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Why Choose Prestige Floors for Office Timber Floor Sanding?

How a business place represents itself plays a crucial role to grow in the marketplace. Prestige Floors states how business persons have started going for timber floor sanding Melbourne for their office or store entrance. The reasons are many, but we have listed the major ones.

Can be Maintained & Cleaned Easily

It’s easy to maintain timber floors after polishing than that of the carpeted area. The polishing makes the floor smooth and easy to clean. There are numerous layers of the polishing that resist stains and dents. You can easily remove spills and other stains with a mop. All you need is regular cleaning and sweeping to maintain the quality of wood for the coming years. Only that is enough to restore the details and sleekness of the timber floor.

And, the best part about the timber floor sanding and polishing is even if you start to get some scratches or wear & tear on the floor, you can easily revive it with professional sanding service. However, once you have done the sanding and polishing service to your timber floor, it will not require any for many months or a year.

In case you have high foot traffic, sanding and polishing will make it durable. A professional and complete service can increase the life of your floor to 10 years. But cleaning is a must.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

New Look to Space

You can’t simply rely on marble or carpets to provide a better look to your office. With proper floor sanding Melbourne, you can provide details to the patterns and designs. The earthy look can be matched with plants and other ornaments. The best part about the timber floor is that it can easily match any type of paint colour and interior theme.

No matter which type of business do you run, timber flooring is the best for you.

Various types of timber styles are available out there. Your existing hardwood floor can be restored with a one-time timber flooring and sanding service. All you need is a team of trained professionals such as Prestige Floors to increase the life of your floor. You can even replace your marble, tile, or concrete floor with the hardwood. It’s easy to install and maintain.

  1. Hard Woods Vs Carpeting

The reason for choosing hardwood over carpeting is simple – carpets can tear, damage, lose its quality, and become dull over time. Moreover, if it gets damaged with water, you need to buy the new one, which is not the case with hardwood. You can install hardwood for a robust, attractive, and durable floor.

That’s why choosing timber floor sanding and polishing for your store or office opening is the right option!

Prestige Floor offers you all a wide range of Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne services. B it residential or commercial buildings, it is suitable for all.

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So make your move to get in touch with such a renowned organisation for complete timber floor sanding and polishing.

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Floor Sanding Melbourne

Top 5 Reasons You Should opt for timber floor installation

What? Are you replacing your flooring!

Then we must suggest you for Timber floor installation Melbourne whether you want to décor residential property or commercial. We know and can understand the importance of flooring to property, especially when you think to sell or market the property, isn’t it? Because property hunters usually eye on flooring first as it represents the beauty of house or place where it installed.

Flooring is a key feature of the house when it comes to property improvements, and that’s the reason we believe that it essential to the choice worthy flooring system. It’s not done after choosing flooring as you need to take care of it to Floor Sanding Melbourne. As only that help you to keep floor charm alive and property too.

Well, the time has come where you cannot walk with traditional style and features. Means we need to add modern features to décor home as at one time you will agree with traditional features but not the new generations. Hence, it essential to have new features, and that’s why timber floor installation is good and beneficial.

Top 5 Reasons to Opt for timber floor installation melbourne is,

  • Smoothness and inviting Appearance

Timber floor installation bring shiny and smooth appearance!

We often find people searching for perfect flooring to install but somehow fail to find the one which can provide combo like smoothness and inviting appearance. We firmly know and believe that timber can meet your requirement as it provides ultimate smoothness by bringing the glossy surface. Hence, the first reason you should opt for a timber floor is bright and inviting features.

  • No maintenance

We Prestige Floors believe that timber floor is the most reliable option to choose for property. You know how tile and grout flooring ask for maintenance to keep charmed alive while choosing timber is excellent. Timber is nothing but the wood which require fewer efforts and man force maintain which help you to save money on hiring cleaners. Hence, having timber floor installation will save you a lot.

  1. Ease of Cleaning

You never know how difficult it is to clean the floor, especially when the floor gets water spots. And that’s the reason to get rid of such problem now you can save a lot of time and efforts on making floor cleaned. As cleaning of a timber floor is easy and no wonder can clean with house cleaning products.

  1. Friendly to Environment

The most beautiful and encouraging reason you can consider for your property. We know most of the floors made up of different materials which might be unrenewable and there’s chance environment get disturbed. Having timber floor will help you to get rid of such problems as it’s made up of wood which is renewable and that’s how you can save the environment.

