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3 Advantages Of Acquiring Floor Polishing Services

We deliver a great range of services when it comes to Floor Polishing Melbourne of your home or office. Once you provide us with the address of your home in a specific date and time then we can make sure that you received the premier level services at your doorstep without any inconvenience.

Our services include polishing and sanding of the floor that needs to be looked after with utmost precision and care. We can help you bring back the lost shine of your floor and give it a whole new look that will never fail to amaze where visits your home. Everyone desires to have a very good looking floor but little do they know that it is quite difficult to maintain the good looks of them.

Especially when you have no prior experience in maintaining polishing the floor then it is always suggested that you leave that work up to the hands of professionals. Your floor is quite likely to be damaged by the regular activities that it tolerates.

  1. Maintaining The Good-Looking Floor Of Your Home And Office

Our Floor Polishing Melbourne services look forward to taking care of your floor in the good condition of it highly maintained. We can also get the floor of your home replaced or repaired if that’s what it needs. We will send the most skilled and trained staff at your place and inspect the condition of the floor before deciding the next move that we will make in favor of yours. We have been helping people all across Melbourne to maintain their floor and polish it in time too.

  1. Enhance The Appearance Of Your Home

We can help you to improve the way your floor looks once it is done being polished. We can also help you to select the best looking patterns for your floors when we polish them. A polished floor is also likely to make your workspace appear more comfortable and have a beautiful impact on the atmosphere that one has to work in. It will also leave an amazing first impression since it intends to attract whoever walks on it or simply passes by.

  1. Sand The Worn-Out Floors Of Your Rooms And Halls

If the time has had its effect on the floor of your home and put the shine off then we provide you with our Floor Sanding Melbourne that will retain the smooth finish of your floors. These sanding services are taken care of by the professionals who have been accurately trained to handle things well when it comes to sanding and polishing a floor.

As A Parting Thought, If you are wondering whether these services cost a lot, then you’d be relieved to know that our services are extremely affordable. Anyone can easily approach our service without a doubt of having to pay an unnecessary sum of money. We assure you that we will give whatever it takes to retain the fineness of your floors.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Prestige Floors Experts Define the Types of Stone Floor Polishing Methods

Do you ever wonder how the professionals of floor polishing Melbourne makes a stone floor shiny? If yes, Prestige Floors is here to answer. Prestige Floor has been working in the marketplace for many decades and knows every advanced technique to polish and sand various floor types – stone, wooden timber, concrete, etc.

So let’s find out how their team of experts makes any stone floor shine?

  1. Diamond Abrasive Grinding

This process is done by grinding a stone surface with abundant grits of an industrial-grade diamond. These diamonds generally have 3 to 4-inch diameter discs or pads. Almost 6 discs are placed on the bottom of the floor machine and then hold with a Velcro. At the speed 175 rpm (which is the low speed) the machine is used to drive these plates and sand the floor surface with diamonds, which removes scratches. The process is repeated over and over again until the desired shine is achieved.

  1. Polishing compounds and powders

Fine aluminum grains or tin oxide can be used to make a stone floor glazy. These compounds are rubbed or buffed on the surface to create a brightening shine. This process is the same as that of the diamond abrasive grinding except that the powered is more abrasive than the diamonds. This process is exceeded with oxalate or oxalic acid to generate a crystallization like reaction. The powered is simply put the surface and wet with water to create a paste, which is further buffed into the stone with the help of a 175 rpm floor machine.

  1. Crystallization

This process involves a chemical named fluorosilicate, which is sprayed on the stone and buffed with steel wool pads lead to new crystal and glass-like surface. The surface now is bright and shiny. Well, the process is not finished yet as 175 rpm heavy machine is used to generate friction and heat required to generate and polish the crystal.

  1. Thick Coating

This is the most common floor polishing technique, which is also known as “waxing.” A semi-liquid or liquid wax, urethane, acrylic, or polymer is applied or coated on the floor with the help of lamb’s wool applicator, mop, or sprayer. Some are buffed out and others left to achieve the shiny floor surface. This is accomplished with high-speed burnishing machine and fiber hair pads.

NOTE: This process is not suitable for porous stone.

That’s all folks. These are the common flooring processes that are used to make even the oldest floor shiny. However, the floor polishing process may vary from location to location and from one company to another. Ask your experts for floor polishing and ask which process will they use.

