choosing Flooring Polishing?

Floor Polishing Melbourne plays a crucial role in the upkeep of your entire home. Flooring is the major element of any house that defines your taste and style. In case you are wondering why floor polishing is necessary and why you must go for it, this is the right place to be.

We have listed the major reasons to choose floor polishing for your home or office so that you make the right choice.

Let’s explore together.

Remove Stains Easily

It’s easy to clean when you have a polished surface. You don’t have to go for any rough and tough floor cleaning process. Just a damp cloth is enough to revive your floor.

Avoid Water Damage

Having a thick layer of floor polishing prevents water from reaching deep down inside your flooring and ruining it completely. The polishing also prevents water from standing on the floor for a long-time and avoiding various damages. There are some serious health issues related to floor water damage, such as mould, allergies, and even asthma. So if you want your family to keep safe from all of this, floor polishing is the right solution.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Let it Shine

We all want that luxurious look in your place. Be it your home or office, or store, you would like everyone to fall in love with the ambiance. Even if you have installed the modern and the most stylish lighting, it would not properly enhance your interior without proper floor polishing. Only the right kind of floor polishing will reflect the light properly. You can also ask the professional floor sanding and polishing agency to show you some before and after floor polishing pictures and see the difference yourself.

Increase the Durability

Another reason to apply a thick coat of polishing on your floor is durability. The professionals include many adhesives and protective shields in the polishing that makes the floor, be it wood or concrete, last for years. As we know, many climate and temperature changes can affect your flooring as well, applying the rich quality polishing on your floor will make it last for years without even needing to replace it. So if you need utmost durability from your flooring, go for professional Floor Sanding Melbourne.

Less Scratches

The biggest reason to choose floor polishing is the scratch resistance property. There are numerous quotes of polishing applied on the floor after sanding it so that the scratches don’t affect it in any possible way. There could be numerous reasons for scratches, such as pets, babies, heels, sharp objects, etc. If your daily household work involves any of these, you need floor polishing ASAP. It will help you to prevent scratches and make your floor look amazing.

Too Many Benefits,Right

You can make your life easier with the proper floor sanding and polishing. All you need to ensure is that you hire the best agency.

While looking for Floor Polishing Melbourne, get in touch with that agency that possesses extreme knowledge, experience, and skills. Also, don’t forget about asking them about their certification and license so that you don’t regret it later.

Get in touch with the best floor sanding and polishing expert now.