  1. Add Value to Property

We know that the house should look appealing to the market and represent to visitors. Timber floor installation can help you to give that charm as its shiny floor which brings attractive appearance. We know and can ensure you that it will impress buyers and can make a huge impact on property hunters mind.

Winding Up!!!

Are you remodelling the house? Then add timber floor installation Melbourne from Prestige Floors as it helps you to bring charm and appealing appearance. Also, can add value and experience modern features to property.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

What To Expect From Us When You Avail Our Floor Sanding Service

Lot of inconveniences can result in a floor that is not fit enough to work with. It is also suggested that you clean your floors regularly by our Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne and make sure that there are no stains left that can make your floor look dull and pale than it actually is. When your floor is exposed to a lot of dust then it is quite likely to get stuck on itself. When the humidity touches the dust it will most certainly leave a lot of stains that are not easy to remove without the help of professional Floor Sanding Melbourne services.

  • Take Care Of The Worn-out Floor

The aging of the floor also plays a great role when it comes to requiring a thorough cleaning of your floor. When the years go by and the floor of your home becomes aged, this is the time when you get it concern by professionals who know exactly how to take care of it. There are various options available for the cleaning and polishing Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne services depending on your needs and requirement.

We make sure that you receive an appreciable level of service at a very affordable rate of money. We will surely let you know if your floor needs replacement or repair based on the condition that we detect your flooring with. Our team is quite skilled and trained when it comes to managing and handling the problems that are directly related to the floors of your offices or homes.

  • Maintaining A Healthy Atmosphere

We’re looking forward to take responsibility of the health of your tiles and providing you with excellent service that you are expecting. The level of cleanliness and sophistication that we maintain throughout the work procedures has been highly appreciated by the customers who have used our Floor Sanding Melbourne services. We pay attention to every possible detail that can affect the health of your floors and tiles.

We will provide you with the best available treatment for your floors that is equipped with high technologies. The type of substances that we use to clean your tiles with or polish your floors is trusted by people all across the world. The equipment we used in the cleaning and polishing procedures follows every international standard of appropriateness.

  • Get In Touch With Us Easily

You can easily contact us with the information that you can find from our website and make sure that you give us the process details in order to have our skilled staff and team of Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne at your doorstep. We will take a quick test of the floor of your house before we come up with the plan to clean it with.

In Conclusion, Everyone desires to have a beautiful looking home and it’s also dream of every boss to own and office that is well equipped with furniture and an elegant floor that enhances their appearance of the interior. If you think that the floor of your room has lost its beauty then you can get in touch with us and we will provide you with the most fitting services to give it a touch of beauty once again.

floor sanding Melbourne

Floor sanding- the transformation of your old floor into NEW!

Build a timber flooring surface to bring a fashionable look. To make the living room and office area attractive, we need to perform floor sanding Melbourne processes which allow enhancing the look of a timber floor. For timber floor installation Melbourne you need to develop an ideology of sustainability with which to base our decisions with wood or timber.

Timber product- determine the natural look

Enjoy the natural look flooring at your footstep after the process of installation for a timber floor. It is sourced from a self-sustaining forest and manufactured using low energy. Today in the market you can get wood or timber has the inherent quality of insulation, and you will love to remain warm under the feet.

Allow to choose the hardness of a timber product determines its natural ability to resist impact. This act of selecting higher the hardness level of timber, the more durable it is to indentation and abrasion and vice versa.

The overall flooring looks priceless, where the timber floor installation Melbourne process is done. These allow you to keep them neat as they avoid dirt and dust from sticking to it.  The method of floor sanding Melbourne make the use of the edge sander to sand the areas of the floor close to the skirting board, with this done it is time to vary the grade of the paper and repeat the method.

Timely it is essential to maintain these wooden floors through periodical floor sanding.

Need to regain the look and luster of the floor

  • The activity of floor sanding will help to regain the overall look and glory of your floor. On-time, it enhances the look and presence of home or office areas which seems new and beautiful. It can also remove the stain and luster due to regular and cleaning.

Always cove the flooring surface – a protection

  • To keep the floors intact and protected, the need to get floor sanding service as it works as a protective layer of a special kind of oil makes the deck waterproof. Even it helps to keep the floor free from mildew and other unwanted fungal infections that are present in the surrounding environment.

Make the use of modern machines in the floor cleaning industry; dust-free sanding machines use an advanced filtration system enabling the operator to sand down the wood floor without creating a dusty atmosphere. For the platform of interior flooring, professionals take care of air quality, even realizing the significant and overall value to living lifestyle.