Wrapping Up

You can reach Prestige Floors for the quality services of floor Sanding Melbourne anytime.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

Why Should You Acquire Floor Sanding And Polishing Services?

We often find people take the decision of replacing house features than repairing. Means they even don’t think for a moment about the pros and cons. Does it right to do? Undoubtedly, no because we must have to inspect the positive and negative and most happen in the case of flooring. Homeowners and business owners direct take decision to replace instead of repairing and getting beauty back with Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne services.

What kind of things people think and take a break from renovating efforts (Sanding & polishing)?

  • We will not get Desired Result
  • We will lose our Investment
  • What if it does not work?
  • Where to start and whom to call?

Aren’t? Because people repeatedly knock oneself with such questions and denied to acquire repairing like sanding and polishing services.

Is it beneficial to hire professional Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne Company?

Smirk! Very often and common question people ask us that is it beneficial? Then the only thing we have to answer them is yes. We want to ask just one question to you is eating at street same like the brand store? Undoubtedly, no right and that’s the one and only answer for your jargon.

Might you will clean floor but cannot bring sheen like us as scrubbing the floor is not only the way of making floor stunning and appealing. You must have to apply different natural chemicals and products to type of flooring, and then you can bring charm.

Along with the knowledge, you must have to focus on work while doing because one mistake can ruin the floor and that’s the reason instead of doing own we always suggest people call us and avail services. As we will easily bring a sheen to the floor with sanding and polishing and can ensure you for stunning and appealing place whether residential or commercial.

Why you should acquire Floor Sanding and Polishing services?

As we said previously, you could not clean and bring beauty to the floor by scrubbing the floor for hours as it needs a professional hand to get done. We know and understand that commercial businesses have vast space to sand and polish, and that’s the reason guide owners to hire professional than doing own as it consumes a lot of time and efforts.


The second and foremost thing you should avail from professional like us is techniques. You cannot sand and polish with oil and chemical without knowing the type of flooring and knowledge like which product should use, and that’s the reason you can bank on professionals. Thus, you no longer have to worry about the damage of the property, which helps you to have money-savvy sanding and polishing.


Floor sanding and polishing not only use in seating room as you can use in the kitchen, living room and outdoor flooring like concrete. We know and can ensure for any type of floor sanding and polishing.

Timber Floor Sanding

Why Timber Floor Cover-Up Is A Great Idea? Prestige Floors Explains!

Flooring plays a crucial role in your home décor. Whether you have a modern interior or classy vintage one, wooden flooring suits both. Whenever a person enters a home, the floor is the first thing that catches their attention. Having a wooden floor is amazing but one has to put effort to maintain it.

That’s why Prestige Floors suggests cover-up service for Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne.

The multiple layering options make your flooring reliable, durable, and glazy. It also protects the floor from water damage and other damages. Therefore, having timber cover-up would be an ideal choice for your wooden flooring.

For better understanding, take a look at the below reasons:     

  1. Augments Longevity

Regardless of the quality of timber flooring, it will lose its glaze over time. If you are seeking to amplify the longevity of your floor, a cover-up is a right choice.

Various modern house interior designers consider wooden flooring the best. Moreover, timber floor sanding Melbourne cover-up is cut to the measurement and once it’s fixed on the floor, timber becomes immune to scratches, stains, and other damages. That’s why timber floor cover-up is trending everywhere.

Maintaining the wooden floor becomes easier when you have a robust covering on the top. Just simple sweeping and mopping are enough to keep your floor clean. Water-resistance property keeps the timber floor protected.

  1. Dry & Flat Surface factor

Wooden flooring can replace any type of sub-flooring including old tiles, concrete, floorboard, or any tiles surface. However, the replacement relies on the quality, smoothness, and straightening of the existing floor.

A wooden floor can enhance your interior and overall property value. Besides, hardwood is ideal when it comes to wooden flooring. That’s why many people demand timber cover-up for redesigning their homes or building. Therefore, the floor condition is directly proportionate to expectancy of getting timber cover-up, which further indicates the quality flooring.

  1. Recycled Quality Timber Flooring

The uneven wooden pattern makes the timber more attractive and suitable for your property. Timber comes in abundant colours (brownish, earth colours, etc.) and prints. These colours and patterns will complement your interior perfectly. Plus, the resale price can augment as well. The recycled timbers are also a better choice for your home. If installed properly, wooden flooring can last for years with a few maintenance requirements. The polishing keeps mould and termites away. You can go for an occasional polishing to ensure that the flooring is sound.