There is no real end,

At the time when, it comes to question- floor? Get timber floor installation Melbourne to enhance the look of your place whether it is office or house, and they are even easy to keep clean and maintain durable. With the period break, the floor needs to undergo the process of floor sanding Melbourne. This will bring t output result as very smooth surface flooring.

Prestige Floors Suggests the Flooring that your Pooch would Love

Well, no matter how much careful you are with your floor, it might get scratches over time. Prestige Floors is the leading flooring enterprise and has experienced for choosing the right kind of flooring to prevent scratches and dents.

Whether you have selected tiles or timber floor sanding Melbourne, knowing the most suitable flooring is a no brainer.

So let’s find out!

Carpet and Hardwood are a Big No-No

We understand having those legendary carpets on a hardwood floor in the living area is the dream of many homeowners. Not when you have a pet such as a cat or a dog. Or your daily work involves carrying heavy things inside and outside.

There’s one thing you should know that carpet and hardwood don’t go hand-in-hand. In the end, all you will have is a scratched floor and monthly or weekly carpet cleaning. Well, who has time for all these?

The Right Scratch-proof Flooring

  • Vinyl Flooring

Many homeowners consider other floorings over vinyl flooring. But when it comes to pets, nothing is better than vinyl. It’s not just inexpensive but easy to replace as well. Besides, it’s scratch, stain, and water-resistant too. This means you don’t have to worry anymore about the floor when you are doing your daily chores.


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Easy cleaning
  • Looks like authentic stone or wood
  • Waterproof  


Colour becomes dull after some years

Not for outdoors or patios

  • The Best of Bests

Tiles are also great when it comes to preventing scratches. Durability and ageless glaze are the biggest reasons to install tiles right now. Tiles can easily be cleaned and maintained apart from occasional grout cleaning. That’s why it makes tiles the first choice for many homeowners.

Did you spill anything on the floor? Just grab a paper towel and wipe it off.

Does your hair fall more often?

Simply sweep up the hair with a broom.


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Easily cleanable
  • Long-lasting


  • Slippery for paws
  • A bit expensive
  • The hard surface can be a little uncomfortable
  • Laminate  

Laminate flooring has been a famous option for decades.

It resembles the real wood, and apart from that, laminate floors are easy to clean, stain-resistant, and durable. When comes to budget, laminate flooring is also inexpensive.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Looks like authentic wood
  • Stain-resistant


  • Can be slippery for paws
  • Not extremely durable
  • A bit expensive than vinyl
  • Can’t prevent scratches

The Verdict

When it comes to the flooring, which is strong enough to bear the sharp and edgy objects, Vinyl wins the game.

It’s easy on your pockets, scratch-resistant, waterproof, and stainless, easy to clean, install, & repair. What else to expect from ideal scratch-resistant flooring for your home or office.

At Prestige Floors, you get delivered the outstanding tile, concrete, and timber floor sanding Melbourne.

You can customize your services as per your needs and your interior.

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Timber Floor Sanding

Why Timber Floor Cover-Up Is A Great Idea? Prestige Floors Explains!

Flooring plays a crucial role in your home décor. Whether you have a modern interior or classy vintage one, wooden flooring suits both. Whenever a person enters a home, the floor is the first thing that catches their attention. Having a wooden floor is amazing but one has to put effort to maintain it.

That’s why Prestige Floors suggests cover-up service for Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne.

The multiple layering options make your flooring reliable, durable, and glazy. It also protects the floor from water damage and other damages. Therefore, having timber cover-up would be an ideal choice for your wooden flooring.

For better understanding, take a look at the below reasons:     

  1. Augments Longevity

Regardless of the quality of timber flooring, it will lose its glaze over time. If you are seeking to amplify the longevity of your floor, a cover-up is a right choice.

Various modern house interior designers consider wooden flooring the best. Moreover, timber floor sanding Melbourne cover-up is cut to the measurement and once it’s fixed on the floor, timber becomes immune to scratches, stains, and other damages. That’s why timber floor cover-up is trending everywhere.

Maintaining the wooden floor becomes easier when you have a robust covering on the top. Just simple sweeping and mopping are enough to keep your floor clean. Water-resistance property keeps the timber floor protected.

  1. Dry & Flat Surface factor

Wooden flooring can replace any type of sub-flooring including old tiles, concrete, floorboard, or any tiles surface. However, the replacement relies on the quality, smoothness, and straightening of the existing floor.