The recycled timber flooring isn’t just inexpensive but of high-quality as well. Also, you can recycle the pre-installed timber too. All you have to do it just ask the experts.

Timber Floor Polishing

Handy Tips You Can Include For Timber Floor Sanding & Polishing

When you think about sanding & polishing of the timber floor, it will help you bring the shine back to life. Timber floor couldn’t look new forever, you need to approach professional timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne Company to maintain the floor charm. The material of timber can be a perfect flooring choice you can make for the easy maintenance and outstanding character of the place. 

Prestige Floors can help in maintaining the home’s value

There are so many things said for the aesthetic look of the floor and to deliver quality to the house. Such renovation can turn the house in a home and it will add significant value to the place. Most of the time, we focus on the design and beautiful home creation but how to maintain the place? It’s time for you to consider about the recent wood floor sanding in the home. When had you leveraged the professional home sanding and polishing approach?

Don’t you remember?! Have you inspected the floor properly? Do it has scratches, scuffs, or patches? If you found it on the floor then it will become a time to think about seeking floor sanding and polishing company. This could be the right time to help the surface to obtain the charm back & it is the right time to handle the sanding as early as possible. 

How will you prepare the sanding and coating procedure?

  • You will have complete access to the site. You need to look into the guideline, whether there is enough parking space for the heavy machine or not. You need to discuss with the right company to handle the arrangement.
  • Through this, we will handle the floor sanding using powerful equipment. Thus, it will become important to deliver enough light and power for the procedure.
  • Always make sure that the area of the floor needs to be clear if there is dirt or debris. All the furniture need to be removed with using the floor covering like tacks or staples.
  • Through a professional approach, you can remove the unseal food from the storage areas.

Floor sanding and polishing can help in renovating the floor with a beautiful look. To handle the job, you need to hire a professional expert. More than refurbishing the timber floor, it would be important to handle the floor with a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach. In such a case, it will become important to go through the floor than need to be replaced. This is because hardwood floors are costlier than any other floor material. No matter, whether you are going to hire any company or handling it on your own, you need to know a few tips given above.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Few Noteworthy Things You Should Include For Floor Installation

Every homeowner holds a dream to make their house look enchanting & innovative every new year. But, with sharp consideration, the budget also plays a vital role. You need to stick with the defined budget when you approach any floor installation Melbourne based company. Before you jump into a big sea, Prestige Floors would like to share a few benefits behind contacting the floor installation company.

If you think about installing the hardwood floor in the house, it will become so much important to handle the entire procedure under the professionals. After all, nobody would like or afford to do the same expense repeatedly for the installation. One more thing you should include is, the investment that you do in the floor installation procedure need to be carefully done. 

Here, we are sharing few benefits for approaching the right floor installation company

The installation of hardwood floor becomes so much difficult no matter how much you try. This is just because the installation will require a lot of time and enough skill set. Below are a few benefits you can include.

  • You will get peace of mind

This can be one of the most important things you can consider for approaching Floor Installation Company. The entire process will require enough concentration and ability for the decision. Like an example, if you decide the amount of money you are going to spend in the process, it will become important to contact the company that can design better.

  • It will help in the investment

Once you include the floor installation as a huge investment, it will become important to handle the process rightly. This is just because it will increase the property value and it is important for the real-estate business owners. 

  • You will have a complete quality

The floor installation that is already handled by professionals are usually made up of quality materials. Especially when you compare the same with the other installations. When you think about the quality installation, it will have the same advantages that can save your time, money, and of course a personal choice. 

  • This will deliver the convenience

Time is so much important nowadays and it became important for the professionals who work the whole day. The floor installation procedure will become time taking. Once you hire floor professional, you will have enough time to maintain the floor and handle the chore jobs. 

  • It will help you save few bucks

There is a lot of people who choose the do it yourself approach for saving money. Although, this will always help you with spending the less on floor installation services. Through the floor installation, it will become important to leave the job on professionals instead of handling the same at your own. Through this way, you can save money.

Why Polished Concrete flooring is cheaper than Other Floorings?

The commercial building usually has concrete flooring, whether you take the small or big business. And it has to be because you cannot install tile and wooden flooring into commercial place as there’s the chance that the floor got damaged. Polished Concrete Melbourne can become the choice as it serves a lot of benefits regarding durability and beauty, which will help you to beautify the place.

We know how commercial place should look means to appearance. At the same time, you know how place impact hugely on the client while they visit, and that’s the reason to solve such situations, and questions polished concrete become the ideal choice. You will get shiny flooring, and that will help you to enhance the appearance of the place, which help you to set a positive image on the client. Ultimately, you can win the heart of the client, which is nothing but a good reputation among competitors.

Benefits to Polished Concrete Melbourne:

  1. Continual

We know how manual flooring need maintenance and how much care require to keep the floor clean. And if you take commercial flooring, then it requires a lot of time to clean and maintain. You cannot do even routinely, and that’s the reason the first and foremost benefit you can avail is continual means you don’t have to spend much time on maintaining the cleanliness. We always suggest business owners for polished concrete just because of its easiness and sustainability.

  1. Add Value to Place

Business is all about reputation means it run on how people recognize you, and that’s the reason having a good place is essential. We believe that good place can impact hugely on business as it represents the business morale which is important and that’s why having polished concrete flooring is a great investment to place. You don’t have to market your business as people come to you without advertising which helps you to add value to place along with the business.

  1. Less or No Maintenance

Business is all about making investment means you have to save as much money as you can, and that’s the next convincing reason the polished concrete floor is beneficial. We know how much maintenance required to maintain the floorings like tile, wooden and timber while having polished concrete floor means less or no maintenance. You don’t have to spend money on cleaning and fixing issues as it provides great longevity.

  1. Maintain Healthy Environment

Having tile and wooden flooring means the presence of dust, dirt and allergens means by the time such floors make environment unhealthy, and that’s why we suggest commercial building owners for the polished concrete floor as it doesn’t take such particles from the surface which results in a healthy environment. Hence, having a polished concrete floor ensure a healthy environment which helps you and your employee to stay healthy and fine all the time.

Prestige Floors

Which Characteristics Attract Everyone Through Timber Flooring at Home?

Want to renovate your floor? So, what are your options? Timber floor or regular tile floor. If you want to make your floor more attractive and stylish, then you should contact one of the top-rated companies like Prestige Floors and take their appreciable Timber Floor Installation Melbourne services. As timber floor has a natural beauty which makes your floor more precious and beautiful.

If you check the latest trend in the flooring, you find that timber flooring is the most demanding product for home and its decoration to give a warm, comfortable and beautiful look. Normally people attract through timber because of its durable and easy to maintain nature as well as its affordable cost. When we use timber floor in the home, then it is better for the environment because it is a natural and renewable material.

This is just the introduction of timber; if you want to check the characteristic of timber floor which make timber centre of attraction, then you should follow our blog. So, let’s start our journey,

  1. Hard in Nature

Timber’s hardness makes it durable and sustainable. These features give customers liability to use the floor as their needs don’t how rough and tough it is. You should select a timber floor after checking its durability rates if you expect too much traffic on the floor. Because you choose timber floor to add value in the home not to decrease its beauty.

  1. Air – Dry Density

We know that timber has of the best characteristic is it can absorb or desorb moisture till that it comes in the saturation situation. With its drying factor, it removes all moisture before you install it. This feature makes wood floor more popular and first choice of every people who need durable and high standard air-dry density in their flooring.

  1. Touch

Timber floor gives you the best feeling when you walk on or touch the floor. The walking sound and feel are different as you change the timber type, but every timber has its own characteristic. There several types of timber floors come in the market you have to choose as per need, and you can also take advice from the expert Timber Floor Installation Melbourne provider.

  1. Stability

As timber floor provides you dimensional as well as environmental change resistance stability which makes it different from the other material. We know that wood expands and contracting nature, but you have to consider how much time this happens. If you go with bamboo, then it has more resistance and provides you with better services.

  1. Colour

In the timber flooring, if you think you have less variety in color then you have to correct your knowledge. As every tree has a unique colour, that same colour you do not find in the same tree so that you get so much variety. You also face some difficulty to find a perfect match of same timer colour design (sound like impossible…) so that in your home you have to combine different design with contras match.

An Ultimate Guide To Tips For Floor Installation

Flooring is the most critical assets of the house to appearance and gets an appealing look. And that’s the reason floor installation Melbourne selection should take seriously to keep the house looking appealing and beautiful. We know there’s no better than hardwood flooring for the home, especially when you have a big house and more ins and outs as it’s unbreakable and durable.