A wooden floor can enhance your interior and overall property value. Besides, hardwood is ideal when it comes to wooden flooring. That’s why many people demand timber cover-up for redesigning their homes or building. Therefore, the floor condition is directly proportionate to expectancy of getting timber cover-up, which further indicates the quality flooring.

  1. Recycled Quality Timber Flooring

The uneven wooden pattern makes the timber more attractive and suitable for your property. Timber comes in abundant colours (brownish, earth colours, etc.) and prints. These colours and patterns will complement your interior perfectly. Plus, the resale price can augment as well. The recycled timbers are also a better choice for your home. If installed properly, wooden flooring can last for years with a few maintenance requirements. The polishing keeps mould and termites away. You can go for an occasional polishing to ensure that the flooring is sound.

The recycled timber flooring isn’t just inexpensive but of high-quality as well. Also, you can recycle the pre-installed timber too. All you have to do it just ask the experts.

Timber Floor Polishing

Handy Tips You Can Include For Timber Floor Sanding & Polishing

When you think about sanding & polishing of the timber floor, it will help you bring the shine back to life. Timber floor couldn’t look new forever, you need to approach professional timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne Company to maintain the floor charm. The material of timber can be a perfect flooring choice you can make for the easy maintenance and outstanding character of the place. 

Prestige Floors can help in maintaining the home’s value

There are so many things said for the aesthetic look of the floor and to deliver quality to the house. Such renovation can turn the house in a home and it will add significant value to the place. Most of the time, we focus on the design and beautiful home creation but how to maintain the place? It’s time for you to consider about the recent wood floor sanding in the home. When had you leveraged the professional home sanding and polishing approach?

Don’t you remember?! Have you inspected the floor properly? Do it has scratches, scuffs, or patches? If you found it on the floor then it will become a time to think about seeking floor sanding and polishing company. This could be the right time to help the surface to obtain the charm back & it is the right time to handle the sanding as early as possible. 

How will you prepare the sanding and coating procedure?

  • You will have complete access to the site. You need to look into the guideline, whether there is enough parking space for the heavy machine or not. You need to discuss with the right company to handle the arrangement.
  • Through this, we will handle the floor sanding using powerful equipment. Thus, it will become important to deliver enough light and power for the procedure.
  • Always make sure that the area of the floor needs to be clear if there is dirt or debris. All the furniture need to be removed with using the floor covering like tacks or staples.
  • Through a professional approach, you can remove the unseal food from the storage areas.

Floor sanding and polishing can help in renovating the floor with a beautiful look. To handle the job, you need to hire a professional expert. More than refurbishing the timber floor, it would be important to handle the floor with a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach. In such a case, it will become important to go through the floor than need to be replaced. This is because hardwood floors are costlier than any other floor material. No matter, whether you are going to hire any company or handling it on your own, you need to know a few tips given above.

Floor Polishing

Few Noteworthy Things You Should Include For Floor Installation

Every homeowner holds a dream to make their house look enchanting & innovative every new year. But, with sharp consideration, the budget also plays a vital role. You need to stick with the defined budget when you approach any floor installation Melbourne based company. Before you jump into a big sea, Prestige Floors would like to share a few benefits behind contacting the floor installation company.

If you think about installing the hardwood floor in the house, it will become so much important to handle the entire procedure under the professionals. After all, nobody would like or afford to do the same expense repeatedly for the installation. One more thing you should include is, the investment that you do in the floor installation procedure need to be carefully done. 

Here, we are sharing few benefits for approaching the right floor installation company

The installation of hardwood floor becomes so much difficult no matter how much you try. This is just because the installation will require a lot of time and enough skill set. Below are a few benefits you can include.

  • You will get peace of mind

This can be one of the most important things you can consider for approaching Floor Installation Company. The entire process will require enough concentration and ability for the decision. Like an example, if you decide the amount of money you are going to spend in the process, it will become important to contact the company that can design better.

  • It will help in the investment

Once you include the floor installation as a huge investment, it will become important to handle the process rightly. This is just because it will increase the property value and it is important for the real-estate business owners. 

  • You will have a complete quality

The floor installation that is already handled by professionals are usually made up of quality materials. Especially when you compare the same with the other installations. When you think about the quality installation, it will have the same advantages that can save your time, money, and of course a personal choice. 