Hardwood Floor Installation Melbourne – “Spread the Fragrance of Beauty and Value”!  

House improvement is long term investment whether you install floor or any other features. Why hardwood floor installation can spread the fragrance of beauty and value? That might be your concern then hardwood flooring renowned for its timeless beauty and durability whether you install in home or business. And that’s the reason become popular to enhance the value of house or property. So, with such flooring, you can add both beauty and value, which might you not find anywhere.

We know why hardwood floor installation has become popular among residential and commercial property right! As it serves the benefits like durability and beauty, which is important for any property owners and that’s the first reason its ideal choice among residential and commercial flooring.

Hardwood floor installation also is known for its longevity means after installation you no longer have to worry about replacement. We at Prestige Floors believe that if you install hardwood floor in the right way from professional, then you don’t have to worry about replacing floor monthly or yearly.

We know how it becomes tough to market the house especially when you have weary flooring system, and that’s why if you install hardwood floor then you no longer have to worry about such issues. Hence, hardwood floor installation will help you to market the house easily without creating any complications.

Things to Keep It In Mind:

So, first and foremost thing you have to eye on is price because if you clear with price structure then can set the desired budget for house improvements. We believe that price should be the first key factor to look as it impacts hugely on the beauty of the floor, and that’s the reason ensure for the price.

The second thing to look is the installation process because with the price it’s also expensive to install and that’s the reason we suggest you install from professional floor Installation Company like us. We get the job done at an affordable price without taking extra costs.

How Professionals Install Hardwood Floor?

Professional always keep it in mind that flooring should be done in the right way not to break. We also believe that installation should get the done in a way which makes house appealing and beautiful and that’s the convincing reason you should go for a professional company like us to install the floor. We know how the flooring is essential assets to house, and that’s why keep safety in mind. So, it always better to hire professional than doing manual.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Which Type of Myths Is Running in The Market for Floor Sanding Process?

What do you know about the Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne services? If you are new in the market and want to learn new things in the sanding process, then you take help from the online platform without visiting any professional company like Prestige Floors. As there so many sanding literature is available, and all have a different opinion for the sanding process.

But you don’t know which is myths and which is facts. So, you need to have a clear vision which helps you to differentiate all myths as well as facts properly and you can achieve your target in the learning process.

To help you, here we provide you with current myths which are prevalent in the market about the sanding process.

Myth – 1: Sanding process is easy.

Fact – If you are thinking that timber sanding process is easy in performing, then it is easy in just your mind. In the floor sanding process, so many stages are included like painting, tiling, fitting and finishing. If you think painting is easy, then you have to check one the painting work where sander gives their time and take care of there, so it does appropriately.

Just like painting work, other stages also need complete attention and sufficient time to deliver the best result in the entire process. The sanding process needs skill and 100% dedication for standard quality work.

Myth – 2: Sanding is dusty.

Fact – If you thing floor sanding is a very dusty process and it ruins the cleanness of your home then you should check the entire process once. The sanding process would not be messy if we compared it with decoration and painting work. It is right that floor sanding creates so much amount of duct, but you can clean with a simple cleaning process like vacuuming. If you take care while sanding process, then you can control dust spreading.

Myth – 3: Dust ruins the paintwork.

Fact: As a painting, work come first from the fitting or installation work so that in the fitting sanding create dust which ruins the paintwork. But this is one thought who never see the entire Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne process from the expert. Yes, it is right to dust will spread on the whole floor, but that doesn’t mean it ruin the painting work completely you get a sparkling floor with the easy cleaning process.

Myth – 4: You help with an open window and a closed door.

Fact – Sometimes homeowner open the window to give proper hot ventilation so the sanding process works perfectly and floor fitted very well. But this doesn’t seem right, actually closed window and the closed-door are better for sander because it doesn’t allow the duct to spread the entire home and you can collect with easy process. And also, hot air can be bad for the newly fitted floor.

Myth – 5: the Filled gap between two joints by using any product, solve your problem.

Fact – If you think by using glue or papier mache or any string, you can fill the gap between two joints which spread day-by-day then you have to rethink on your idea. In the summer season, you face such a problem, and you need a temporary solution to that problem but don’t use such type of products just take professional help for a permeant solution.