  • This will deliver the convenience

Time is so much important nowadays and it became important for the professionals who work the whole day. The floor installation procedure will become time taking. Once you hire floor professional, you will have enough time to maintain the floor and handle the chore jobs. 

  • It will help you save few bucks

There is a lot of people who choose the do it yourself approach for saving money. Although, this will always help you with spending the less on floor installation services. Through the floor installation, it will become important to leave the job on professionals instead of handling the same at your own. Through this way, you can save money.

Prestige Floors

Which Characteristics Attract Everyone Through Timber Flooring at Home?

Want to renovate your floor? So, what are your options? Timber floor or regular tile floor. If you want to make your floor more attractive and stylish, then you should contact one of the top-rated companies like Prestige Floors and take their appreciable Timber Floor Installation Melbourne services. As timber floor has a natural beauty which makes your floor more precious and beautiful.

If you check the latest trend in the flooring, you find that timber flooring is the most demanding product for home and its decoration to give a warm, comfortable and beautiful look. Normally people attract through timber because of its durable and easy to maintain nature as well as its affordable cost. When we use timber floor in the home, then it is better for the environment because it is a natural and renewable material.

This is just the introduction of timber; if you want to check the characteristic of timber floor which make timber centre of attraction, then you should follow our blog. So, let’s start our journey,

  1. Hard in Nature

Timber’s hardness makes it durable and sustainable. These features give customers liability to use the floor as their needs don’t how rough and tough it is. You should select a timber floor after checking its durability rates if you expect too much traffic on the floor. Because you choose timber floor to add value in the home not to decrease its beauty.

  1. Air – Dry Density

We know that timber has of the best characteristic is it can absorb or desorb moisture till that it comes in the saturation situation. With its drying factor, it removes all moisture before you install it. This feature makes wood floor more popular and first choice of every people who need durable and high standard air-dry density in their flooring.

  1. Touch

Timber floor gives you the best feeling when you walk on or touch the floor. The walking sound and feel are different as you change the timber type, but every timber has its own characteristic. There several types of timber floors come in the market you have to choose as per need, and you can also take advice from the expert Timber Floor Installation Melbourne provider.

  1. Stability

As timber floor provides you dimensional as well as environmental change resistance stability which makes it different from the other material. We know that wood expands and contracting nature, but you have to consider how much time this happens. If you go with bamboo, then it has more resistance and provides you with better services.

  1. Colour

In the timber flooring, if you think you have less variety in color then you have to correct your knowledge. As every tree has a unique colour, that same colour you do not find in the same tree so that you get so much variety. You also face some difficulty to find a perfect match of same timer colour design (sound like impossible…) so that in your home you have to combine different design with contras match.

timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne

How To Add Elegance To Your Property By Installing Timber Floors?

Wood or timber flooring allows developing elegant outlook flooring. Thus there are several advantages that a house owner enjoys on installing the timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne. Today the market is on-demand for timber flooring because of its naturally warm colours and textured design and then it is very easy to clean. It is made of a wide variety of timber and bamboo offering different attractive designs.

  1. Design elements affect home and business

Many manufacturers produce an infinite number of colour and natural wood or timber grain combination to offer the customers’ room decor and style. Timber flooring is one of the most important design elements in the home and business.

On the platform of timber floors, it allows adding value and value and comfort to one’s decor. A modern human-made material such as polished stainless steel and vast expanses of glass and the timber provides a striking contrast.

More than timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne service the timber floor use less water and energy to produce than the other flooring options. There are kinds of flooring which are comfortable and easy to walk on. These last long and add slightly of elegance in your room. Today ther are flooring manufacturers which included exotic woods in their plans to meet growing popularity. Some of these fascinating looks are even available in wood laminate flooring.

  1. Get a vast range of shade of timber flooring

The trend of floor sanding and polishing seems to be with a factory-applied coating. This eliminates dust from sanding, fumes from finishing and setting before the floor can be walked on. Thus another benefit is that the factory finishes are usually much more stringent than the polyurethane applied in the field.

Are you known about? Timber floor is perfect for both winter times and summertime as it is refreshing to walk on during summer and at the same time provide excellent insulation during colder winter.

  • Now get a vast range of choice of natural shades of timber floor, ranging from sand colour or pale euro to darker and more vibrant shades of brown.
  • The best part is that when you see the flooring laid on the house, the lighter and darker shades mix perfectly with each other and give a great look to the surface that depend on the beauty of the product.